July 17, 2012 Liz and Dick

[No, this is not about the new movie called "Liz & Dick" - this love story is sweeter than Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's by far. :-)]

Liz and Dick are celebrating forty years of marriage. These two have raised 5 kids, worked hard on their family farm and have lived more generously than pretty much anyone I know. Everyone loves them and their kids and grandkids. They really are an awesome family. So when they asked if I’d come document their family celebration for their anniversary – I was honoured.

The celebration was on their property – but their kids had planned and decorated and put it all together – so they had no idea what to expect. It was fun watching them stroll over to the tent to see the festivities planned in their honour.

devriesBLOG007 Liz and Dick

As they walked, they accumulated granddaughters… it was very sweet!

devriesBLOG008 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG009 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG010 Liz and Dick

Liz was thrilled – and she should be!

devriesBLOG011 Liz and Dick

The kids had gone with a lace love bird theme. They did a great job! They also had everyone wearing turquoise or coral for the family photos – so it was fun to see that worked into the cupcakes from the Cupcake Diner too!

devriesBLOG001 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG003 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG005 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG002 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG006 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG012 Liz and Dick

When they got to the tent the music started – a first dance was naturally in order!

devriesBLOG013 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG014 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG015 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG018 Liz and Dick

And after dinner we went and did some family photos… not a bad looking crew.

devriesBLOG020 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG019 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG032 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG031 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG030 Liz and Dick

And all the families!

devriesBLOG034 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG021 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG024 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG026 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG027 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG029 1 Liz and Dick

Dick and Liz and their 5 kids….

devriesBLOG033 Liz and Dick

In front of their new pool house…

devriesBLOG036 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG037 Liz and Dick

And everyone had a good laugh over all the twins! Without realizing it a number of people showed up in the same clothes! Guess they have the same taste in stores!

devriesBLOG035 Liz and Dick

Then the kids had a presentation for “Beppe & Pake”

devriesBLOG043 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG044 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG045 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG046 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG047 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG048 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG049 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG050 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG051 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG054 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG053 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG055 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG057 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG058 Liz and Dick

And then they had a time of worship singing lead by the family… beautiful.

devriesBLOG059 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG060 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG061 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG062 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG063 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG064 Liz and Dick

And then it was time to sneak out… it was that magical time of day as I left and I couldn’t help but grab a couple quick snaps of the pool….

devriesBLOG065 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG067 Liz and Dick

And the sun was pouring across the porch and tree house….

devriesBLOG066 Liz and Dick

A beautiful celebration for a beautiful couple!

devriesBLOG068 Liz and Dick

Celebrating life and love,


4 Responses to “Liz and Dick”

  1. Mel B says:

    Krista – you are able to embed such emotion in your photos! They are truly beautiful!

  2. johns says:

    what a legacy to live and leave in your journey…we all have been touched by your family in some way, many more abundant blessings, thank you Jesus!

  3. Rebecca Norman says:

    Beautiful job capturing a family I admire and Love!

  4. Beth says:

    Wow! Fantastic job Krista! You captured everything perfectly! Thanks so much!!

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