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July 30, 2012 Beautiful Girls

Saturday was a big day – it was Meera’s “Chemo is done” party! I’ll share more soon – but wanted to share one image for now.

This photo is very special to me… I met Rebekah and Meera back in December. They both became good friends during their time at Ronald McDonald House in Toronto. Since then Rebekah has received a new heart and Meera has completed chemo. A teenager and a toddler, one from Ontario and the other from the East Coast… on first glance they have nothing in common. But these two warriors have more in common and a tighter bond than many. They know what it means to fight for your life. Love their friendship.

Two beautiful, strong girls I’m honoured to know.

IMG 0206 Beautiful Girls

Celebrating life and love,


Eden’s name means delightful. And this kid has brought me more delight in her 8 short years than I could have imagined! Eden has a wild imagination – currently she thinks she’s turning into a centaur and daily checks for her new body to start taking shape. Recently she thought she was growing fairy wings – didn’t have the heart to tell her those bumps on her back were actually her shoulder blades. Eden’s imagination is always running wild. Her love for people and life is also contagious. We always tell her she’s a “professional hugger” as she gives the best hugs. She is quick with affection and compliments. She loves to love. It’s normal to have Eden crawl up on your lap, give you a squeeze and tell you she loves you and then just as quickly run back to her play. Eden is so much fun to parent. She teaches us so much about loving and life. And today we pause and specifically celebrate this little one. Happy Birthday, Eden!

Last week Eden donated her hair for cancer – here she is in her before and after….

IMG 9767 Happy 8th Birthday, Eden!

And here she is at her party yesterday in the dress she designed.

IMG 0359 Happy 8th Birthday, Eden!

Celebrating life, love and Eden!


Sometimes when I’m chatting with people about Uganda or Haiti I hear them say things like “I’d love to do something like that….” I know so many people who truly want to do something that helps others, makes a difference and matters. But often they don’t know what to do or what they can offer.

I’ve been mulling this over recently. I have met so many people lately who give generously in such creative ways. They see a need. They see their own strengths and abilities. They put it together and the result is beautiful.

And I just keep thinking we ALL have been given gifts. And it really isn’t a gift unless it’s given away. If you think of buying a present for someone, but putting it in your closet for safe keeping (and dust collecting) and never giving it to them…. it somehow can’t really be called a gift now can it?

Likewise I think about the gifts we have been given. Somehow our abilities and talents seem insignificant. We wonder how they can possibly make a difference.

And so I thought I’d share a few examples of people I’ve connected with recently who have inspired me with their ordinary extraordinary gifts…

-tonight I had the honour of photographing at a women’s shelter for their “Self-Esteem” day. They had people come in and do the women’s hair, makeup and nails. To see these women walk in feeling beautiful – women who’ve been abused and mistreated – was awesome.

-had a visit with a friend yesterday who had to go off work with health problems and now refers to himself as a “Professional Do-Gooder”. He checks kijiji daily now, and responds to ads for people looking for help. And he offers it for free. Helping single mothers, new immigrants, the elderly… people who don’t have friends or family to help them move or do an odd job. Love this.

-I know a few women who have collected milk bags and crochet them into bed mats to send to Haiti. Instead of people sleeping on the damp ground – this raises them, provides a dry spot and protects from bug bites. And helps recycle!

-there is a woman at our church who is baking banana bread and selling it – $5 from every loaf goes to help needy kids.

And the list could go on and on. What amazes me is these gifts that are being offered are not rocket science… they are taking ordinary abilities and hobbies and using them in an extraordinary way to meet needs. Baking. Crocheting. Carrying boxes. Hair dressing. For me, I don’t crochet, do hair and definitely don’t bake. But I do take photos. And I am committed to using my camera as best I can to make a difference in this world. One image at a time.

I love this quote by Archbishop Desmond Tutu: “The newspaper is God’s to-do list, delivered to our front door.” As we read the newspaper, listen to friends, read Facebook statuses and Twitter… may we be moved to dust off our talents, and give them away…. using our gifts to meet the needs of the world.

If you’ve read this far – I’d love for you to leave a comment about how you have seen someone use an ordinary gift in an extraordinary way. And perhaps – your comment will inspire another person to act!

IMG 3322 Somethings Gotta Give

Celebrating life and love,


July 17, 2012 Liz and Dick

[No, this is not about the new movie called "Liz & Dick" - this love story is sweeter than Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's by far. :-)]

Liz and Dick are celebrating forty years of marriage. These two have raised 5 kids, worked hard on their family farm and have lived more generously than pretty much anyone I know. Everyone loves them and their kids and grandkids. They really are an awesome family. So when they asked if I’d come document their family celebration for their anniversary – I was honoured.

The celebration was on their property – but their kids had planned and decorated and put it all together – so they had no idea what to expect. It was fun watching them stroll over to the tent to see the festivities planned in their honour.

devriesBLOG007 Liz and Dick

As they walked, they accumulated granddaughters… it was very sweet!

devriesBLOG008 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG009 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG010 Liz and Dick

Liz was thrilled – and she should be!

devriesBLOG011 Liz and Dick

The kids had gone with a lace love bird theme. They did a great job! They also had everyone wearing turquoise or coral for the family photos – so it was fun to see that worked into the cupcakes from the Cupcake Diner too!

devriesBLOG001 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG003 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG005 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG002 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG006 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG012 Liz and Dick

When they got to the tent the music started – a first dance was naturally in order!

devriesBLOG013 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG014 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG015 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG018 Liz and Dick

And after dinner we went and did some family photos… not a bad looking crew.

devriesBLOG020 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG019 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG032 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG031 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG030 Liz and Dick

And all the families!

devriesBLOG034 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG021 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG024 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG026 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG027 1 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG029 1 Liz and Dick

Dick and Liz and their 5 kids….

devriesBLOG033 Liz and Dick

In front of their new pool house…

devriesBLOG036 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG037 Liz and Dick

And everyone had a good laugh over all the twins! Without realizing it a number of people showed up in the same clothes! Guess they have the same taste in stores!

devriesBLOG035 Liz and Dick

Then the kids had a presentation for “Beppe & Pake”

devriesBLOG043 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG044 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG045 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG046 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG047 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG048 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG049 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG050 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG051 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG054 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG053 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG055 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG057 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG058 Liz and Dick

And then they had a time of worship singing lead by the family… beautiful.

devriesBLOG059 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG060 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG061 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG062 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG063 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG064 Liz and Dick

And then it was time to sneak out… it was that magical time of day as I left and I couldn’t help but grab a couple quick snaps of the pool….

devriesBLOG065 Liz and Dick

devriesBLOG067 Liz and Dick

And the sun was pouring across the porch and tree house….

devriesBLOG066 Liz and Dick

A beautiful celebration for a beautiful couple!

devriesBLOG068 Liz and Dick

Celebrating life and love,


July 17, 2012 Rob and Claire

I adore love stories that span the globe. I find it so interesting that two people from opposite ends of the world can meet – and find their soul mate. Beautiful. Rob is from here in Ontario. Claire is from Australia. But seeing them together – you know it was absolutely meant to be. Rob’s big laugh paired with Claire’s quiet demeanor is a perfect match! Not to mention their shared love of the outdoors, board games and zest for life!

It was fun to have a former bride of mine – who has since become a photographer – second shooting for me. Lexie did a great job capturing Rob getting ready here before the ceremony.

RCwedBLOG001 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG002 Rob and Claire

Rob got his super cool wedding band in Huntsville when we met there for their engagement session. Love it!

RCwedBLOG003 Rob and Claire

When Claire mentioned she got her wedding dress on etsy – I knew it would be unique and beautiful. I wasn’t disappointed!

RCwedBLOG004 Rob and Claire

Claire’s dress was made by Rowan Joy – and was stunning and perfect for Claire!

RCwedBLOG007 Rob and Claire

Claire’s two sisters form Australia and her good friend from Germany all flew in for her Big Day! They got their bridesmaid dresses and shoes from one of Claire’s favourite stores in Australia when she was home for a visit.

RCwedBLOG010 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG008 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG009 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG006 Rob and Claire

Claire – you. are. gorgeous!!!

RCwedBLOG011 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG012 Rob and Claire

Claire was so calm but as it got close to the ceremony – she just wanted to go and not wait anymore! I can remember that same excitement – not wanting to wait for my “Cue” to enter – but just wanting to get married!

RCwedBLOG013 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG014 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG015 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG016 Rob and Claire

I think I mentioned earlier Rob’s big laugh and Claire’s quiet demeanor… these next two images display just that. icon smile Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG017 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG018 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG019 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG020 Rob and Claire


RCwedBLOG021 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG022 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG023 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG024 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG025 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG027 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG028 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG029 Rob and Claire

It’s always fun seeing Canada through new eyes – and loved the Australian’s excitement over the chipmunks and such!

RCwedBLOG030 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG032 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG033 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG034 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG031 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG035 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG041 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG036 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG039 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG037 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG040 Rob and Claire

The Huether Hotel’s jazz room was a great spot for the reception. Loved the ambience!

RCwedBLOG042 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG043 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG044 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG045 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG046 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG047 Rob and Claire

Guests wrote a message to the couple on the backs of puzzle pieces…

RCwedBLOG048 Rob and Claire

And made Scrabble words to get them to kiss. They could earn more Scrabble tiles by getting trivia questions about Rob and Claire correct.

RCwedBLOG049 Rob and Claire

The cake shows Rob and Claire holding their respective countries on the globe. And on the cake are flowers from their countries – the Ontraio trillium… and some flowers from Australia that I can’t remember what they are!

RCwedBLOG052 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG053 Rob and Claire

And the cutest forks ever.

RCwedBLOG054 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG056 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG050 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG051 Rob and Claire

RCwedBLOG055 Rob and Claire

Celebrating life and love,


July 4, 2012 Steve and Alicia

I’ve been sharing so much from Uganda and Meera… but I also have some beautiful wedding images from Steve and Alicia’s wedding in Fergus recently. You may remember their baseball themed engagement shoot HERE… they sure clean up good!

5P7A8059 Steve and Alicia

5P7A7913 Steve and Alicia

5P7A7917 Steve and Alicia

5P7A8031 Steve and Alicia

Celebrating life and love,


July 3, 2012 Meera: June

With being gone to Uganda, I didn’t get the chance to share Meera’s June session yet. (Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April, May and her story in her mom’s words.)

June’s session was a really exciting visit – as it was Meera’s last chemo treatment! Yay! When I got to Sick Kids I found Meera with an old friend you may remember from my March post.

meeraJUNE002 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE003 1 Meera: June

Rose the clown definitely makes the journey more enjoyable for Meera. Meera went willingly to her chemo – if Rose was there. And it was so great to have Rose accompany us and keep Meera smiling and happy through it all!

meeraJUNE001 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE005 Meera: June

meeraJUNE006 Meera: June

meeraJUNE007 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE008 Meera: June

meeraJUNE009 1 Meera: June

Meera and I had some fun too putting stickers all over ourselves!

meeraJUNE018 Meera: June

meeraJUNE017 Meera: June

And let’s not forget her little sister Ameena. Always happily chilling out.

meeraJUNE016 Meera: June

meeraJUNE014 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE015 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE013 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE012 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE011 1 Meera: June

meeraJUNE010 1 Meera: June

And getting Meera to eat is always a challenge – and so everyone was surprised when it turned out she loves Chinese food! Mom and dad were happy to give up their lunch if it meant she’d eat!

meeraJUNE019 Meera: June

meeraJUNE020 Meera: June

And then it was finally time…. last chemo here we come! Meera had a certificate and a gift from the hospital on completing her last chemo.

meeraJUNE027 Meera: June

meeraJUNE028 Meera: June

meeraJUNE029 Meera: June

One of the drugs she was on that day made her really giddy and hyper – it was quite amusing!

meeraJUNE030 Meera: June

meeraJUNE031 Meera: June

meeraJUNE026 Meera: June

meeraJUNE025 Meera: June

meeraJUNE023 Meera: June

meeraJUNE022 Meera: June

Chemo is finished!!! July 28 there is a big party to celebrate – can’t wait!

Celebrating life and love,