When I heard about this contest through Watoto – I knew nothing about them. Had never even heard of them. I started googling them and reading up. Then when I won, I started watching the videos (you have to check these out!) and was amazed at this organization!

Watoto’s mission is to “Our mandate is to RESCUE the orphans, RAISE them up to be leaders, so they can REBUILD their nation.”. Love this. I have to share a couple ways they do this first hand – there’s a lot of pictures, and some incredible stories… be forewarned. icon smile Uganda   Watoto & Children

Our first day here we went to the baby home up in Gulu. To backtrack – Gulu is up in Northern Uganda where Kony was active and many lives were destroyed by his viciousness. This country will take a long time to heal, but with great organization’s like this one… they’re on their way!

At the baby home, there were about 85 kids approximately two and under. They are so well organized and the nannies and staff are phenomenal! The kids are happy and learning great life skills, and being kept healthy in every sense of the word (spiritual, physical and emotional).

IMG 1529 1 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1339 1 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1264 1 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1152 1 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1141 1 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1362 1 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1360 1 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1319 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1354 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1387 1 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1371 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1313 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1381 2 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1365 2 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1481 2 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1476 2 Uganda   Watoto & Children

IMG 1120 2 Uganda   Watoto & Children

People have asked me if these children are up for adoption or what happens as they age?

Watoto is awesome and is one step ahead of you. ☺

Enter the Watoto villages. They have built villages where children are raised in loving homes. Believing that children are meant to be in a family – not an institution. They are in homes with 7 other children, and one mother. The mothers are mostly widows – and some have their own biological children still with them. They care and love for each child in their home. And I mean LOVE these children. The children attend a school in the village and are taught life skills as well. They are taught how to grow up to be a healthy adult – and a future leader in their own country. I think this is an awesome model! We visited their village where there are about 300 children, about 45 homes, a school and just all around amazing-ness.

UGschool030 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool031 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool027 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool026 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool021 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool028 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool019 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool022 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool017 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool016 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool033 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool001 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool011 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool002 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool003 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool007 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool004 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool008 Uganda   Watoto & Children

These next few images show the universal facial expression of children everywhere for “School’s done!”

UGschool013 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool014 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool015 Uganda   Watoto & Children

And I ended my time at the Watoto Village by joining the Mothers at their Bible Study for a song or two. Man! Can they sing!!! SO happy to see these women so joyful… they have all experienced such pain, but just as the children have found a loving place to call home and fill a void… so have these women. These amazing women.

UGschool038 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool036 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool035 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool039 Uganda   Watoto & Children

UGschool037 Uganda   Watoto & Children

We were all completely charmed by the kids and women… but how can you not be? Even the guards are smitten!

UGschool032 Uganda   Watoto & Children

I’d highly suggest you check out Watoto. They continue to wow and surprise me with their innovative, incredible ways they are impacting communities, their country – and ultimately they’ll make a difference in the world. Wait until you read my next entry on Living Hope. WOW. Now that is amazing stuff…

To learn more about how you can be involved with Watoto, contact then at canada@watoto.ca or visit www.watotocanada.com

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Beautiful! you were a great choice for this contest! i love seeing this world through your eyes!

  2. Kim Clark says:

    Really beautiful shots that absolutely capture the spirit of Watoto. I briefly visited one of the the Watoto campuses outside of Kampala last summer and can say without a doubt it’s an amazing place. These really are future leaders! I interviewed and photographed a couple of the children that were part of a work with a partner ministry and had a tour but what a blessing to spend extended time with them.

  3. Yvonne Lane says:

    Wow Krista, we just had Watoto perform at our church in Bloomingdale last night. We also have 3 children and 1 uncle staying with us for 2 nights. Wow what a performance and great work they are doing in Africa. Amazing photos of what they were sharing last night about the baby home. Thank you for posting!

  4. Emelyne Martin says:

    This is awesome Krista! You did an amazing job of capturing the joy in the faces of the children and their caregivers :-) What an amazing experience it must have been to be there.

  5. :)aj says:

    LOVE the photos Krista! My eyes filled with tears of joy that they are doing such amazing things to rebuild lives and communities in the midst of brokenness. We went to see the Watoto choir in Calgary a few years ago. It was an amazing experience! Might have to take the kids again on the 29th!

  6. Mark Jefferson says:

    Love these pictures. I wish I could be there with you.

  7. Tamsin says:

    Just amazing Krista. What an incredible experience, and organization.

  8. Krista, I don’t even know what to say. I adore these photos! You inspire me.

  9. Karen says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post Krista…loved it. Am envious of you being there, that is on my bucket list of things to do…for now I support the choir by seeing their concerts when they come to my area and also financially. I just missed the opening of the Watoto Church in Cape Town last year when we were there. Looking forward to you future posts.

  10. Krista Fox says:

    Beautiful Krista! Congratulations on winning the contest. What a dream! I can’t wait to see more.

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