June 26, 2012 Uganda: A New Home

On Sunday, we went and each spent an afternoon with a family in one of Watoto’s villages. Their model is so unique and I’m just loving it! Each home is lovingly headed up by a widow – some have brought their own biological children with them – and together with a total of 8 children they form a new family. This is their home. It was great to spend time with them seeing what a typical day at home on the weekend looks like.

The home I Was in had 4 girls ranging in age from 11-15, and 4 boys all age 7! Could you even imagine? But it really is amazing to see how the older ones encourage and teach the younger ones. And the younger ones make the older ones laugh and play! Here’s a glimpse into a family life in one of Watoto’s villages…

When I got there, mom was reading the BIble to the kids….

IMG 5197 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5200 Uganda: A New Home

Then they played some games together…

IMG 5204 1 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5301 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5357 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5376 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5262 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5268 Uganda: A New Home

They taught me some traditional dances… but let’s be thankful there is no photos of that! icon smile Uganda: A New Home

The boys had some homework to do, and the girls were helping them with it.

IMG 5303 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5317 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5311 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5309 Uganda: A New Home

There are always chores and fun…

IMG 5432 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5449 Uganda: A New Home

The girls and I really clicked and it was great to go for a long walk with them all around their village and just listen. I realized after I didn’t take any photos on our walk… I had been so intrigued by their stories, I didn’t snap! The girls shared about how much they love living here. How they dream of returning to their rural villages to better their friends and family who are still there. They explained they still go back on holidays to their original home villages. And they told me about their love of McDOnald’s and lasagna while on tour with the Watoto choir in Canada!

I did catch a couple images of the girls in their rooms – they are all so proud of their bedrooms, and love to show images of their sponsors and letters and things their sponsors have sent. If you have sponsored a Watoto child – I can not stress how much they love and appreciate it!!!

IMG 5287 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5285 Uganda: A New Home

And a big family portrait! These children are so loved by their mother.

IMG 5415 Uganda: A New Home

We then wandered around the village – and stumbled across a breakdance group from the village performing.

IMG 5484 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5503 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5548 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5550 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5531 Uganda: A New Home

We ended up doing some photos of the group… they look so tough!

IMG 5558 Uganda: A New Home

IMG 5561 Uganda: A New Home

I’m not really sure why but the guys insisted I take some photos with them… hilarious.

602538 10151032158767629 1211891640 n Uganda: A New Home

And then these tough boys – wanted to show us their sponsors photos. Adorable.

IMG 5616 1 Uganda: A New Home

They look tough – but they’re just the sweetest guys!

IMG 5634 Uganda: A New Home

It was another great day and again, continue to be blown away by Watoto and their work!

To learn more about how you can be involved with Watoto, contact then at canada@watoto.ca or visit www.watotocanada.com

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Luke Willey says:

    Hi Krista,
    I wanted to say how much our office in Australia is enjoying your blog entries. They are truly inspirational & great to read.
    As a professional photographer myself, I can see you have got an amazing ability to capture life as it is in Uganda thru your lens – just amazing.
    We pray your life will be forever changed by the experiences you have had in Africa.

    Luke Willey
    CEO – Watoto Australia & NZ

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