June 2, 2012 Meera – May

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, April and her story in her mom’s words.)

It was so fun to catch up with Meera and her family this month at their home on a beautiful Spring day! Meera’s dad, Roy, has worked really hard at making their backyard into a bit of an oasis for his girls. There are berries growing, fruit trees, a swing, a greta new deck… he’s done an awesome job! And you can tell the girls love to be back there. It’s always fun to see Meera outside the hospital, simply enjoying life as a two year old little girl.

IMG 8341 Meera   May

IMG 8355 Meera   May

Notice MEera’s nails are painted – not just in this post, but in every single visit. She could not understand why my nails weren’t painted and kept asking me why. Think I better paint them before my next visit!

IMG 9226 Meera   May

IMG 9102 Meera   May

IMG 9117 Meera   May

IMG 8441 Meera   May

IMG 8460 Meera   May

IMG 9155 Meera   May

IMG 9153 Meera   May

IMG 9133 Meera   May

Isn’t this toy castle phenomenal? Yes, I did climb in.

IMG 9188 Meera   May

IMG 9201 Meera   May

Laura’s hair looks so fun after she shaved it for Meera a couple months ago. Love the red!

IMG 9208 Meera   May

IMG 9213 Meera   May

IMG 8468 Meera   May

IMG 9328 Meera   May

IMG 9183 Meera   May

Daddy’s helper.

IMG 8377 Meera   May

IMG 8378 Meera   May

IMG 9286 Meera   May

Somehow, I think this is all the reward Roy needs for all his hard work. Meera cuddles.

IMG 9144 Meera   May

And let’s not forget little Ameena.

IMG 8401 2 Meera   May

IMG 8413 Meera   May

Ameena is the most laid back, easy going kid.

IMG 9095 Meera   May

IMG 9128 Meera   May

IMG 8500 2 Meera   May

IMG 9305 Meera   May

And I’ll sign off with my favourite image. I just think Meera looks so happy in her daddy’s arms with her baby sister.

IMG 8396 Meera   May

May’s visit was also fun because my girls got to meet Meera for the first time! They just kept saying afterwards “She’s so cute…. like really, really cute… I just love her….” Here’s an iphone picture of them with her (LINK).

Stay tuned for more of Meera as Monday is her last chemo treatment! Can’t wait!

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. sharon rose says:

    love the pics of them but just want to say that papa shane meera grandfather also helped with the great deck.The pictures are wonderful and touching

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