May 2, 2012 Meera – April

(Meera is a beautiful 2year old with cancer that I am photographing once a month for a year. You can see more about her here: December, January, February, March, and her story in her mom’s words.)

There are times I can forget Meera has the big “c” word. I know that seems silly as I visit her monthly in the hospitals and see her unwell. But, I also see her laugh and play and be a typical two year old. For some reason this week it hit me how this wee little munchkin is fighting this battle for her life. Meera’s last MRI came back great, her chemo finishes in just over a month – and things are looking great… but the fact that this little Miss has had to fight this war can make my heart ache. Yesterday her mom shared how a 16year old friend with the same cancer as Meera passed away this week. 16years old. I hope and pray that in my lifetime we see a cure to cancer. Today I’m wearing my “cancer sucks” shirt we had made up when my dad went through his cancer scare. I am also stepping out to enjoy and savour this day – and every day – because I can. I’m sure that 16 year old, and countless others, would have given anything to enjoy one more day. May I not take this day, this breath, this moment for granted.

Sigh. Big breath.

Okay – so on Monday I went to join Meera for her last small chemo treatment. In June Meera has her last big chemo treatment. In July we party. icon smile Meera   April

When I got there Meera didn’t look overly thrilled to be there.

IMG 3290 Meera   April

I have loved getting to know Meera – I love kids so much. She is getting more and more comfortable with me, and I was able to take her down to the Teddy Bear Sanctuary on her ward and spend some time one on one hanging out with her.

IMG 3293 Meera   April

IMG 3321 Meera   April

IMG 3296 Meera   April

IMG 3299 Meera   April

There are so many great volunteers – one elderly lady volunteer, brought Meera in a stuffed bear and some colouring. She told me that they buy the bears, and then make the little sweaters and outfits for them. So sweet! I LOVE seeing how people use whatever gifts they have to bring cheer and hope.

IMG 3317 Meera   April

IMG 3314 Meera   April

IMG 3312 1 Meera   April

We headed back to the oncology room – such a fun place for kids! – to wait. So much to do and play with!

IMG 3368 Meera   April

IMG 3349 Meera   April

IMG 3338 Meera   April

IMG 3375 Meera   April

IMG 3577 Meera   April

IMG 3356 Meera   April

And let’s not forget sleeping beauty… Meera’s wee sister slept most of the time. But I did manage to get some snuggles in first. icon smile Meera   April

IMG 3557 Meera   April

IMG 3439 Meera   April

And then it was show time. First they had to access her port, take some bood samples, etc. Poor Meera. What kid wants to lay down and let people poke and prod at them? I can’t even get my kids to let me brush their hair! She looked so sad… and when she started to reach for me and yell “hold hand” for me to hold her hand, I wished I could have. I am always amazed at how strong and loving Roy and Laura are with her.

IMG 3380 Meera   April

IMG 3397 Meera   April

IMG 3400 Meera   April

IMG 3415 Meera   April

IMG 3408 Meera   April

And then within seconds of having it done, she sits up, wipes her tears and in her cheery little voice starts playing again. Love. This. Kid.

IMG 3394 Meera   April

I love how hospitals and nurses make things fun for kids. Meera walked with the nurse to send her blood “to the moon” (aka – the vacuum system that sends it to the lab!).

IMG 3432 Meera   April

IMG 3435 Meera   April

Then once the blood report came back, we could proceed with the chemo.

IMG 3507 Meera   April

And more waiting….

IMG 3498 Meera   April

The nurse brought in a whoopee cushion – hilarious! Meera’s face whenever someone sat on it was priceless!

IMG 3526 Meera   April

Meera has all the staff charmed as she wanders the halls and explores.

IMG 3427 Meera   April

IMG 3532 Meera   April

IMG 3544 Meera   April

Laura has an ability to make everything fun for Meera.

IMG 3464 Meera   April

IMG 3556 Meera   April

IMG 3482 Meera   April

IMG 3483 Meera   April

When I left Meera was doing okay…

IMG 3569 Meera   April

Shortly afterwards though her fever spiked, her hemoglobin dropped and she needed red blood, her nose started ripping blood again, her blood platelets dropped too… and so back to the hospital goes the family. Such an exhausting, emotional roller coaster.

Please keep this family of four in your thoughts and prayers. And above all remember to….

celebrate life and love!


3 Responses to “Meera – April”

  1. Stephanie D says:

    What a strong little girl, a strong family, such love and determination.

    Those shots of her having her blood taken are heartbreaking. You can feel how distressed she is. I hope she is doing better today. Thinking of her and her parents.

  2. Angie says:

    I don’t know Meera and her family at all, but have been following the journey with them since you, Krista started documenting for them. This little girl melts my heart every time. I have an almost 2 year old and cannot imagine the strength needed as a parent to watch as your little girl gives it her all in the fight of her life. Sending love and prayers to Meera and her fam!

  3. Alisha says:

    This girl is Amazing. I’ve known Roy and Laura for 3 1/2 years now, and I’ve known Meera since the day she was born, such a happy child! she really is a strong person and the love they all show foe each other is amazing. i was heart broken the day they found out she had cancer. But Meera is a strong little girl and will make it through. I keep them in my prayers!

    love you guys! <3

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