April 16, 2012 RMH – Kaley

I love going to the Ronald McDonald House to photograph. The families are always so inspiring… I photographed two families this time. First, let me introduce you to Kaley and her family. They came from St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Their hospital at home was not even able to diagnose Kaley’s leukemia. Again – we are so fortunate to have such great health care so accessible to us. Kaley and her mom and big sister camer to Canada and have been here several months during Kaley’s chemo treatments. This is a huge cost to their family – and makes the stay at RMH house all the sweeter. Kaley’s Grandma has also come down to stay with them now too. One of the many things I love about RMH is that they recognize how important family support is and have apartments so the extended family can stay together. Makes the journey so much better to have loved ones with you.

Meet sweet little Kaley. She was shy at first…

IMG 0065 2 RMH   Kaley

But soon was pulling out her model moves.

IMG 0071 1 RMH   Kaley

Kaley surrounded by the women she loves. Big sister. Mom. Grandma.

IMG 0104 1 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0090 1 RMH   Kaley

It was her sister’s 12th birthday that day! SHe also coordinated all their outfits for the session and did an amazing job!

IMG 0086 2 1 RMH   Kaley

It was a gorgeous day to go outside….

IMG 0115 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0145 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0135 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0123 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0231 RMH   Kaley

What mom wouldn’t want to see their girls so happy together? Love the pride on mom’s face!

IMG 0216 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0235 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0244 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0247 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0225 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0263 1 RMH   Kaley

Blessings on your journey Kaley!

IMG 0220 RMH   Kaley

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Stephanie C says:

    Love her model moves.

    What a darling little girl, and such a sweet sister.

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