I am loving my time with Miss Meera each month and her family. They are such an amazing team! If you’ve been following the blog you will have met Meera back in December (http://edisonphotography.com/2011/12/miss-meera/), in January we visited her at her local hospital (link) and in February at her home (link). You can read her story through her mom’s words HERE.

This month, I met up with them at Sick Kids hospital in Toronto as she was to have her “big chemo” that day. She has chemo treatments regularly and then a “big” one about once a month. Now – I have to stop for a minute and talk about Sick Kids. Every time I go, I am amazed by this place, the staff, volunteers, kindness, love… and so thankful we live so close! I have met kids from China, England, the Caribbean, Nunuvat, Nova Scotia, and more as they come from all over the world to this top notch hospital. I too often take it for granted. Melissa – an awesome child life specialist – shared with me this story about Sick Kids (I apologize if I get some facts a bit off… going from memory!). They had a special board of directors at the hospital made up of kids, and asked them what they wanted the hospital to look like. They answered “a shopping mall!”. So, the man who designed the Eaton’s Centre designed Sick Kids. And it is beautiful! But it’s not just the beauty of the building – it’s the people. As you will see below – you bump into awesome people around every corner. Volunteers there just to play with kids. Nurses who are beyond amazing (and I’m fortunate to know a few and they are incredible people). It’s really amazing.

But back to Miss Meera.

When I met up with them we first had some good news! They just had the results from the previous week’s MRI that everything is looking good! Yay!

Then we began the wait for her to get hooked up for hydration and her chemo. As we waited, Meera spotted a new friend…. a clown! I believe the woman is a child life specialist, but what I know for certain – is she was amazing with the kids. She entertained them with bubbles, danced with them, gave them stickers, and had them laughing and forgetting – even for a few minutes – where they were and why.

IMG 0373 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0427 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0419 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0410 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0396 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0413 Miss Meera   March

Okay – I have to stop and mention the shoes! They were those sweet ones that have squeakers in them and make a noise when you walk. Let’s just say Meera was bringing a smile to everyone’s face as she squeaked along.

IMG 0394 Miss Meera   March

We then wandered over to one of the play room’s to wait. So much fun for her!

IMG 0428 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0439 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0437 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0464 Miss Meera   March

And let’s not forget little Ameena. This girl gets cuter each month. And seriously could not ask for a better baby to spend hours and days up at the hospital, and simply smile and coo and charm everyone within a mile radius.

IMG 0466 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0462 Miss Meera   March

Finally it’s time! They have a room for Meera!

IMG 0481 1 Miss Meera   March

First, more tests. You know… I can not even imagine being poked and prodded so much. I think I’d react the same. Meera was just sick of it all.

IMG 0545 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0544 Miss Meera   March

Fortunately moms and dads are awesome comforters.

IMG 0577 2 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0498a Miss Meera   March

IMG 0486 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0508 Miss Meera   March

But then, in a blink of an eye, a nurse asks if they can take her weight and all is forgotten and she cheerfully says “yep!” and all goes honky dory from there. She’s an amazing trooper.

IMG 0590 1 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0568 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0551 Miss Meera   March

Meera has been through this so much – she likes to help out too. SHe knows just what to do – either for herself, or for checking out her favourite toy… her baby sister.

IMG 0599 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0530 Miss Meera   March

Love how Meera is checking out Ameena, and Ameena is checking out the nurse’s badge.

IMG 0581 Miss Meera   March

Oh Ameena… let’s just stop and love on her for a minute. These two sisters are awesome!

IMG 0515 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0519 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0611 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0614 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0620 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0621 1 Miss Meera   March

Such an amazing family – and such an honour to document them all. I’ll leave you with a family snapshot – can’t believe how much Roy & LAura’s hair has grown since they shaved it last month!

IMG 0645 1 Miss Meera   March

Celebrating life and love,


4 Responses to “Miss Meera – March”

  1. sharon rose says:

    once again you have done a wonderful job in capturing the emotions.the pictures are beautiful just like her.i am so proud of her and her parents,Meera is a great helper with her treatment at the hospital and at home.Ameena is getting bigger and cuter everyday.thank you once again following Meera and her family.

  2. Christa says:

    Note to self: Do not wear mascara when reading these posts. I now look like Alice Cooper.
    Beautiful family, beautiful photos. You are all amazing and the world is a better place because of all of you.
    Much love to Miss Meera’s family. xox

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Krista and Meera (and her family). So precious.

  4. Krista Fox says:

    Krista – no words. I know you are bringing happiness to these families, and it requires such strength to do it. Beautiful photos. When little Miss Meera grows up, they’ll all look back on these photographs and remember the strength they had a family, and why the little things matter so much in life. Kudos, lady.

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