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April 27, 2012 Mike and Miranda

It was so fun to document Mike and Miranda’s wedding last weekend. I love small weddings – it’s all about the marriage! They had a beautiful day at the gorgeous Auberge-du-Pommier for a late afternoon wedding and reception surrounded by their family and closest friends. These two just radiated love – they were beaming from ear to ear the entire time. They have had such a busy couple of months… Thursday of that week Miranda finished her teaching for the year, then Saturday was the wedding – 6 days later they were moving… and in a couple months their little girl will join their family! Crazy busy! But as Miranda’s mom said numerous times that day “this is such a happy day.” ANd it really was!

20120421 IMG 2280 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9758 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9793 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9779 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9962 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9864 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9835 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9828 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9722 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0032 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0039 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9706 Mike and Miranda


20120421 IMG 9891 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9950 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2293 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9924 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0292 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0311 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0309 2 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2331 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2338 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0047 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0097 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0112 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0119 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0135 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0104 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0142 Mike and Miranda

Just after they were pronounced husband and wife… Mike asking if he can kiss her now! Too funny!

20120421 IMG 0159 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0163 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0195 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0210 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2394 Mike and Miranda

Always love seeing couple’s interact after they walk out of the ceremony – that moment of “we’re married!!!”

20120421 IMG 0212 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0227 Mike and Miranda

A little touch up – love mom watching her girls. icon smile Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 9742 Mike and Miranda

These were some very happy friends and family!

20120421 IMG 2642 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2458 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2462 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2469 Mike and Miranda

Miranda and her sister are the same age difference as my two girls (22months) – so watching their bond was very special to me!

20120421 IMG 2519 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2495 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2441 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2426 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2591 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2263 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 0065 Mike and Miranda

Their speeches to each other at the reception were so sweet and heartfelt!

20120421 IMG 2823 Mike and Miranda

20120421 IMG 2757 Mike and Miranda

Celebrating life and love,


April 23, 2012 Saying Good-Bye!

Years ago I babysat my little cousin Kathryn and her siblings. Since then Kathryn and I have moved to a close friendship. It has been great to watch (and document!) Kathryn and Aaron as a dating couple, engaged, wedding, newlyweds, maternity, newborn and now their little family. They have also become fast friends with our kids and they have so many good memories of weekends with Kathryn & Aaron playing tickle monster, watching as Aaron and dad built their treefort, enjoying Kathryn’s yummy cake pops and so much more!

Well, on Tuesday Kathryn and Aaron (and Hudson) are moving to Thunder Bay. Close to 1500km away from us! We’ll miss them so much! They came over yesterday so we could say goodbye. Here’s a few photos from saying goodbye yesterday.

IMG 0445 Saying Good Bye!

Hudson not so sure about the kiss from Eden.

IMG 0437 1 Saying Good Bye!

Eden reading him some Harry Potter.

IMG 0448 Saying Good Bye!

IMG 0451 Saying Good Bye!

Madi snuggling with Hudson.

IMG 0463 Saying Good Bye!

IMG 0457 1 Saying Good Bye!

Hudson’s so shy with all this attention….

IMG 0478 Saying Good Bye!

The family!

IMG 0520 Saying Good Bye!

IMG 0524 Saying Good Bye!

IMG 0564 Saying Good Bye!

IMG 0573 1 Saying Good Bye!

Hudson waving good bye!

IMG 0480 Saying Good Bye!

Madi chasing the car down the road… we’ll miss you!

IMG 0592 Saying Good Bye!

Celebrating life and love,


April 20, 2012 Remembering

This week, I saw this great video and had to share it with my mom…. if you are a mother, grab a kleenex and watch this. I loved it. And bawled.

When I posted it, I didn’t realize it was the day before the 4th anniversary of my mom’s mom passing away. I can not believe it’s been 4years since the world said good bye to one of the most phenomenal women who ever walked it. Today, I stumbled across this and thought I’d share it. At the funeral each of the grandkids were given the opportunity to share – my sister and I shared what we learned from GG (my Grandma – GG is for Grandma Grace or Great Grandma). I needed to be reminded of these lessons today and thought I’d share with you!

All I needed to know I learned from GG….

GG taught me that it is important to give others the spotlight, and to sit in the audience cheering them on. Being a cheerleader and support is just as important (if not more) than being the star of the show.

GG taught me that love is more than words.

GG taught me the art of remembering…. names, what someone is going through, and what someone likes. To pick up on comments casually said in conversation of something the person needed, and remember it come Christmas. To inquire after people and their specific situation. To remember people by name. To stock the fridge with your guests favourite food.

GG taught me that life is full of simple joys – a garden in full bloom, a shore launch, fresh picked strawberries, catching a big walleye, a walk on a beautiful day.

GG taught me to laugh often and much. But never at someone’s expense.

GG taught me I am a part of the world I live in and need to be informed. Staying up to date on current affairs – both politically and culturally… from the evening news to Dancing with Stars.

GG taught me that it is better to listen than to speak. Then when you do speak, everyone is all ears.

GG taught me how to live life to the fullest.

In the words of my Grandma “That’s enough of that mush.”

Here’s a snapshot of her with my mom and my daughters – 4 generations of us together that day. SO glad my girls got to know her and also two great grandgrandpa’s on Mark’s side!

210802 10150209580642629 612767628 8716650 3386985 oa Remembering

Celebrating life and love,


April 18, 2012 Orchard Friends

I’ve blogged about these guys before…. my two close friends from high school (Cherie and Carolynn) and I have kids around the same ages. They only see each other a few times a year but are so close! We like to try to do these photo shoots of the kids in the orchards at Cherie’s place – but it’s tricky to schedule as there’s only about a week of blossoms. So glad it worked out this year! Here’s the kids enjoying playing in the orchard last night!

IMG 1115 Orchard Friends

Caden and Aliah – Cherie’s munchkins.

IMG 1062 Orchard Friends

IMG 1148 Orchard Friends

Paige and Chloe – Carolynn’s kidlets.

IMG 1168 Orchard Friends

IMG 1178 Orchard Friends

And my two darlings… Madi and Eden.

IMG 1169 Orchard Friends

IMG 1183 Orchard Friends

IMG 1173 Orchard Friends

IMG 1188 Orchard Friends

And they’re off and running!

IMG 0978 Orchard Friends

Aliah had made a BFF card with a picture of them all – here she is sharing it with them. Just a note – pretty much all of this session is unscripted, the kids just played and hung out. They were great! Much easier than when they were small! ha ha

IMG 0981 Orchard Friends

IMG 0997 Orchard Friends

IMG 0990 Orchard Friends

IMG 1002 Orchard Friends

IMG 0979 Orchard Friends

Caden trying to knock the girl’s out of the tree – ha ha!

IMG 1008 Orchard Friends

IMG 0986 Orchard Friends

IMG 1011 Orchard Friends

IMG 1019 Orchard Friends

Paige said “I just love being in trees!”

IMG 1041 Orchard Friends

IMG 1081 Orchard Friends

IMG 1054 Orchard Friends

IMG 1048 Orchard Friends

Madi said “it’s beautiful here – even without people in it!” SO true!

IMG 1320 Orchard Friends

IMG 1068 Orchard Friends

IMG 1079 Orchard Friends

IMG 1132 Orchard Friends

Such a boy! ha ha

IMG 1147 Orchard Friends

IMG 1151 Orchard Friends

Cherie brought these great lollipops for the kids!

IMG 1222 Orchard Friends

And the kids trying to fit their fists in their mouths. CLassic.

IMG 1228 Orchard Friends

IMG 1231 Orchard Friends

IMG 1242 Orchard Friends

IMG 1249 Orchard Friends

IMG 1216 Orchard Friends

IMG 1210 Orchard Friends

IMG 1250 Orchard Friends

IMG 1273 Orchard Friends

IMG 1299 Orchard Friends

IMG 1280 Orchard Friends

Just ignore the boy – ha ha. Step over him.

IMG 1286 Orchard Friends

Celebrating life and love,


April 17, 2012 RMH – Riley

Yesterday I posted about sweet little Kaley at the Ronald McDonald House. Today I have another little guy to melt your heart. Meet Mr. Riley. And speaking of hearts…. this little 6 month old has already had a heart transplant. Amazing. Just 5 days after finding out he would need a heart transplant – he received his new heart. Living several hours away from a hospital (near Pembroke) that does transplants – or even cares for transplant patients – they have been living as a family of 6 at the Ronald McDonald House. Even though his transplant went well, there are doctors appointments nearly every day so they need to stay in Toronto to be able to attend all their appointments. Again – so thankful for RMH so this family could all stay together.

Riley is such a little munchkin!

IMG 0473 RMH   Riley

I absolutely love these bravery beads! The hospital gives a bead for each procedure – Riley’s parents have kept them and strung them together. They are longer – much longer! – than little Riley’s body. The red paper is the legend as to what each bead represents. What a story for this little guy! And a great way for the siblings to see and understand a bit of what Riley is going through.

IMG 0444 RMH   Riley

IMG 0438 RMH   Riley

IMG 0446 RMH   Riley

IMG 0495 RMH   Riley

And meet the gang!

IMG 0296 RMH   Riley

IMG 0358 1 RMH   Riley

IMG 0376 RMH   Riley

IMG 0325 RMH   Riley

IMG 0387 RMH   Riley

IMG 0344 RMH   Riley

And a special shout out to their guardian angel. This 16year old has come with them to help watch the kids and help out while mom and dad take care of Riley. Awesome!

IMG 0268 RMH   Riley

Sweet little Riley – love this little guy.

IMG 0323 2 RMH   Riley

Celebrating life and love,


April 16, 2012 Family Vacation

We are home from a great week away in Florida visiting family! Such a great time… here’s a little video to share our adventures! This trip I left my “real” camera and just relaxed…. and now I feel rejuvenated and ready to go!

Celebrating life and love,


April 16, 2012 RMH – Kaley

I love going to the Ronald McDonald House to photograph. The families are always so inspiring… I photographed two families this time. First, let me introduce you to Kaley and her family. They came from St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Their hospital at home was not even able to diagnose Kaley’s leukemia. Again – we are so fortunate to have such great health care so accessible to us. Kaley and her mom and big sister camer to Canada and have been here several months during Kaley’s chemo treatments. This is a huge cost to their family – and makes the stay at RMH house all the sweeter. Kaley’s Grandma has also come down to stay with them now too. One of the many things I love about RMH is that they recognize how important family support is and have apartments so the extended family can stay together. Makes the journey so much better to have loved ones with you.

Meet sweet little Kaley. She was shy at first…

IMG 0065 2 RMH   Kaley

But soon was pulling out her model moves.

IMG 0071 1 RMH   Kaley

Kaley surrounded by the women she loves. Big sister. Mom. Grandma.

IMG 0104 1 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0090 1 RMH   Kaley

It was her sister’s 12th birthday that day! SHe also coordinated all their outfits for the session and did an amazing job!

IMG 0086 2 1 RMH   Kaley

It was a gorgeous day to go outside….

IMG 0115 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0145 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0135 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0123 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0231 RMH   Kaley

What mom wouldn’t want to see their girls so happy together? Love the pride on mom’s face!

IMG 0216 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0235 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0244 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0247 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0225 RMH   Kaley

IMG 0263 1 RMH   Kaley

Blessings on your journey Kaley!

IMG 0220 RMH   Kaley

Celebrating life and love,


April 12, 2012 Baby Matthew

Over the last three years I have photographed Mike and Christa’s engagement, wedding, first pregnancy, their first son Andrew, family photos, some fun projects with Christa (like Marie Antoinette!), and recently their second pregnancy and now their newest addition…. Matthew!

When I got to the house little Mr. Andrew greeted me. Love him!

ice002 Baby Matthew

ice001 Baby Matthew

ANd found signs of a new baby boy around the house!

ice003 Baby Matthew

Finally get to meet the new arrival – and what a happy sweetheart Matthew is!

ice005 Baby Matthew

ice004 Baby Matthew

Matthew’s parents are just smitten… with him and each other!

ice006 Baby Matthew

ice007 Baby Matthew

ice009 Baby Matthew

ice008 Baby Matthew

This is the type of of photo session I love… in their own home, enjoying real moments. Capturing memories that are actual memories.. not just poses. Love this little family!

ice012 Baby Matthew

ice010 Baby Matthew

ice011 Baby Matthew

ice018 Baby Matthew

ice016 Baby Matthew

ice019 Baby Matthew

ice020 Baby Matthew

ice013 Baby Matthew

ice015 Baby Matthew

ice014 Baby Matthew

Dad and Andrew cuddling.. until Andrew escapes to go find mom and Matthew. Love these moments.

ice021 Baby Matthew

ice022 Baby Matthew

Christa’s Anista designs store on etsy is beyond amazing… and she also purchased a few etsy finds we had to document! Like these shirts! And the baseball items for this baseball loving family!

ice034 Baby Matthew

ice036 Baby Matthew

ice035 Baby Matthew

ice032 Baby Matthew

ice033 Baby Matthew

ice025 Baby Matthew

ice027 Baby Matthew

ice026 Baby Matthew

ice024 Baby Matthew

ice023 Baby Matthew

Matthew was so content – what a munchkin!

ice028 Baby Matthew

ice031 Baby Matthew

ice030 Baby Matthew

Some more loving with Matthew!

ice037 Baby Matthew

ice039 Baby Matthew

ice041 Baby Matthew

ice042 Baby Matthew

ice038 Baby Matthew

ice045 Baby Matthew

ice043 Baby Matthew

Celebrating life and love,


I am loving my time with Miss Meera each month and her family. They are such an amazing team! If you’ve been following the blog you will have met Meera back in December (, in January we visited her at her local hospital (link) and in February at her home (link). You can read her story through her mom’s words HERE.

This month, I met up with them at Sick Kids hospital in Toronto as she was to have her “big chemo” that day. She has chemo treatments regularly and then a “big” one about once a month. Now – I have to stop for a minute and talk about Sick Kids. Every time I go, I am amazed by this place, the staff, volunteers, kindness, love… and so thankful we live so close! I have met kids from China, England, the Caribbean, Nunuvat, Nova Scotia, and more as they come from all over the world to this top notch hospital. I too often take it for granted. Melissa – an awesome child life specialist – shared with me this story about Sick Kids (I apologize if I get some facts a bit off… going from memory!). They had a special board of directors at the hospital made up of kids, and asked them what they wanted the hospital to look like. They answered “a shopping mall!”. So, the man who designed the Eaton’s Centre designed Sick Kids. And it is beautiful! But it’s not just the beauty of the building – it’s the people. As you will see below – you bump into awesome people around every corner. Volunteers there just to play with kids. Nurses who are beyond amazing (and I’m fortunate to know a few and they are incredible people). It’s really amazing.

But back to Miss Meera.

When I met up with them we first had some good news! They just had the results from the previous week’s MRI that everything is looking good! Yay!

Then we began the wait for her to get hooked up for hydration and her chemo. As we waited, Meera spotted a new friend…. a clown! I believe the woman is a child life specialist, but what I know for certain – is she was amazing with the kids. She entertained them with bubbles, danced with them, gave them stickers, and had them laughing and forgetting – even for a few minutes – where they were and why.

IMG 0373 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0427 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0419 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0410 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0396 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0413 Miss Meera   March

Okay – I have to stop and mention the shoes! They were those sweet ones that have squeakers in them and make a noise when you walk. Let’s just say Meera was bringing a smile to everyone’s face as she squeaked along.

IMG 0394 Miss Meera   March

We then wandered over to one of the play room’s to wait. So much fun for her!

IMG 0428 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0439 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0437 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0464 Miss Meera   March

And let’s not forget little Ameena. This girl gets cuter each month. And seriously could not ask for a better baby to spend hours and days up at the hospital, and simply smile and coo and charm everyone within a mile radius.

IMG 0466 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0462 Miss Meera   March

Finally it’s time! They have a room for Meera!

IMG 0481 1 Miss Meera   March

First, more tests. You know… I can not even imagine being poked and prodded so much. I think I’d react the same. Meera was just sick of it all.

IMG 0545 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0544 Miss Meera   March

Fortunately moms and dads are awesome comforters.

IMG 0577 2 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0498a Miss Meera   March

IMG 0486 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0508 Miss Meera   March

But then, in a blink of an eye, a nurse asks if they can take her weight and all is forgotten and she cheerfully says “yep!” and all goes honky dory from there. She’s an amazing trooper.

IMG 0590 1 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0568 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0551 Miss Meera   March

Meera has been through this so much – she likes to help out too. SHe knows just what to do – either for herself, or for checking out her favourite toy… her baby sister.

IMG 0599 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0530 Miss Meera   March

Love how Meera is checking out Ameena, and Ameena is checking out the nurse’s badge.

IMG 0581 Miss Meera   March

Oh Ameena… let’s just stop and love on her for a minute. These two sisters are awesome!

IMG 0515 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0519 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0611 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0614 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0620 Miss Meera   March

IMG 0621 1 Miss Meera   March

Such an amazing family – and such an honour to document them all. I’ll leave you with a family snapshot – can’t believe how much Roy & LAura’s hair has grown since they shaved it last month!

IMG 0645 1 Miss Meera   March

Celebrating life and love,


April 5, 2012 Mike and Bonnie

I really enjoyed meeting Mike and Bonnie a few months ago – perhaps it’s because not only are they both pilots (like most of my family) but they both fly the same plane my dad flew for years before retiring. So cool! We had hoped for a snowy engagement session but snow never happened this winter! So instead we went out on a gorgeous Spring day in and around their neighbourhood in Liberty Village. I love images in your own neighbourhood as they tell part of your story. If you move away, you can look back and remember your favourite hangouts, your home, your memories. Love it!

People are always so nervous at the start of an engagement session. But these are the very first images from the session – they were that relaxed and amazing for the camera the whole time!

IMG 0527 Mike and Bonnie

I love to have my sessions around 5:30-6pm. Such gorgeous light!

IMG 0591 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0590 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0617 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0635 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0647 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0538 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0559 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0658 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0672 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0681 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0688 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0705 Mike and Bonnie

A quick wardrobe change and adding a family member, Saya before heading out again. Here they are at home.

IMG 0715 Mike and Bonnie

And we’re off to the park! Saya was so excited!

IMG 0757 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0740 2 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0772 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0839 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0829 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0879 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0875 Mike and Bonnie

IMG 0886 Mike and Bonnie

And I’ll leave you with one of my favourites!

IMG 0807 Mike and Bonnie

Celebrating life and love,