March 13, 2012 New York City

One thing I believe is that I’ll never know it all. In any area of life. I can always improve, learn more and be inspired. So, when I heard about Jasmine Star coming to New York City for a workshop… well, a chance to learn from one of our industry leaders and a trip to New York City? Didn’t take much to convince me!

I was thrilled that Kathy, Katie and Beth were game also! So, we piled in my car on Thursday and headed down to NYC. I love road trips – and you know you have good company when you realize you’ve driven for 16hours there and back and never turned on music once. Such good conversation!

Here are a few glimpses into our trip…

Thursday night we got there about supper time and then headed down to Time Square.

IMG 9703 New York City

IMG 9721 New York City

IMG 9723 New York City

Friday morning, we had tickets to see Live with Kelly. We slept in but managed to quickly get our acts together and run over there. We were back of the line though and by the time we got in they had run out of seats and we had to sit on the stairs! Fortunately though they taped part of a future episode for when Kelly is on vacation and we got to stay and found front row centre seats. And if you watch on March 21st you’ll see us as Katie won the draw!

IMG 9785 New York City

IMG 9751 New York City

Here we are on the stairs!

IMG 9729 New York City

After Kelly, I stumbled across the line going in to see Anderson Cooper and they had standby tickets and…. well, I went for it! I love that Silver Fox! Unfortunately they did not allow photos or cell phones… but I have to say it was an awesome experience. Anderson is so funny and adorable and brilliant. SWoon.

And then Friday night was Jasmine Star! Always inspiring to be with a room full of passionate people.

IMG 9848 New York City

IMG 9851 New York City

Saturday we spent the day wandering around Soho, Macy’s, and the city.

IMG 9900 New York City

IMG 9877 New York City

IMG 9863 New York City

IMG 9891 New York City

IMG 9894 New York City

IMG 9908 New York City

IMG 9881 New York City

IMG 9855 New York City

IMG 9906 1 New York City

IMG 9969 New York City

IMG 9939 New York City

IMG 9913 New York City

IMG 9944 New York City

Sunday we went down to Ground Zero before heading home. Always a sobering experience.

IMG 9965 New York City

IMG 9958 New York City

IMG 9964 New York City

Glad to be home!

Celebrating life and love,


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