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March 20, 2012 Adam & Livia

I was excited to meet Adam and Livia – so far, we had only communicated by email. I knew I liked them though already as Livia shared a bit of their story (I love hearing people’s stories) and about their gorgeous upcoming wedding at Livia’s family property (I also adore outdoor weddings!).

We met downtown Hamilton and wandered and explored – I love doing this! ANd what a gorgeous day to explore – hard to believe two weeks ago we rescheduled their photo session as it was too cold… and now Livia was in a tank top! Gorgeous!

These two are adorable together… with Livia’s quick laugh and great dimples, and Adam’s shy demeanor… I loved watching them interact!

IMG 0043 Adam & Livia

IMG 0055 1 Adam & Livia

IMG 0070 Adam & Livia

IMG 0080 Adam & Livia

Livia and Adam have known each other since they were little kids as Adam is Livia’s brother’s best friend! Another reminder to me to watch who my girls hang out with….

IMG 0116 1 Adam & Livia

IMG 0176 1 Adam & Livia

IMG 0171 Adam & Livia

IMG 0177 Adam & Livia

IMG 0180 Adam & Livia

IMG 0210 Adam & Livia

IMG 0214 Adam & Livia

IMG 0221 Adam & Livia

IMG 0228 Adam & Livia

IMG 0232 1 Adam & Livia

IMG 0255 Adam & Livia

IMG 0263 Adam & Livia

IMG 0336 Adam & Livia

IMG 0328 Adam & Livia

Love these shoes Livia got in Italy!

IMG 0340 Adam & Livia

IMG 0349 Adam & Livia

Hard to believe these next few were taken in downtown Hamilton and not some open meadow!

IMG 0309 Adam & Livia

IMG 0301 1 Adam & Livia

IMG 0293 Adam & Livia

IMG 0289 Adam & Livia

IMG 0295 Adam & Livia

Adam and Livia, I loved our afternoon together and can’t wait for September!

IMG 0358 Adam & Livia

Celebrating life and love,


March 14, 2012 Lucky to be alive

Tonight I was mulling over the last few months in my family’s lives. Around Christmas time my brother had a viral infection that attacked the lining of all his organs. He spent Christmas day and the days around it in and out of the hospital and on bed rest. Then a couple weeks ago as you may have read HERE we were shocked to discover my dad had a brain tumor and the whirlwind week that followed with his surgery and ongoing recovery. This Sunday, my niece Hannah and her other set of grandparents were in a serious car accident – they were all okay but no one ever wants to hear the words “you’re lucky to be alive.”

And that’s what I was mulling over tonight.

I hope that I don’t need another illness or accident to make me realize, I am in fact lucky to be alive. We all are. Each day is a gift. I think of my kids opening gifts when they were a couple years younger. You knew immediately what they thought of the gift. There were the gifts they opened, mumbled a “thanks” for and threw over their shoulder without a second glance. (Thankfully, as they grow older they learn tact!) And there are the gifts that when opened, their whole faces light up to, they jump up and clutch the present and squeal in delight! They spin around and offer the giver a huge hug and thank them repeatedly. The joy of the gift is so evident in their response.

And I think back to myself. I too am given the gift of life. Do I mumble a thanks – or do I live out my thanks?

As I was mulling this over tonight, the lyrics to a Tim McGraw song kept going through my head. In the song a man who is dying, is asked what he did when he heard the news… I love this portion of the response:

“I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter,
And I gave forgiveness I’d been denying.”
And he said: “Some day, I hope you get the chance,
To live like you were dying.”

And then just before I posted this, I saw a tweet from one of my favourite authors, Donald Miller.

“Right before you die, you’ll realize this whole life was about loving people. And you watched too much television.” @donaldmiller

Tonight, I choose to live like I was dying… because I am truly lucky to be alive.

Celebrating LIFE and love,


March 14, 2012 Victor

One thing I am often reminded of when I travel to a big city is the people. Not just the masses of people EVERYWHERE. But the person as an individual. The fact that each of these many, many, many people has a unique story, a family, a reason they are here in NYC at this moment… this intrigues me. I don’t like to be in crowded places – but for some reason, the crowd, the hustle and bustle – it always makes me pause and think how each of these people has a story. That is overwhelming.

I love driving in cabs, and getting in the front and listening to their stories. Our cabby’s were always shocked we were talking to them. But it was so fascinating to hear their tales of coming to the United States, leaving family, building a new life… Stories of struggle, hope, and perserverance. Beautiful.

Enter Victor.

Victor was our cab driver on Saturday afternoon and he was so full of joy.

IMG 9929 Victor

IMG 9930 Victor

May I always remember that each person has a unique story that deserves to be heard. May I listen and not just whiz by. May I treat each individual as an individual.

Celebrating life and love,


March 13, 2012 New York City

One thing I believe is that I’ll never know it all. In any area of life. I can always improve, learn more and be inspired. So, when I heard about Jasmine Star coming to New York City for a workshop… well, a chance to learn from one of our industry leaders and a trip to New York City? Didn’t take much to convince me!

I was thrilled that Kathy, Katie and Beth were game also! So, we piled in my car on Thursday and headed down to NYC. I love road trips – and you know you have good company when you realize you’ve driven for 16hours there and back and never turned on music once. Such good conversation!

Here are a few glimpses into our trip…

Thursday night we got there about supper time and then headed down to Time Square.

IMG 9703 New York City

IMG 9721 New York City

IMG 9723 New York City

Friday morning, we had tickets to see Live with Kelly. We slept in but managed to quickly get our acts together and run over there. We were back of the line though and by the time we got in they had run out of seats and we had to sit on the stairs! Fortunately though they taped part of a future episode for when Kelly is on vacation and we got to stay and found front row centre seats. And if you watch on March 21st you’ll see us as Katie won the draw!

IMG 9785 New York City

IMG 9751 New York City

Here we are on the stairs!

IMG 9729 New York City

After Kelly, I stumbled across the line going in to see Anderson Cooper and they had standby tickets and…. well, I went for it! I love that Silver Fox! Unfortunately they did not allow photos or cell phones… but I have to say it was an awesome experience. Anderson is so funny and adorable and brilliant. SWoon.

And then Friday night was Jasmine Star! Always inspiring to be with a room full of passionate people.

IMG 9848 New York City

IMG 9851 New York City

Saturday we spent the day wandering around Soho, Macy’s, and the city.

IMG 9900 New York City

IMG 9877 New York City

IMG 9863 New York City

IMG 9891 New York City

IMG 9894 New York City

IMG 9908 New York City

IMG 9881 New York City

IMG 9855 New York City

IMG 9906 1 New York City

IMG 9969 New York City

IMG 9939 New York City

IMG 9913 New York City

IMG 9944 New York City

Sunday we went down to Ground Zero before heading home. Always a sobering experience.

IMG 9965 New York City

IMG 9958 New York City

IMG 9964 New York City

Glad to be home!

Celebrating life and love,


March 13, 2012 Erik and Logan

I have photographed Erik and Logan’s dad a couple times – first as a groomsman several years ago in a wedding, and then I did some commercial portraits for his business website. His wife has since followed my blog, and so she was thrilled to get a gift certificate for her birthday for a family portrait session. And I was thrilled too! I love coming into people’s homes, and documenting their family just being together in their natural environment.

Their little boys – Erik and Logan – are so sweet! It was a fun morning spent with these four!

chat016 Erik and Logan

chat011 Erik and Logan

chat009 Erik and Logan

chat018 Erik and Logan

chat019 Erik and Logan

chat020 Erik and Logan

chat031 Erik and Logan

chat001 Erik and Logan

chat065 Erik and Logan

chat037 Erik and Logan

chat043 Erik and Logan

chat049 Erik and Logan

One memory I have as a kid is playing on the furniture – pretending the ground was filled with sharks and snakes… this picture takes me right back to those imagination filled days.

chat050 Erik and Logan

chat059 Erik and Logan

chat053 Erik and Logan

The difference between dad’s playing with kids and mom’s playing with kids always cracks me up.

chat073 Erik and Logan

(look at dad in the background – ha ha)

chat081 Erik and Logan

chat090 Erik and Logan

chat084 Erik and Logan

chat083 Erik and Logan

This little series with mom melts my heart.

chat101 Erik and Logan

chat093 Erik and Logan

chat099 Erik and Logan

chat097 Erik and Logan

Beautiful family!

chat069 Erik and Logan

And I love to take time for mom and dad to get some photos too!

chat127 Erik and Logan

chat124 Erik and Logan

chat106 Erik and Logan

chat104 Erik and Logan

chat113 Erik and Logan

Celebrating life and love,


March 5, 2012 Coming Up….

Next up on the blog are these two adorable brothers. Lots to catch up on with being off almost all last week with my dad, but looking forward to sharing some goodies soon!

I love how Logan is looking up to his big brother Erick. Too cute!

IMG 9777 Coming Up....

IMG 9776 Coming Up....

Celebrating life and love,