February 29, 2012 Beautiful Week

This week I witnessed something absolutely beautiful.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have seen it’s been an unbelievable 5 days. The short story is my dad was perfectly healthy last week. Was at my daughter’s volleyball tournament all day Friday. That night he started having unbelievably bad headaches. Saturday he went to the ER, had a CT scan and they discovered a brain tumor. He was not doing well at all and started to lose vision in one eye so they sent him to Toronto (no beds in Hamilton). He had an emergency MRI Monday which showed that inside his tumor it was hemorrhaging, making it swell and pushing on his optic nerves. He needed surgery to remove it ASAP. The next morning they were able to remove the entire tumor (through his nose!) and found no signs of cancer! We are still praying his left eye’s vision will be restored.

You’re probably wondering what’s so beautiful about that. Sounds awful.

The beauty I saw was this…

-my mom and dad’s love for each other – there is something so beautiful about a love that’s stood the test of time. The good and the bad. True love isn’t flowers and chocolates… it’s wiping up vomit, staying up all night, advocating for health care, comforting and just being present.

-support – this was huge. Every step of the way we have been floored by people’s support. Family and friends worldwide offering to do anything we may need, praying for dad, sending encouraging notes, and just amazing us with their care. People offering to jump on a plane to come down and be with us. People taking care of my kids so I could be there while Mark was working. Dropping off food. And on and on. And it wasn’t just the people we would expect – but people we hardly knew as well were extending their support. I would tell dad how many people had responded on Facebook (I was posting updates on there as much of our family and friends live far away) – and he would just grin ear to ear. Actually – mom said she caught him tonight whipping back the curtain tonight to tell his roommate about all the people on Facebook supporting him.

-perspective – it would be easy for mom and dad to be bitter. If they had gotten a bed right away – perhaps his eye could have been saved. But, instead I find it so beautiful how they chose to look at it the other way. They travel a lot and often to more remote places. What if they had been in Indonesia or Africa when this had happened? They choose to rejoice he was home. In a corner of the world that has world class surgeons in several cities within a short drive (Hamilton, London, Toronto…). They rejoice that we live in Canada and they do not have to worry about how they are paying for this surgery. We can simply do whatever needs done medically without the stress of finance. The brain tumor could have done a lot more damage or been cancerous and been a much worse scenario. Dad may lose sight in one eye – but he’s still able to see with the other one. He’s healthy otherwise. He’s here. So instead of choosing to be bitter, we choose to be thankful and rejoice in how well it went.

So, I left the hospital tonight with a full heart. Again, I can not thank each of you enough for your thoughtfulness and support. I have not had a chance to respond to people – but I have read every message and you have each contributed to the beauty I saw this week.

My motto for edison is “Celebrating life and love”. This week I was reminded of the importance of just that. Life can change in a blink of an eye.

Celebrating life and love!


And because every post needs a photo…

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9 Responses to “Beautiful Week”

  1. Christine Taylor says:

    Krista, God is good and I’m so pleased to hear your dad is doing well. Too often we focus on the negative instead of the positive. Thanks for being an inspiration to us (and for your parents being an inspiration to us as well).

  2. Connie D. says:

    I just spoke with your Mom and Dad and we praised God together for His kindness and care. We trace His hand and see His heart. What a precious review from a daughter’s eyes.
    Our love as we trust God with you for the restored vision.

  3. Adam says:

    Glad to hear the outcome is positive, we were looking for an update. I was in the Hamilton area for work on Tuesday so I dropped in at the General but your Dad wasn’t there and now I know why. We have been praying for your parents and your family. Sonja and I got an email from her mom with the prayer requests for your Dad. Tell your dad that the guy that almost maimed him on an ATV in the Yukon says an eye patch is cool!

  4. Monica says:

    My heart is full with yours. Your perspective is God-given, and it’s clear that He’s taking very good care of you all. What a beautiful picture you’ve painted of this week… and a beautiful shot of your dad to boot. Love you.

  5. Laura says:

    Oh Krista! Thats exactly where you get your positive outllook on celebrating life and love!! I am so hapoy things did go as well as they did! Its so true life can change in seconds! Sending positive vibes and well wishes your way

  6. Beth Goff says:

    Krista, what a beautiful response to such a challenging time. We know we have an awesome God and a loving, caring family, who unite in prayer in times like this. It is also soooo good to know that people all over the world have been upholding your family in prayer. We rejoice and believe for a complete healing in your Dad’s eye.

  7. suzin says:

    Beautiful Krista…we are praying sincerely for your whole family…such a testimony to such grace…

  8. John Hall says:

    So well said, Krista! God is good and He honours those that honour Him. We are very proud to be family and and to know that this is a family that stands together in love and in prayer.

  9. Very well written Krista!! you are an inspiration!! I am so happy for you and you’re family that your father is recovering well. Take care :)

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