February 15, 2012 Beautiful Gals

I’m a jeans and sweatshirt kind of gal. I love to be comfortable. Likewise, so is my friend Sarah and my sister-in-law, Melissa. Being moms, it’s often about what is quick and convenient when it comes to fashion. Today, a couple of us photographers got together to “play” at my home – photographing for fun and to try out some new gear. I asked Melissa from HoneyBee Hair to come and enhance the beauty of both Sarah and Melissa. I love what she did with their hair and makeup! Melissa said the only time she had really worn makeup was on her wedding day – so fun to see the transformation!

I think it’s so great for women to feel beautiful and confident! I’d highly recommend a photo session like this for any woman – for any occasion!

Enjoy a few photos of these lovely gals from in and around my home and studio!

I love how Sarah looks so mischevious!

0001 IMG 0089 Beautiful Gals

0002 IMG 0090 Beautiful Gals

0004 IMG 0092 Beautiful Gals

0008 IMG 0116 1 Beautiful Gals

And Melissa looked gorgeous!

0022 IMG 0216 1 Beautiful Gals

0018 IMG 0191 Beautiful Gals

0029 IMG 0297 1 Beautiful Gals

0031 IMG 0310 1 Beautiful Gals

0026 IMG 0267 1 Beautiful Gals

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  1. Laura says:

    These gals are gorgous! They have a movie star look to them. Wow!

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