February 24, 2012 Albums

15 years ago I married my Mark. Wouldn’t change that for a second. But there are a couple things I would change about the wedding. We were young, fresh out of school, little budget, and just wanting to get married. We had a fun wedding and for the most part I’d keep things the same. There is one big thing I would keep the same.

I’d hire a professional photographer and get an album.

We had a friend take our photos – like many people do – and he was (and is!) a phenomenal nature photographer. But wedding photography calls for something different in the terms of skills. We have great photos of the facts of the day. But not the feelings. Emotions. And little moments.

At the end of the day, he handed us our film – much like being handed a disc nowadays. We printed off photos and put them in an album. But then we wanted to take an image to work and not bring the big album, so we removed a photo from the album here. And there. I’m sad to say our wedding album has many missing holes. I think our kids have seen one photo from our wedding.

This is probably why I am so passionate about couples receiving a finished product – like an album. I don’t want you 15 years down the line to have a disc, and nothing else to show your children. I love the beautiful images of my grandparent’s and great grandparent’s weddings. I hope my grandkids will likewise enjoy our photos.

I am going to show you two albums that I love to give you an idea…

First is Glen and Dorothy’s wedding album. I love the metal cover with the leather spine and back cover. So gorgeous!

IMG 1020 1 Albums

Their album tells their story thoroughly and shows off all their great ideas and details!

IMG 1021 Albums

Next is Peter and Heather’s album. I designed the entire album and leather cover to be sleek and modern. More like an art book – clean, crisp and gorgeous!

IMG 1012 Albums

IMG 1013 Albums

IMG 1016 1 Albums

Celebrating life and love,


5 Responses to “Albums”

  1. These are beautiful Krista. You capture so much love and joy in your photographs and I admire you so much for that. You are a true talent and someone I always have, and always will look up to. xo

  2. Dorothy says:

    This made me smile today! Is it sad that I just looked at my again online when I have the real thing at home? I have to say that I layout and photos you picked were perfect and I only had to make a couple photo swaps. My brother hired a photographer but they had to choose their photos and layout. They were married June 2010 and still haven’t finished their album. I get compliments all the time on my album, mostly being “This the best wedding album i’ve ever seen”. I agree but I’m biased. This is why you hire a real professional.

    THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!

  3. sharon rose says:

    when laura got married she had a photogragher come and do her wedding pictures.but unforunatly his daughter got a hold of the disk that had the pictures on which wrecked them ,so he used about 13 pictuers over and over .some were good but others werent , he said because of this mistake he would do her first baby pictures which never happened

  4. Christina Friesen says:

    Hey there are some gorgeous albums here!! Plus your post has left me smiling in remembrance of your wedding. And the dancing, and the missing shoes, and Aunt Ruth. :)
    Both the albums look beautiful! You do wonderful work Krista! And all the people who’s photo’s you are helping to preserve for their grandkids, well, it’s awesome!

  5. Jaci says:

    My huge regret was also our photographer. We were told that there was this new photographer who would probably do ours for not a lot of money. We went with a “professional” instead and he was ok but not great. I also didn’t get a package with prints thinking we’d print them ourselves later. Fast forward almost seven years and every time I open my wedding folder I am reminded that we still don’t have anything printed, and that new photographer is one of my favs and I’m kicking myself for not hiring Krista Jefferson now.

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