January 19, 2012 Reluctant Flower girl

I love kids in weddings – whatever they do is adorable. The flower girl at Dave & Bea’s wedding was no exception and I had to share a separate post just on her. She was just SO cute! She was pretty shy and hesitant – which made for even cuter photos!

0087 IMG 7128 Reluctant Flower girl

0108 IMG 7216 Reluctant Flower girl

0107 IMG 7214 Reluctant Flower girl

0117 IMG 8160 Reluctant Flower girl

And then at the end of the night – she decided she would like to perform her flowergirl duties after all. icon smile Reluctant Flower girl

0278 IMG 8912 Reluctant Flower girl

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5 Responses to “Reluctant Flower girl”

  1. Beatriz Goodman says:

    I have to say that she was so excited about the idea of “throwing the flowers” that she would ask almost every day “When would the day come?” =) She is SO cute!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Thank you for getting this great pictures from my lil one I do love them all :)

  3. Christina Friesen says:

    Okay… so I somehow didn’t post my first comment which would have made the “found it!” make sense. :)
    I just had to smile when I saw your comment about “kids in weddings – whatever they do is adorable” because it made me think of a photo of a certain flower girl in 2008. :)
    She was pretty cute as a flower girl though! :)

  4. What a little sweetheart! Nice job capturing her beauty, inside and out!

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