January 24, 2012 Flowergirls

I wrote last week about “reluctant flower girls” (see here) and I was reminded about my own daughters as flowergirls and had to share a few oldies!

They have been fortunate to be flowergirls in a few family weddings. They have been little stinkers every time…

The wedding where Eden laid on the stage with her skirt right up, plugging her ears, and then I finally had her go sit down when she started jumping off the top step of the stage during the ceremony.

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Laying in the grass in a white dress.

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At this point the dress is ripped and hair is ruined.

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They did have some cute moments at that wedding too…

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Another wedding….

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Eden picked her nose – and Madi went over to the front pew, laid down and had a nap.

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Kissing the groom.

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Runaway flowergirl.

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And then another wedding where Madi picked her nose the entire service. I was photographing and Mark was performing the ceremony – so neither of us could get at her to stop. Too funny.

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