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January 24, 2012 Flowergirls

I wrote last week about “reluctant flower girls” (see here) and I was reminded about my own daughters as flowergirls and had to share a few oldies!

They have been fortunate to be flowergirls in a few family weddings. They have been little stinkers every time…

The wedding where Eden laid on the stage with her skirt right up, plugging her ears, and then I finally had her go sit down when she started jumping off the top step of the stage during the ceremony.

n612767628 1223307 8764 Flowergirls

Laying in the grass in a white dress.

n612767628 1223361 5122 Flowergirls

At this point the dress is ripped and hair is ruined.

n612767628 1223359 4441 Flowergirls

They did have some cute moments at that wedding too…

n612767628 1223309 9269 Flowergirls

n612767628 1223329 5343 Flowergirls

Another wedding….

n612767628 1575372 4072 Flowergirls

Eden picked her nose – and Madi went over to the front pew, laid down and had a nap.

n612767628 1575362 277 Flowergirls

Kissing the groom.

n612767628 1575333 8708 Flowergirls

Runaway flowergirl.

n612767628 1575369 2872 Flowergirls

And then another wedding where Madi picked her nose the entire service. I was photographing and Mark was performing the ceremony – so neither of us could get at her to stop. Too funny.

223295 7194867628 612767628 501007 6023 n Flowergirls

223430 7194887628 612767628 501011 6911 n Flowergirls

Celebrating life and love,


January 23, 2012 Legacy

I was chatting with a bride this week who had just received her wedding album from me. She said, “I can imagine sharing it with our grandkids someday.”

I loved that. I think sometimes we think of the photos as for right now – the images we can upload to Facebook tonight, share with our friends tomorrow…. but the images we create today build a story about us that will be passed on to generations. What will that story say? What do we want that story to say might be a better question.

At the end of our chat, the bride said “I want our love to be our legacy.”

What an honour it is to document and create heirlooms to pass on for generations.

This video has been passed around online for years – but I love it and wanted to share it here again.

Celebrating life and love,


January 22, 2012 Really, really glad

This weekend we watched the movie “Courageous” and in it there is a line that stuck with me. The wife says to her husband…. “There are days I’m glad I married you. And then… there are days I’m really, really, really glad I married you. Today is one of those days.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself! I am so thankful for Mark in my life. He has been my sanity, encouragement, fellow dreamer, companion and the man I adore for more than half my life now.

Today, is a special day in Mark’s life. It’s a significant birthday… I probably shouldn’t say what age but I will leave it at this… he’s no longer in his 30′s! icon smile Really, really glad

I could go on and on about how great he is… but why don’t I just show you?

Mark is the kind of guy that is hard to upset – even when I “accidentally” bring home a baby goat that I fell in love with.

319259 10150348255702629 612767628 10032852 3862602 n Really, really glad

Mark goes along with my crazy ideas… when I say “Let’s drive from BC to Cape Breton” – his response is “Okay, when?”

259905 10150282128112629 612767628 9367773 3343697 n Really, really glad

I love to plan parties – but Mark gets the honour of doing the games and everything at the parties. And he does so with such enthusiasm! Even when Eden invited more kids than we knew were coming and suddenly we had 25 instead of the 14 we planned for at her Halloween in July birthday party. Mark keeps his cool and goes with it.

5808 131352962628 612767628 3536528 453755 n Really, really glad

5808 131352987628 612767628 3536532 1312841 n Really, really glad

Mark is a kid at heart – even when we’re kid-less like on this trip to FAO Swartz in NYC without the kids!

6568 128531767628 612767628 3476798 5037171 n Really, really glad

Or getting a broken koosh ball stuck on his head

n612767628 710967 1946 Really, really glad

Mark makes time for his girls. When we lived in Hamilton, and he worked in Guelph, we would often meet halfway for picnics after work.

n612767628 1766667 7442 Really, really glad

Mark is a nurse, and is so caring with his girls.

n612767628 747450 8058 Really, really glad

One of my first memories of Mark is his laugh – always ready to burst out!

249848 10150277325492629 612767628 9322158 5895252 n Really, really glad

As I looked back over photos of Mark there were so many of him just walking and talking with the girls wherever we are. Love that.

At home….

264946 10150299216367629 612767628 9500371 7865364 n Really, really glad

And even in Iceland…

247189 10150277390257629 612767628 9323262 2174525 n Really, really glad

And Mark has taught the girls so much! He’s taught them….

-you jump on the beds whenever you get to a hotel

n612767628 661516 8342 Really, really glad

-whip cream tastes better from the can

310942 10150394030292629 612767628 10336843 317268373 n Really, really glad

-how to rap

200275 10150151983472629 612767628 8477305 216318 n Really, really glad

-proper attire for a date (and how to dance)

164134 10150108509692629 612767628 7856590 2997391 n Really, really glad

-while in Cape Breton Mark spent a lot of time trying to teach the girls how to do cartwheels

39634 456899067628 612767628 6662333 3017653 n Really, really glad

-how to make goofy faces (even while at a fancy dinner on a cruise)

n612767628 2644088 6028249 Really, really glad

-a love of reading and learning

n612767628 3119390 7218969 Really, really glad

-to stop and enjoy God’s beauty

23643 404084202628 612767628 5359018 5424112 n Really, really glad

-that if you give it, be prepared to get it.

178966 10150120812157629 612767628 8088030 3685748 n Really, really glad

-the value of a best friend

377419 10150439251271974 270984946973 10443589 1704447959 n Really, really glad

-how to be a scarecrow

n612767628 1563422 4719 Really, really glad

-that a dad is someone to look up to and admire.

n612767628 2002825 8876 Really, really glad

Happy birthday, Marky Mark!

Love your adoring wife. xoxoxo

January 21, 2012 Meera-January 2

I just had an email from Laura (Meera’s mom)… she had wanted to share Meera’s story in the comments and answer some of your questions, but it got too long so I said I would blog it instead. HEre is a bit about Meera from Laura. And if you have missed our Meera posts – you can view them here and here.

Hello, and thank you. Thank you so much Krista for choosing us to document for your personal project, I am honored that we stuck out to you, in an unfortunate amount of children and families that are sadly experiencing a very similar new and different lifestyle. And thank you to those who are sending prayers and positive energy our way. It means the world to us.

I’ll try my best to have a condensed version of Miss Meeras journey so far to bring everyone up to speed on Meera and her condition. I can simply start with, in July, life was normal. And in August everything changed forever.

We noticed a lump that grew rapidly under her nose, which made her look like little Cindy Lou who from whoville and through a slew of tests from non to very invasive (xrays, ultrasounds, MRI, CATscan, biopsies, bone marrow aspirates, Bone and PET scan, and and ECHO test) we received the devastating news she in fact had a rare aggressive malignant tumor called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. She had to have a ‘port’ inserted immediately in order to administer her Chemotherapy and sedatives for her radiations. She also had to have a gtube (an internal feeding tube) as they strongly believed she would receive mouth sores from the chemo and radiation and might not eat which means healing would be more difficult. (proper nutrition is an important factor in healing-and they were very right about the loss of appetite) Meera has already completed her 28 days of radiation, one of those days was her second birthday, on Halloween. It’s an awful feeling knowing you are doing your best to be a good parent and trying to fix something she doesnt even know is a problem and part of her fixing includes putting her through procedures that cause her such a great deal of pain and sickness.

‘Rads’ were brutal. Her face was so badly burned from it she looked more like a burn victim then a cancer patient towards the end. And the after effects lasted much longer after they were completed as that’s how they worked. So many nights, and mornings were spent cleaning up after she was sick.

The chemo protocol is a 43 week treatment plan that started Sept 7th. The Dr’s decided that it was far too invasive for surgery to remove the tumor and to see how things went with chemo and radiation. They also didn’t want to give us any percentages in terms of prognosis as there’s always that chance of something happening. But they do seem quite content with how quickly the tumor had taken to the treatment even in the first few weeks. The problem with this specific type of cancer is it has a nasty tendency to spread to other places (metastasize) and fast, but fortunately it was only where we saw it, which means we really did the set we could in terms of getting her taken care if right away.

We had to stay at the Ronald McDonald house (which we are eternally grateful for) as Meeras radiations were to be everyday, as well as the post radiation evaluations. Her chemo was also modified while undergoing ‘rads’ as one of the drugs were not compatible, which means her hair already started to grow back. Her hair began falling out exactly one week after her baby sister was born, Sat Sept 24th, and by Tuesday the 27th, she was bald. And now the ‘rads’ are over she is back on the heavy duty drugs and will be loosing her sweet peach fuzz, and I again will shave my head so she does not have to endure the looks alone. She is not in this fight alone.

My apologies if I jump all over the place, and for a lengthy post, but it certainly is quite a fair bit of information to try and squeeze in. Again I do want to thank everyone on following us on our journey through Meeras battle, and Krista for being there with her amazing photography skills and perception. As difficult as some images can look, I feel as if there are far more emotions involved such as strength and beauty. Meera has given me a gift I could never imagined I had, and cherish every single moment we have together, to be honest I always have embraced every moment, good or bad. And I always will. I look forward to sharing more each month, sometimes we do have a chance to be a normal family and have fun with the simpler things in life.

And because you always need a photo… I love this one of Meera with her pink nails, princess dolls… and IV tubes.

0001 IMG 9414 Meera January 2

Celebrating life and love,


January 20, 2012 Meera – January

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I will be photographing Meera and her family each month as a personal assignment… documenting their journey through cancer.

A lot of people have asked me “why?” I am doing this assignment. It is something I have wanted to do for years – so many of us are touched by cancer. Too many of us. But not all of us know what a day in the life of someone actually going through it looks like. What the reality of the big “C” word in your life can mean.

When I met Meera and her mom, Laura I just knew they were a fit. Laura is so open to talk about their journey and Meera is just so stinking cute! And as I met with them this week, I was reassured this was the right choice – I love this family already.

The night before I Was to photograph Meera in her home, I got a text from Laura. Meera had been admitted to the hospital – after her chemo that day her blood platelets were quite low and she needed to stay in the hospital. SHe asked if I wanted to reschedule. No way! This is life for them. One thing I really appreciate about Laura, is she explains everything to me and is so informative. And she is so positive through it all. I heard her say a few times “this is our life now.” Just a fact.

I wanted to quickly share a bit of their story as it is so unbelievable to me. I may have a couple dates wrong – going from memory – so Laura, please correct me.

August 21 – Laura is 8 months pregnant with her second child and turns 26!
August 24 – Meera is diagnosed with cancer
September 17 – Roy and Laura’s second daughter Ameena (meaning “faith”) is born (3 weeks after Meera’s diagnosis!)

Laura calmly told me how she asked to be induced, as she was needing to go around Meera’s chemo schedule as well. She had her baby, then stayed in the hospital a couple days until it was Meera’s chemo day in the same hospital so that she could be there with her.

I am a mom of two daughters almost the same age. Remembering to brush my teeth was a challenge in the early days. I am absolutely in awe of Roy and Laura’s strength and great attitude. Love their little “Meera-cle”.

Without further ado – here’s a glimpse into January with Meera.

When I got there, Meera was at an ex-ray so I caught Laura having some cuddle time with Ameena. They were in a private room, but that still meant that overnight the sleeping arrangements were less than ideal – Meera got the bed, Laura got the pull out chair and Ameena got the stroller.

0003 IMG 9409 Meera   January

0004 IMG 9410 Meera   January

Grandma was there too – and they’re doing such a great job making sure Ameena gets attention too!

0009 IMG 9418 Meera   January

Meera came back from her ex-rays and didn’t want to get out of her stroller. She sat and watched Dora with her Princess dolls!

0007 IMG 9413 Meera   January

0006 IMG 9412 Meera   January

0049 IMG 9501 Meera   January

0043 IMG 9491 Meera   January

0029 IMG 9465 Meera   January

A nurse came in to check her blood platelets. It was so sad – and I debated posting these.. but this is reality. I loved watching Laura comfort her though.

0012 IMG 9430 Edit Meera   January

0014 IMG 9432 Meera   January

0015 IMG 9439 Meera   January

0018 IMG 9445 Meera   January

I should mention – Laura buzzed her hair off when Meera started to lose hers. What an awesome act of love.

0011 IMG 9428 Meera   January

Meera doesn’t always eat – so she has a “button” she had surgically put in where she can be given medication or tube fed. This particular day they could not get her to eat or drink – so it may mean she gets “fed” later by tube.

0039 IMG 9481 Meera   January

0037 IMG 9477 Meera   January

Daddy trying to get Meera to eat…

0031 IMG 9467 Meera   January

And all the while, happy go lucky Ameena is chilling out.

0026 IMG 9458 Meera   January

0072 IMG 9548 Meera   January

0055 IMG 9507 Meera   January

Those legs!! Love her.

0060 IMG 9524 Meera   January

Laura giving Meera some of her medication – Meera thought it was water in there and squirted it in her mouth… she wasn’t too happy to find meds! Love how she pretended to give her princess dolls meds too!

0047 IMG 9500 Meera   January

0053 IMG 9505 Meera   January

The main thing I saw though was love, love and more love.

0101 IMG 9621 Meera   January

0103 IMG 9626 Meera   January

0079 IMG 9561 Meera   January

0075 IMG 9552 Meera   January

0045 IMG 9497 Meera   January

Beautiful, beautiful Meera.

0035 IMG 9473 Meera   January

Celebrating life and love,


January 19, 2012 Reluctant Flower girl

I love kids in weddings – whatever they do is adorable. The flower girl at Dave & Bea’s wedding was no exception and I had to share a separate post just on her. She was just SO cute! She was pretty shy and hesitant – which made for even cuter photos!

0087 IMG 7128 Reluctant Flower girl

0108 IMG 7216 Reluctant Flower girl

0107 IMG 7214 Reluctant Flower girl

0117 IMG 8160 Reluctant Flower girl

And then at the end of the night – she decided she would like to perform her flowergirl duties after all. icon smile Reluctant Flower girl

0278 IMG 8912 Reluctant Flower girl

Celebrating life and love,


I loved this wedding so much – had to break it into two posts as I wanted to share so many images!

Yesterday I shared the ceremony and some images from the first look that you can see HERE. Today, I wanted to share some of the portraits and reception.

We walked in and around the coffee plantation for their portraits. Such a gorgeous location!

After the ceremony, we went back to the house where Bea could freshen up while Dave waited and enjoyed the view. And what a view!

0204 IMG 8645 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0205 IMG 8227 2 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

And then it was off to explore and soak in some of that gorgeous end of day sunlight!

0210 IMG 8244 2 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0218 IMG 8675 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0222 IMG 8685 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

This photo makes me laugh. Dave has learned Spanish very quickly and being immersed in the language is quite fluent. But switching back and forth gets confusing. Here, he was talking to his own sister in Spanish while someone translated for her. I came up and pointed out the obvious “She speaks english!” which got this big laugh when they realized their error. I am so impressed though at the language skills of so many people there who could effortlessly flip between languages!

0206 IMG 8646 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

El Salvador isn’t that safe, and as we left the estate property, Aaron and Jeff (two groomsmen) pretended to be bodyguards to protect the happy couple.

0225 IMG 8264 2 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

But somehow I think this guy did a better job of protecting and scaring people off…. never thought I’d get use to people strolling along with big guns! But thankful for all the security and that this guy followed along with us.

0227 IMG 8695 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0232 IMG 8705 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

Watch these two little boys behind Dave and Bea… you don’t need to speak the same language to see what mischief they’re up to!

0234 IMG 8707 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0235 IMG 8709 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0237 IMG 8711 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

Ha ha – love how the one boy grabs the other one to try to imitate their kiss – and then gets shoved away. Typical kids!

0239 IMG 8717 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0230 IMG 8698 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0231 IMG 8701 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0243 IMG 8734 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0245 IMG 8740 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

You have to remember these images of Dave piggy backing Bea when you see the cake!

0252 IMG 8778 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

We ran into Dave and Bea’s siblings on our way back to the reception – and Dave requested we do an old fashioned, serious pose for an image.

0262 IMG 8302 2 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

But this is much closer to their true personalities!

0258 IMG 8820 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0259 IMG 8825 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

Reception time! I just loved the reception set up and location on the mountain side – so beautiful!

0024 IMG 7952 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0112 IMG 8159 2 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0129 IMG 8181 2 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

And remember how Dave likes to piggyback Bea? Such a sweet cake. Dave was laughing at his “hockey stick” though – he said they had probably never seen one there in El Salvador and thought it looked more like a golf club! Still, super sweet!

0127 IMG 8178 2 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0128 IMG 8180 2 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0274 IMG 8881 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

At the reception, they had a couple of fun stations. One, was a s’more station. It was so fun to see the Canadians teaching the Salvadorians how to roast a marshmallow and make the perfect s’more!

0264 IMG 8841 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0265 IMG 8843 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0266 IMG 8844 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

Another station they had was a photo booth with a Canadian flag, and an El Salvador flag – with props form both countries. The booth was a big hit and people were there all night throwing fake snowballs, and pretending to drink from a coconut!

0277 IMG 8908 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

It was a fun reception with the Canadians introducing the Salvadorians to some fun games (Mad Libs and the shoe game). They were really getting into clinking the glasses to make the couple to kiss, so I asked one of the bridesmaids if that is something they typically do in El Salvador, to which she replied “No, but we’re quick learners!” So fun!

0284 IMG 8976 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0279 IMG 8929 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

0280 IMG 8936 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

Dave and Bea – thank you so much for letting me celebrate alongside you and document your story!

0273 IMG 8328 2 David and Beatriz Wedding Part 2

Celebrating life and love,


Dave and Beatriz’ wedding was such a gorgeous celebration – up in the mountains of El Salvador at a coffee plantation estate. They did an amazing job of incorporating Bea’s Salvadorian culture and Dave’s Canadian traditions throughout their wedding. I’ll point out some in the images below – but will likely miss some as there was so many!

This wedding was so much fun to document – not just because of the gorgeous location and couple, but because of their two cultures coming together – both bride and groom fiercely proud of their heritage. And the couple is just smitten with each other and surrounded by friends and family who love them!

I started my day with Bea at the salon – it was a great chance to get to know each other better as I watched her transform into a gorgeous bride.

0004 IMG 7880 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0009 IMG 7907 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

We then headed up to the estate for the rest of the day. Such a gorgeous location up in the mountains (the drive was scary though!). Bea got dressed in this sweet little house on the property – and we did a lot of the portraits on the balcony of it overlooking the valley.

0110 IMG 8154 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0013 IMG 7918 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0017 IMG 7946 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0036 IMG 7983 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0049 IMG 8026 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0050 IMG 8028 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

And we can’t forget the handsome groom!

0001 IMG 7857 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1


0120 IMG 8260 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

Dave and Bea did a “first look” before the ceremony. They decided to have their family present also which was fun!

Everyone waiting for the big reveal!

0053 IMG 8034 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0054 IMG 8038 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0069 IMG 6968 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0057 IMG 8047 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0058 IMG 8048 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0066 IMG 8070 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0073 IMG 6978 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0063 IMG 8061 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0070 IMG 8081 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0065 IMG 8065 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0084 IMG 7079 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

Doing the first look, allowed us to have portraits with the wedding party, family and some of the couple all done before the ceremony!

0086 IMG 7117 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0098 IMG 7195 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0099 IMG 8133 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0103 IMG 8145 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0118 IMG 8167 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1


0077 IMG 6991 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0092 IMG 7152 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0088 IMG 7143 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

Then it was time for the ceremony! The ceremony and reception were both translated into both Spanish and English.

0142 IMG 8358 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0144 IMG 8364 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0148 IMG 8373 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0151 IMG 8199 2 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0021 IMG 6933 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0159 IMG 8202 2 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0163 IMG 8208 2 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0161 IMG 8416 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

Now, I always photograph with an assistant so I don’t have to be disruptive moving around… but when I travel I work alone usually which is fine. Well, Try as I might I could not get an angle to see Bea’s face during the ceremony with the layout. I was very fortunate my cousin (Dave’s sister and a fellow photographer) was there and had a good angle. Without a word – I passed my camera to her, she stood up and grabbed a couple of images of Bea for me. Thanks Kathryn!!! (She also helped get a second angle during the first look – so thankful!)

0165 IMG 8425 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

A couple of special elements in the ceremony…

Two Salvadorian traditions… the first was coins is presented to Dave, which he gives to Bea. I believe it signifies the groom’s commitment to support the bride.

0167 IMG 8439 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0170 IMG 8451 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

And the second tradition, the bride and groom choose a couple who have been significant in their lives as spiritual mentors. This couple presents them with a new family Bible. This presentation was extra sweet for me as they had chosen my Uncle John and Aunt Naomi. Dave and Bea have gotten to know our aunt and uncle really well as they work with them in Panama now. I got to know my aunt and uncle well wen I lived with them in the Yukon for a few months for a very memorable summer! They celebrate 50 years of marriage this year – an awesome example to the newlyweds!

0173 IMG 8459 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0175 IMG 8474 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

A Canadian tradition they did was the “sand ceremony” (which is done in place of the unity candle). Bea had ordered coloured sand but it never arrived – but Dave’s sisters were quick to come up with a solution! They used the black sand from El Salvador’s beaches and PAINTED some sand with purple nail polish! I said they were like McGyver… to which I got a blank look. Definitely dating myself.

0376 IMG 8487 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

Finally man and wife!

0178 IMG 8218 2 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0179 IMG 8220 2 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

I love the moments of congratulations between parents and their children… and newly added children!

0187 IMG 8558 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0188 IMG 8565 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0192 IMG 8576 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0193 IMG 8577 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

And this look of adoration from mom to son melts my heart.

0189 IMG 8566 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

While the couple did a receiving line, I grabbed photos of some of the guests – including the parents of the groom – my aunt and uncle (in the middle) with my parents, and my other aunt and uncle (the mother of the groom’s two big brothers).

0194 IMG 8585 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

Then when I turned around – I saw that the guests had all cleared and Dave and Bea were having this quiet moment. SO beautiful.

0196 IMG 8607 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0197 IMG 8612 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

0198 IMG 8616 Dave and Beatriz Wedding Part 1

This post is getting really long – so I’m going to break it into two… come back tomorrow to see the portraits of the bride and groom and the gorgeous reception!

Celebrating life and love,


January 13, 2012 Dave and Beatriz

Many years ago… I babysat three little cousins for two entire summers (their little sister came along afterwards). They lived a few hours away, so I went and lived with their family and would babysit these three munchkins Monday-Friday all day for two summers when I was headed into grade 8 and grade 9. How their parents trusted me with their kids is beyond me. But they did, and we all survived.

Now… fast forward a couple years, and I have photographed the weddings of the two sisters I babysat those summers long ago, and now it was time for their brother to also get married!

First in 2008 there was Kathryn and Aaron’s wedding – complete with a boat ride, canoes, jumping on the trampoline, a wild storm, and their family cabin.

n612767628 1224203 3979 Dave and Beatriz

Then last year, I got to photograph Jeff and Christina’s wedding complete with s’mores, loads of snow, snowmobiles, boots and more snow!

182980 10150137084491974 270984946973 8092543 2902676 n Dave and Beatriz

So it was a complete honour to now document David’s wedding in El Salvador now! But first… let’s start with their engagement photos.

David met Beatriz (Bea) on a missions trip to Guatemala with Living Water Ministries (the people behind those awesome Advent Conspiracy videos!). David was down for just a week from his home in Northwestern Ontario – and Bea was serving there for a year from her home in El Salvador. By the week’s end they both knew that this was more than a friendship. They took time to get to know each other through Skype and emails… and then David came down to El Salvador to see if there was anything in person. Needless to say at the end of the visit things were more official. Soon enough, David had moved to Latin America where he has been since. Our uncle and aunt (John & Naomi) were able to help Dave & Bea get teaching jobs in Panama where they are still working.

I just absolutely love that in the most unexpected location – a foreign country to both – these two were brought together. To see them together, you KNOW that they were meant to be. I can’t wait to share their wedding images and story – but for now… enjoy some engagement photos we took in and around a restaurant one night in El Salvador!

0001 IMG 7226 Dave and Beatriz

0004 IMG 7229 Dave and Beatriz

0007 IMG 7244 Dave and Beatriz

0009 IMG 7279 Dave and Beatriz

0008 IMG 7271 Dave and Beatriz

0011 IMG 7312 Dave and Beatriz

0012 IMG 7313 Dave and Beatriz

0015 IMG 7335 Dave and Beatriz

0026 IMG 7434 Dave and Beatriz

0023 IMG 7413 Dave and Beatriz

0017 IMG 7360 Dave and Beatriz

0020 IMG 7372 Dave and Beatriz

I asked Dave to spin Bea – Dave is extremely competitive – he whipped her around so fast (and with one arm) I could barely snap as I was laughing so hard. I had to remind him it wasn’t a competition and to be a bit more gentle!

0028 IMG 7457 Dave and Beatriz

0032 IMG 7485 Dave and Beatriz

0035 IMG 7505 Dave and Beatriz

The best photo bomb… Dave’s sister and brother-in-law ran to sneak in the background of this picture. ha ha!

0037 IMG 7522 Dave and Beatriz

0001 IMG 7210 Dave and Beatriz

0046 IMG 7820 Dave and Beatriz

0049 IMG 7836 Dave and Beatriz

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Celebrating life and love,


January 12, 2012 Two Years Later…

At 4:53pm, it will have been two years since the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti – sending a deadly wake up call to the world that we have a neighbour in need. The poorest country in the western hemisphere practically a hop, skip and a jump away.

May we not forget.

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You can read about my trip to Haiti last April HERE, HERE and HERE.

And here is a video I did to share at church… .

I encourage you to visit HERE today at 4:53pm to read the first hand experiences of people directly involved with that horrific day.

Celebrating LIFE and LOVE and praying for the people of Haiti…


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