December 15, 2011 New Family

It was so exciting to meet this family – I strongly believe every child needs a loving, safe home and so I was thrilled to hear that these two little guys found their way into one extremely loving home. For keeps. What an exciting Christmas this will be for this new family of four! You could feel the connection between these four immediately – lots of cuddles and laughs. What a Christmas blessing!


This is what greeted me at the door. Be still my heart.

0008 IMG 6251 2 New Family

Followed by this Elmo-loving munchkin.

0002 IMG 6233 2 1 New Family

No they’re not twins – but man! Are they sweet!

0016 IMG 6317 2 New Family

As a book lover, I loved seeing this family cuddle up with a book together. So great for kids!

0001 IMG 6227 2 New Family

0013 IMG 6270 2 New Family

0010 IMG 6266 2 New Family

0021 IMG 6352 2 New Family

This picture is pure contentment. Dad right where he is supposed to be.

0020 IMG 6348 2 New Family

This Christmas will be so much fun!

0004 IMG 6239 2 New Family

0090 IMG 6424 New Family

0023 IMG 6364 New Family

And then it’s off and running we go… mom has her hands full. The boys were running before she even got her shoes on! (Not many Decembers you can run out the door in sock feet!) I just love the image on the right. Such love.

0027 IMG 6020 1 New Family

0050 IMG 6131 New Family

0032 IMG 6036 1 New Family

0026 IMG 6014 1 New Family

0056 IMG 6165 New Family

0040 IMG 6405 New Family

0046 IMG 6415 New Family

0041 IMG 6077 New Family

0045 IMG 6087 New Family

0047 IMG 6114 New Family

0064 IMG 6225 New Family

0086 IMG 6334 1 New Family

0085 IMG 6325 New Family

0082 IMG 6315 New Family

0059 IMG 6191 New Family

0058 IMG 6189 New Family

0078 IMG 6299 New Family

0068 IMG 6250 New Family

This little cuddle happening on the right – melt my heart.

0070 IMG 6259 New Family

0052 IMG 6142 New Family

0054 IMG 6145 New Family

0080 IMG 6309 New Family

0075 IMG 6293 New Family

0077 IMG 6295 New Family

And the very proud parents. What fortunate little guys.

0072 IMG 6280 1 New Family

Celebrating life and love,


5 Responses to “New Family”

  1. Darren says:

    Your pictures are amazing

  2. heidi says:

    STUNNING!!!! I’m a Jacob Moon fan and heard him share at my church about their adoption journey and how God confirmed everything. So cool to see these images now… God is good, all the time, all the time.

  3. Anita says:

    Gorgeous family and amazing pictures:)

  4. Monica says:

    Like a fairy tale. Gorgeous family. Gorgeous images!

  5. kimberly Butler says:

    Your pictures are amazing. I am tearing up looking at these–
    I so hope to have you do my family someday:)

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