December 1, 2011 Madison

Madison has always been my world changer. When she was 3 she was appalled when we read her about our World Vision child’s needs. “No clean water?” She was shocked. And started to sell bottles of water to raise money for clean water. A couple years later she was home sick from school and saw a commercial for World Vision and was desperate we had to do something. NOW. Again, she took to fundraising – drew some pictures she sold to raise funds for World Vision. Madison loves to know about the places and people we care about – Haiti, clean water, children starving, people in need… while we have so much.

A couple years ago while I was photographing at the Ronald McDonald House in Toronto I had the honour of photographing a teenage girl with cancer the same day she received her wig. I have never seen anyone walk so high or so proud out of any hair salon. She beamed. I showed my girls the photos, and they knew they wanted to donate their hair for wigs for people going through cancer. Madi has been asking me over and over when she can do this – but I thought it had to be a minimum of 10inches – I was thrilled to discover this week it doesn’t! (It actually only needs to be a minimum of 6 inches). As soon as I found out – I made her a hair appointment. She looks beautiful – inside and out. Love my girl!


0001 IMG 5499 1 Madison


0004 IMG 5510 Madison

0005 IMG 5512 Madison

0006 IMG 5513 Madison

…and Before and After! Beautiful!

0001 IMG 5499 Madison

Celebrating life and love,


12 Responses to “Madison”

  1. Louise and Ron Gagne says:

    Madi – you are the most generous/giving hearted soul – you certainly are beautiful inside and out. What a great thing you have done (and you look great). We are sooooo very proud of you and we know that mom and dad are so very proud of you too. You certainly do your name proud “A gift from God” – God bless you Madison.

  2. Trayc says:

    You made me cry with Joy Miss Madi! You are such a blessing!

  3. Christa says:

    Her haircut is AMAZING!! It totally suits her – and makes her look like a sophisticated little girl! I bet she will love brushing it now too! :D Congratulations to Madi – you are making a difference in the world, young lady, you are making a difference.

  4. Tara says:

    Krista and Madi,
    This is an awesome idea and i’m so glad you are donating your hair for a wonderful cause. I was showing this to my son who is 9 and he thinks you look at least a year older with your short hair. He also thought that it was pretty neat you did this. Krista i’m sure you’re bursting with pride for raising such a good hearted girl. Some happy little girl is going to have a beautiful wig.

  5. Stephanie C says:


    What an amazing girl. Krista, you’ve clearly raised her very well and instilled a great sense of compassion.

    This is awesome! Way to go, Madison!

    You are going to make someone who is fighting an illness feel very, very happy.

  6. Cindy Anderson says:

    What a beautiful young gal with a heart equally as beautiful! This is a wonderful and generous gesture that you can be very proud of! My own lovely daughter Emma grew her locks several years ago and then her sister Lisa cut it for her to also donate. Emma continues to think of others and get involved for her communities both small and large. I feel that Madi will also be one of our members of society who will continue sharing her caring heart for others!!!

  7. Darlene says:

    Wow! Congratulations Madison!

  8. Jodi says:

    this is sooo awesome! She is an incredible girl. Love her to pieces.

  9. marcie says:

    Madi — I love, love, love your new hair cut….so proud of you! Although I don’t like that it makes you look even more like a teenager!!

  10. Maureen Jefferson says:

    Madi……….Papa & I are sooooooooooo proud of you……..You’re an amazing little girl!!!! Thank you from all the world for what you just did………..and you look beautiful..but that goes without saying………love you Madi…….you’re terrific

  11. Stephanie Gascho says:

    What a sweet heart! Her new hair cut looks great as well!

  12. RosiNa says:

    awesome! way to go Madison! :)

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