December 30, 2011 Dave’s Family

Growing up my brother and I fought so much we weren’t allowed to sit beside each other – my sister always had to separate us. My mom was convinced we’d grow up to never speak and hate each other. So glad to report mom was wrong!

My brother is now the dad of 4 kids and married to a great gal.. and so when they asked for family photos I gladly agreed! Meet my brother, Dave and his family – all the photos were taken out at their home with about half an hour of daylight left.


0013 IMG 5411 Daves Family

0006 IMG 5889 Daves Family

Look at Mason’s face (the youngest one) – he cracks me up!

0008 IMG 5904 Daves Family

0015 IMG 5932 Daves Family

Let me introduce you… this is my brother and his lovely wife Melissa. Melissa is so calm always and a great addition to our family!

0010 IMG 5922 Daves Family

My oldest niece Kirsten who is 16. I still remember her as the little girl in her dress up clothes and plastic high heels. She is a gorgeous, generous young woman now though!

0004 IMG 5868 Daves Family

And Hannah who is 10 and my girl’s best friend. We love having Hannah come over and play!


0001 IMG 5831 Daves Family

My 5 year old nephew Cohen – he had to have his front two teeth pulled and I love the mischevious look!


0003 IMG 5848 Daves Family





























And Mason. Oh Mason. This 3year old definitely lives up to his red hair – full of spunk!

0002 IMG 5836 Daves Family




0009 IMG 5912 Daves Family

0016 IMG 5946 Daves Family

0018 IMG 5960 Daves Family

0019 IMG 5977 Daves Family


















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  1. Mom says:

    Great pictures! Love the picture calendar we received for Christmas!! Still can`t get over you too not just tolerating each other but actually seeming to enjoy each other!! God is good!!

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