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November 28, 2011 Kevin, Adriana + kids

I hadn’t met Kevin and Adriana before I went to their home for photos – but as we talked we found out we knew a lot of the same people! Love the small world of country life! I also love photographing family’s in and around their own home – it tells part of their story, and captures memories of everyday life for them. We explored in and around their property and found some great spots! Hard to believe this was a month before Christmas – such a mild November this year!

0001 IMG 5275 2 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0011 IMG 5277 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0002 IMG 5291 2 Kevin, Adriana + kids

I love how excited Makayla was to explore!

0022 IMG 5337 2 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0021 IMG 5340 Kevin, Adriana + kids

Such sweet kids!

Untitled 1 4 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0018 IMG 5323 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0017 IMG 5317 Kevin, Adriana + kids

Walking with dad… smothering mom…

0023 IMG 5349 2 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0034 IMG 5396 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0038 IMG 5439 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0041 IMG 5477 Kevin, Adriana + kids

Love how Jacob is snuggled into Dad…

0035 IMG 5353 2 Kevin, Adriana + kids

IMG 5415 1 Kevin, Adriana + kids

A creek like this on your childhood property? Sweet!

0046 IMG 5506 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0050 IMG 5550 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0049 IMG 5540 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0055 IMG 5592 Kevin, Adriana + kids

Jacob and Makayla love to race down the hill!

0044 IMG 5495 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0043 IMG 5494 Kevin, Adriana + kids

Time for some show and tell! Makayla was so excited to show me how she can climb the tree.

0058 IMG 5397 2 1 Kevin, Adriana + kids

And Jacob wanted to show me his tractors! Such a farm boy already. Love it!

0081 IMG 5746 1 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0072 IMG 5672 Kevin, Adriana + kids

I love how you can see his mouth formed to make the tractor noises (noises that only a little boy can make!)

0062 IMG 5617 Kevin, Adriana + kids

Natalie is little- but loves to play too!

0073 IMG 5677 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0074 IMG 5693 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0039 IMG 5460 1 Kevin, Adriana + kids

And Makayla had to slip into something a little more comfortable – I think the striped tights and polka dot boots make the outfit!

0076 IMG 5703 1 Kevin, Adriana + kids

0070 IMG 5658 1 Kevin, Adriana + kids

Kevin and Adriana – thank you for sharing your family with me for an afternoon!

Celebrating life and love,


November 27, 2011 Mike, Christa and Andrew

I have just loved getting to know this family. A couple years ago I photographed Mike and Christa’s engagement, wedding, then maternity and newborn photos of Andrew… and now here he is walking all over the place. So adorable. Christa and I have become good friends through our late night Facebook chats and it’s always such a treat when we get to see each other in person!

When I arrived, I was greeted by the cutest little Andrew. Christa had messaged me about these adorable boy outfits she found… he will resent her for making him wear this when he looks back… but aren’t all moms suppose to do that to our kids? icon smile Mike, Christa and Andrew

0001 IMG 4859 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0002 IMG 4841 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0001 IMG 4950 Mike, Christa and Andrew

I love that he’s wearing TOMS!

0001 IMG 4846 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

When you say to ANdrew “You’re so cute!” he makes this hilarious face. Love him!

0018 IMG 5000 Mike, Christa and Andrew

Christa makes these awesome gift tags – but more on that in a minute…

0012 IMG 4952 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0013 IMG 4953 Mike, Christa and Andrew

Andrew fell in love with my batteries. Such a boy.

0027 IMG 5031 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

The head lean. Love the lean.

0031 IMG 5045 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

Big open mouth kiss for mom! (Love Mike’s reaction too!)

0032 IMG 5052 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

Quick change into something more comfortable… but still looking like he’s up to mischief!

0036 IMG 5075 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0038 IMG 5085 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0042 IMG 4697 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0046 IMG 4726 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0043 IMG 4713 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0049 IMG 5122 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

Then Andrew wanted to show me some of his very favourite toys.

An old salt box and Mandarin Oranges container. Yep. These are his favourites. (I love the random things kids are drawn to!)

0050 IMG 5141 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

His dad’s lunchbag and mom’s pans.

0053 IMG 5153 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

And more pots and pans.

0054 IMG 5157 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0057 IMG 5167 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0058 IMG 5171 Mike, Christa and Andrew

Another favourite was my camera bag – batteries! business cards! A great big backpack full of goodies!

0060 IMG 5176 Mike, Christa and Andrew

Now, I have to take a minute away from the boys and mention Christa. Christa is an artist – but just last year she started selling her stationary on etsy (you HAVE to check out her shop!). Her work is so gorgeous that it is no surprise her business has just taken off. I love seeing her work! Here’s a taste of Christa’s work and her at work down in her home studio.

0007 IMG 5191 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0025 IMG 5227 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0024 IMG 5224 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

0022 IMG 5221 1 Mike, Christa and Andrew

And some of her work…

Untitled 1 3 Mike, Christa and Andrew

Mike, Christa and Andrew – thanks for the opportunity to once again come and document your lives and love!

Celebrating life and love,


November 21, 2011 Chase and Reese

One thing I love is when I can photograph families regularly – to see how the kids have grown and changed in a year. Chase and Reese get photographed about this time each year – and after a few years now, we have gotten to know each other well. I love these two kids and we had a lot of fun in and around their house last week.

Loved this new painting in their living room – made for a great backdrop!

0002 IMG 4601 1 Chase and Reese

0001 IMG 4548 1 Chase and Reese

Even Eddie got in on the fun!

0003 IMG 4613 Chase and Reese

Every kid has to write a note to Santa this time of year!

0004 IMG 4626 Chase and Reese

0007 IMG 4650 Chase and Reese

0008 IMG 4654 Chase and Reese

Love toothless smiles!

0006 IMG 4637 Chase and Reese

We then went outside to play for a bit….

0009 IMG 4657 Chase and Reese

0010 IMG 4665 Chase and Reese

0001 IMG 4520 1 Chase and Reese

These two get along so well – lots of fun!

0005 IMG 4701 Chase and Reese

0003 IMG 4682 Chase and Reese

0004 IMG 4686 Chase and Reese

0013 IMG 4611 2 Chase and Reese

Loved their playfort!

0017 IMG 4805 Chase and Reese

0018 IMG 4647 2 Chase and Reese

0006 IMG 4770 Chase and Reese

0012 IMG 4584 2 Chase and Reese

0010 IMG 4573 2 Chase and Reese

0007 IMG 4774 Chase and Reese

Each of the kids brought out one of their favourite toys.

0001 IMG 4548 2 1 Chase and Reese

0008 IMG 4557 2 Chase and Reese

Thanks for a fun day, Chase and Reese!

Celebrating life and love,


November 10, 2011 Brad and Staci

I love when couples simply celebrate being together. No occasion. Such is Brad and Staci. They’ve been dating for a number of years, and had no good photos of themselves – just the arm stretched out self portraits and ones at parties and events. It was time to document the two of them. We met on a cold day last week and enjoyed the last of the light on one of these crazy, short November days!

IMG 3495 Brad and Staci

IMG 3483 Brad and Staci

IMG 3489 Brad and Staci

IMG 3897 Brad and Staci

IMG 3947 Brad and Staci

IMG 3531 Brad and Staci

IMG 3963 Brad and Staci

IMG 3566 Brad and Staci

IMG 3569 Brad and Staci

IMG 3582 Brad and Staci

IMG 3996 Brad and Staci

IMG 3554 Brad and Staci

IMG 3605 Brad and Staci

IMG 3623 Brad and Staci

And we ended with some fun shilouette ones as the sun went down…

IMG 3514 Brad and Staci

IMG 3507 Brad and Staci

IMG 3637 Brad and Staci

IMG 3650 Brad and Staci

IMG 3662 Brad and Staci

Celebrating life and love,


November 4, 2011 THANK YOU!!!

thanks THANK YOU!!!

Please contact for more details!

November 3, 2011 Terri’s family

Terri and I have been emailing back and forth for so long – it was so good to finally meet her and all her extended family. It was her parent’s 50th anniversary last year and this was in honour of their anniversary. Enjoy the memories!

IMG 2420 1 Terris family

IMG 2444 Terris family

All the grandkids!

IMG 2906 Terris family

IMG 2902 Terris family

IMG 2858 Terris family

IMG 2869 Terris family

IMG 2839 Terris family

IMG 2809 Terris family

IMG 2796 Terris family

IMG 2785 Terris family

IMG 2990 Terris family

IMG 2992 Terris family

IMG 2945 Terris family

IMG 3030 Terris family

IMG 3034 Terris family

Celebrating life and love,