October 19, 2011 Baby Pierce

I have known Julie since she was a teenager working after school at the store I worked in at the time. Over the last couple years it has been so fun to reconnect with her and see her transform to fiancee to wife and now to mom!

Pierce is 6 months old and is not only unbelievable cute – but such a well behaved little guy! He just sat there with his eyebrows raised and huge blue eyes sparkling, laughing along with everything. Love this kid!

We photographed at their home – I love baby photo sessions at home. When I think back to when my girls were babies my fondest memories are simple moments at home. Coming in after they wake from a nap to find them smiling and laughing in their crib and SO excited to see me! They both always loved bath time – party in the water! And lots of cuddles. So I was thrilled when this is what Julie had envisioned also for her photo session – documenting their family moments.

The family…

0003 IMG 1898 Baby Pierce

But before there was Pierce there was Molson. You may remember him from their engagement and wedding photos.

0013 IMG 1960 Baby Pierce

Molson wasn’t about to let anyone forget him and charged into the photo session. I love dogs!

0009 IMG 1928 Baby Pierce

0012 IMG 1945 Baby Pierce

0031 IMG 9719 Baby Pierce

0020 IMG 1996 Baby Pierce

0019 IMG 1989 Baby Pierce

0022 IMG 2003 Baby Pierce

0026 IMG 2014 Baby Pierce

Pierce was getting his shirt changed… but I think he kind of liked the no shirt look. icon smile Baby Pierce

0034 IMG 9725 Baby Pierce

Seriously – this kid is so cute! Look at his face – and how he’s cuddling mom’s face. Too sweet.

0047 IMG 9768 Baby Pierce

Graeme and Julie just had a gorgeous bar built in the basement – by the look on Pierce’s face I think he’s shocked he’s allowed at the bar.

0037 IMG 9735 Baby Pierce

0035 IMG 9732 Baby Pierce

0044 IMG 9763 Baby Pierce

I love his whole series in the bedroom – love the natural light here! And this kid is all personality!

0051 IMG 9778 Baby Pierce

0054 IMG 9790 Baby Pierce

0056 IMG 9799 Baby Pierce

0057 IMG 9811 Baby Pierce

0065 IMG 9834 Baby Pierce

0071 IMG 9857 Baby Pierce

0066 IMG 9840 Baby Pierce

0069 IMG 9852 Baby Pierce

0058 IMG 9816 Baby Pierce

This face!!! Love him.

0001 IMG 9966 Baby Pierce

0098 IMG 9969 1 Baby Pierce

0085 IMG 9925 Baby Pierce

0074 IMG 9862 Baby Pierce

Molson trying to see if there’s anything good to read…

0073 IMG 9860 Baby Pierce

As mentioned one of my favourite memories is coming in after the girls woke from their nap – every day it was as if they were so shocked and thrilled that I came to get them. It was fun to watch Pierce in his crib with a similar expression!

0090 IMG 2072 Baby Pierce

0089 IMG 9938 Baby Pierce

0092 IMG 9952 Baby Pierce

0086 IMG 9927 Baby Pierce

0083 IMG 9915 Baby Pierce

And bath time!!! (Surprised to see Molson had to check out what’s going on?)

0101 IMG 9976 Baby Pierce

0104 IMG 9986 Baby Pierce

0106 IMG 9996 Baby Pierce

0108 IMG 2077 Baby Pierce

Graeme and Julie it was so great to see you again – and congratulations on Pierce. You are obviously doing a great job parenting as this is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met!

Celebrating life and love,


5 Responses to “Baby Pierce”

  1. Jodi says:

    i love the one where he is laying against the dog on the bed. Way too cute.

  2. Karla says:


  3. Kenz says:

    Oh my goodness! That baby was not camera shy at all! Loved all of his facial expressions.

  4. Michelle says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures Krista!
    Hard…VERY HARD, to pick a favourite…They are all amazing!
    Love the way you captured this family (My sis, bro-in-law, and sweet nephew Pierce …SWEET P!)
    You do such a wonderful job Krista!

  5. Julie says:

    Krista! I LOVE these pictures!!!! :) You have captured Pierce perfectly!!!! Thank you for your kind words too! What a fun experience – can’t wait to see these pictures on our walls at home!!! FOR REAL!!!!

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