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October 31, 2011 Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a fun day of costumes and candy! MMmmmmm…. candy!

IMG 3403 Happy Halloween!

IMG 3397 Happy Halloween!

Celebrating life and love,


October 31, 2011 Goodyears

There are some friends you can go without seeing, and then when you do it is like no time has passed at all. This weekend we got to spend some time with a few of these type of friends – and it was so good. We went up to London to visit the Goodyear family. Pernell and Margie have been friends with us since before we were all married – we stood up for them in their wedding 15years ago this September – and two months later they returned the favour for us. Margie and I were assigned as roommates in College – could not have chosen two better roomies. We had so much fun and no one can make me laugh as hard or as easily as my little Margie. Pernell and Mark are the best of friends – and the most unlikely pair. Probably why they get along so well as they balance each other out. Pernell is loud and entertaining, while Mark sits back and just laughs. Love watching these guys together. And our kids have known each other since day one. They visited each other in the hospital when born and consider each other family. Which, I’d have to say they are.

Three years ago I photographed the Goodyear family – a lot has changed in three years though as you can see HERE! We took a few minutes out of our visit to snap a few more recent photos.

0001 IMG 3531 Goodyears

0003 IMG 3547 Goodyears

0007 IMG 3592 Goodyears

0011 IMG 3604 Goodyears

0012 IMG 3609 Goodyears

0030 IMG 3678 Goodyears

0032 IMG 3683 Goodyears

0034 IMG 3689 Goodyears

0038 IMG 3704 Goodyears

0043 IMG 3734 Goodyears

Meet Samantha – somehow she is a teen now. I can still remember going up to Barrie when Margie was due with her and trying everything to get her to come out. And when I took her to the hospital to meet Jacob and she was so mad he was a boy and refused to call him by name – insisting instead on “Peanut Butter Head”. But mostly when I think of Sam I think of the amazing person she has become – so confident, smart and compassionate. Love her.

0017 IMG 3625 Goodyears

And Lucas. Oh Lucas. Such a character. I remember the Christmas he ate the Christmas glass bulbs off the tree as if they were apples. On more than one occasion. Luke is so full of spunk, mischief and life…. and then he can turn around and give you a great big hug or some sweet words. He is such a loveable guy.

0023 IMG 3653 Goodyears

Jakie…. Jake and Madi are only a couple months apart and are so close. I love how Jake is so confident in who he is – fine playing Barbies or dressup or Lego or whatever strikes his fancy. He is so smart and considerate and loveable.

0020 IMG 3634 Goodyears

And these two. I can remember the day they met. The day Pernell proposed. The day they were married. Became parents. And the whole way these two have laughed and loved 150percent. These two are so amazing.

0026 IMG 3663 Goodyears

And let’s not forget Bear!

0067 IMG 3786 Goodyears

And because we consider these guys family – had to have some family photos of us all together! Got to love self-timer photos!

0059 IMG 3458 Goodyears

0060 IMG 3459 Goodyears

0064 IMG 3767 Goodyears

0065 IMG 3777 Goodyears

Celebrating life and love,


October 24, 2011 Lise Family

It has been great to get to know this amazing family through school, soccer and community. Each one of their kids is full of personality and spunk – got to love farm kids! I headed out to their home and farm to capture a few memories of their family on a cool Saturday afternoon!

This was the first image I took and I love it. I love family’s at their home, on their porch… it just feels nostalgic. When you look back on it in 20 years you can remember climbing on the railing, running in the door, and teh feeling of coming home.

0001 IMG 2265 Lise Family

Let’s meet the kids…

Abby (7), Tyson (9), Owen (4months), and Jenessa (4). You will see throughout the pics how much they all ADORE little Owen.

0004 IMG 2322 Lise Family

0003 IMG 2318 Lise Family

We headed out to the field to explore…

Untitled 1 1 Lise Family


Henk – you’re in trouble with these beauties. You may need one of those D.A.D.D. shirts (Dads Against Daughters Dating)

0016 IMG 2373 Lise Family

Did I mention they ADORE Owen?

0024 IMG 2401 Lise Family

0012 IMG 2361 Lise Family

0029 IMG 2425 Lise Family

0038 IMG 2480 Lise Family

0031 IMG 2452 Lise Family

0033 IMG 2462 Lise Family

0035 IMG 2474 Lise Family

Abby even tried to give Tyson some love…

0034 IMG 2470 Lise Family

Love the boy’s faces here – I think this sums up their thoughts on all the loving from their sisters.

0039 IMG 2490 Lise Family

As we started to walk Abby looked down and discovered a new friend on her boot!

0048 IMG 2529 Lise Family

I love to try to incorporate the family’s story into their images… so naturally we needed some cows! Henk said that bull weighs 2200lbs. Yikes!

0001 IMG 2539 Lise Family

0053 IMG 2564 Lise Family

0052 IMG 2555 Lise Family

0056 IMG 2586 Lise Family

0057 IMG 2595 Lise Family

Don’t you wish you knew what Abby was saying to these guys?

0063 IMG 2637 Lise Family

Love that the cow is posing too.

0060 IMG 2615 Lise Family

Even little Owen is cuddling!

0061 IMG 2620 Lise Family

0062 IMG 2627 Lise Family

Off to the barn!

0066 IMG 2638 Lise Family

Henk and Jackie have known each other for so long… at one point I asked Jackie if she was had the same adorable little voice as her daughters at their age and Henk answered about what he remembered about Jackie at that age! I can’t even fathom having known Mark as a child – I think this is so cool. (And yet anotehr reminder to keep an eye on the boys my girls play with… like Tyson).

0067 IMG 2327 2 Lise Family

I didn’t tell the kids to look at mom and dad – but I love how they are peering over at them!

0069 IMG 2356 2 Lise Family

0071 IMG 2677 Lise Family

0073 IMG 2696 Lise Family

And now we pause for a little song from Abby…

0075 IMG 2718 Lise Family

I loved the orange of the barns!

0065 IMG 2308 Lise Family


0077 IMG 2378 2 Lise Family

Thanks so much for letting me document your great family!

Celebrating life and love,


October 22, 2011 Mark and Amanda

A few years ago I photographed Mark and Amanda’s wedding and engagement and loved getting to know this great couple! Mark is calm, cool and collected – and Amanda is so energetic and full of life! It was their 10year anniversary of being together (dating – not marriage) and what better way to celebrate?! I loved reconnecting with Mark and Amanda as they came out to my place for some photos…

IMG 2160 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2151 2 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2119 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2133 2 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2137 2 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2104 2 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2122 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2130 2 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2129 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2154 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2304 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2283 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2179 2 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2188 2 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2263 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2240 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2235 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2175 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2169 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2204 2 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2202 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2209 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2224 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2255 2 Mark and Amanda

IMG 2189 Mark and Amanda

We have now photographed together in Fall (this session), Winter (engagement) and Summer (wedding)…. can’t wait till our Spring session sometime!

Celebrating life and love,


October 19, 2011 Baby Pierce

I have known Julie since she was a teenager working after school at the store I worked in at the time. Over the last couple years it has been so fun to reconnect with her and see her transform to fiancee to wife and now to mom!

Pierce is 6 months old and is not only unbelievable cute – but such a well behaved little guy! He just sat there with his eyebrows raised and huge blue eyes sparkling, laughing along with everything. Love this kid!

We photographed at their home – I love baby photo sessions at home. When I think back to when my girls were babies my fondest memories are simple moments at home. Coming in after they wake from a nap to find them smiling and laughing in their crib and SO excited to see me! They both always loved bath time – party in the water! And lots of cuddles. So I was thrilled when this is what Julie had envisioned also for her photo session – documenting their family moments.

The family…

0003 IMG 1898 Baby Pierce

But before there was Pierce there was Molson. You may remember him from their engagement and wedding photos.

0013 IMG 1960 Baby Pierce

Molson wasn’t about to let anyone forget him and charged into the photo session. I love dogs!

0009 IMG 1928 Baby Pierce

0012 IMG 1945 Baby Pierce

0031 IMG 9719 Baby Pierce

0020 IMG 1996 Baby Pierce

0019 IMG 1989 Baby Pierce

0022 IMG 2003 Baby Pierce

0026 IMG 2014 Baby Pierce

Pierce was getting his shirt changed… but I think he kind of liked the no shirt look. icon smile Baby Pierce

0034 IMG 9725 Baby Pierce

Seriously – this kid is so cute! Look at his face – and how he’s cuddling mom’s face. Too sweet.

0047 IMG 9768 Baby Pierce

Graeme and Julie just had a gorgeous bar built in the basement – by the look on Pierce’s face I think he’s shocked he’s allowed at the bar.

0037 IMG 9735 Baby Pierce

0035 IMG 9732 Baby Pierce

0044 IMG 9763 Baby Pierce

I love his whole series in the bedroom – love the natural light here! And this kid is all personality!

0051 IMG 9778 Baby Pierce

0054 IMG 9790 Baby Pierce

0056 IMG 9799 Baby Pierce

0057 IMG 9811 Baby Pierce

0065 IMG 9834 Baby Pierce

0071 IMG 9857 Baby Pierce

0066 IMG 9840 Baby Pierce

0069 IMG 9852 Baby Pierce

0058 IMG 9816 Baby Pierce

This face!!! Love him.

0001 IMG 9966 Baby Pierce

0098 IMG 9969 1 Baby Pierce

0085 IMG 9925 Baby Pierce

0074 IMG 9862 Baby Pierce

Molson trying to see if there’s anything good to read…

0073 IMG 9860 Baby Pierce

As mentioned one of my favourite memories is coming in after the girls woke from their nap – every day it was as if they were so shocked and thrilled that I came to get them. It was fun to watch Pierce in his crib with a similar expression!

0090 IMG 2072 Baby Pierce

0089 IMG 9938 Baby Pierce

0092 IMG 9952 Baby Pierce

0086 IMG 9927 Baby Pierce

0083 IMG 9915 Baby Pierce

And bath time!!! (Surprised to see Molson had to check out what’s going on?)

0101 IMG 9976 Baby Pierce

0104 IMG 9986 Baby Pierce

0106 IMG 9996 Baby Pierce

0108 IMG 2077 Baby Pierce

Graeme and Julie it was so great to see you again – and congratulations on Pierce. You are obviously doing a great job parenting as this is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met!

Celebrating life and love,


October 17, 2011 Baby Thomas

Kate was in Blair and Andrea’s wedding a couple years ago – what a fun day that was! Now, Kate is a mom to little Thomas and it was great to reconnect and meet her boys – her husband, Matt and baby Thomas. It rained all day when we did photos (just like Blair and Andrea’s wedding all over again) but their home still offered lots of great nooks for photos! My style of photography is documenting your baby and your life… I don’t use a lot of props or backdrops instead when you look back at the photos I want you to remember how you would cuddle up on the couch with your baby, or swing together, or snuggle up and hold him… real life.

Thomas is so sweet!

0001 IMG 1408 Baby Thomas

0015 IMG 1458 Baby Thomas

0035 IMG 1477 Baby Thomas

0027 IMG 1591 Baby Thomas

0028 IMG 1596 Baby Thomas

Are they singing or yawning together do you think?

0036 IMG 1486 Baby Thomas

I loved their back yard and this great overhang covered in plants!

0019 IMG 1538 Baby Thomas

0021 IMG 1555 Baby Thomas

0024 IMG 1579 Baby Thomas

0025 IMG 1580 Baby Thomas

0046 IMG 1539 2 Baby Thomas

0048 IMG 1645 2 Baby Thomas

0042 IMG 1511 Baby Thomas

0037 IMG 1491 Baby Thomas

0041 IMG 1637 2 Baby Thomas

0044 IMG 1531 Baby Thomas

But Thomas isn’t their firstborn… look who’s peeking in.

0039 IMG 1507 Baby Thomas

Don’t worry – still getting lots of love and attention!

0059 IMG 1589 2 Baby Thomas

0057 IMG 1577 2 Baby Thomas

0053 IMG 1564 2 Baby Thomas

0056 IMG 1575 2 Baby Thomas

Thomas I think knew he was being photographed – but had to peek….

0055 IMG 1574 2 Baby Thomas

0074 IMG 1659 Baby Thomas

I’ll leave you with these – Thomas rocking out on his bedroom carpet. He had such a great room!

0060 IMG 1595 2 Baby Thomas

Celebrating life and love,


October 14, 2011 Stephen and Stephanie

I met Stephen and Stephanie four years ago when Stephen was a groomsmen at Chris and Arlene’s wedding. Three years ago I had the pleasure of photographing Stephen and Stephanie just for fun before they were engaged. And so I was really looking forward to seeing them again and documenting their wedding day!

Stephen and Stephanie’s wedding day was on that gorgeous weekend we had over Thanksgiving – and was filled with tears, laughter, and a whole lot of joy. An absolute beautiful day!

While I started with the girls, Eva (from Eva Derrick Photography) started over with the guys. And in case you wonder how guys manage to get ready without women there to help, enter Google and Youtube.

0003  MG 6264 Stephen and Stephanie

Stephen looks so happy!!

0001  MG 6238 Stephen and Stephanie

The guy’s headed over to check out the ceremony location. Can I just say… Discovery Landing in Burlington is a gorgeous spot for ceremonies! Would definitely recommend it!

0012  MG 6304 1 Stephen and Stephanie

Meanwhile back over with the ladies… was one very laid back Stephanie. I think she helped everyone else with makeup, dresses, flowers and such before even thinking about getting dressed herself. She was so calm.

0013 IMG 0680 Stephen and Stephanie

0008 IMG 9145 1 Stephen and Stephanie

0005 IMG 9125 1 Stephen and Stephanie

Stephen and Stephanie’s nieces and nephews were in the wedding party – so sweet.

0015 IMG 0690 Stephen and Stephanie

0017 IMG 9196 Stephen and Stephanie

And it’s time for the bride to get ready!

0021 IMG 9221 Stephen and Stephanie

I love how everyone is helping!

0023 IMG 0709 Stephen and Stephanie

Mom is finding it a bit emotional though… weddings are such a mix of emotions for all involved!

0024 IMG 0718 Stephen and Stephanie

There is a whole series of beautiful moments here. I love Stephanie’s caring, touching response to her mom.

0029 IMG 0738 1 Stephen and Stephanie

0031 IMG 0742 1 Stephen and Stephanie

Stephen’s mom lent Stephanie her pearls to wear. SUch a beautiful gesture!

0033 IMG 0747 1 Stephen and Stephanie

0034 IMG 0752 Stephen and Stephanie

Her dad beamed so much when he saw his little girl… I cried.

0039 IMG 9264 1 Stephen and Stephanie

FInishing touches…

0037 IMG 9246 Stephen and Stephanie

Just beautiful.

0042 IMG 9298 1 Stephen and Stephanie

Stephanie had these hilarious gloves from her Bachelorette. She had told the girls (many, many times apparently) that when she was a kid she wanted the gloves that went over the one finger like this for her wedding. She thought it would be hilarious to wear them – watch for them to make an appearance later…

0036 IMG 0768 1 Stephen and Stephanie

Show time! Going to the chapel…

0044 IMG 9327 1 Stephen and Stephanie

Such a great spot for a ceremony! And the ringbearer and flower girl charmed us all!

0020  MG 6351 Stephen and Stephanie

I love Stephanie’s wave to Stephen as she enters.

0047 IMG 0845 Stephen and Stephanie

I was standing over behind Stephanie’s mom – and caught this glance to mom right before Stephanie goes to say her “I Do’s”

0052 IMG 0873 Stephen and Stephanie

0060  MG 6469 Stephen and Stephanie

Remember I said these would make an appearance? Everyone cracked up when Stephanie took off her white gloves to reveal these! GREAT ice breaker!

0046  MG 6434 Stephen and Stephanie

0056 IMG 0882 Stephen and Stephanie

0059 IMG 0915 Stephen and Stephanie

0065 IMG 0988 Stephen and Stephanie

The ceremony was such a mix of laughter and tears. A very personalized service – I may have even cried (for the second time that day already!). I loved how Stephen was ready with hanky for Stephanie.

0058 IMG 0910 Stephen and Stephanie

0063 IMG 0943 Stephen and Stephanie

0062 IMG 0941 Stephen and Stephanie

I was at the front and couldn’t sneak out to get a photo form outside, but glad Eva could interpet my sign language and scooted out to get the ceremony from outside!

0061  MG 6471 Stephen and Stephanie

Stephanie is so full of spunk – and Stephen just laughs along at everything. Love it!

0067  MG 6544 Stephen and Stephanie

Stephen stopped on the way out to give mom some love. Way too sweet.

0071 IMG 1011 Stephen and Stephanie

0073 IMG 9347 Stephen and Stephanie

0080 IMG 1165 Stephen and Stephanie

Stepping outside on this gorgeous day and…. more laughs! (love these two)

0074 IMG 1029 Stephen and Stephanie

0075 IMG 9360 Stephen and Stephanie

0076 IMG 1042 Stephen and Stephanie

An absolutely beautiful Fall day for photos!

0084 IMG 9487 Stephen and Stephanie

0086 IMG 9502 Stephen and Stephanie

0090 IMG 9618 Stephen and Stephanie

0087  MG 6700 Stephen and Stephanie

Kids will be kids!

0091  MG 6709 Stephen and Stephanie

0095 IMG 9718 Stephen and Stephanie

0096 IMG 9728 Stephen and Stephanie

0092 IMG 9657 Stephen and Stephanie

0094 IMG 9715 Stephen and Stephanie

0097 IMG 9744 Stephen and Stephanie

0103 IMG 9779 Stephen and Stephanie

0107 IMG 9806 Stephen and Stephanie

0110 IMG 9822 3 Stephen and Stephanie

0109 IMG 9815 2 Stephen and Stephanie

0003 IMG 9802 Stephen and Stephanie

This light was a gift. Beautiful.

0117 IMG 9891 3 Stephen and Stephanie

0111  MG 6800 3 Stephen and Stephanie

0112  MG 6801 3 Stephen and Stephanie

0118 IMG 9908 1 Stephen and Stephanie

Stephanie dad drove them in his vintage car.

0124 IMG 9960 2 Stephen and Stephanie

0125 IMG 9974 3 Stephen and Stephanie

0121  MG 6836 1 Stephen and Stephanie

Then we scooted off to the park where Stephen had proposed to Stephanie.

0130 IMG 0021 1 Stephen and Stephanie

0131 IMG 0045 Stephen and Stephanie

0133 IMG 1259 Stephen and Stephanie

0132 IMG 1256 Stephen and Stephanie

0128 IMG 1233 1 Stephen and Stephanie

The reception was at the Burlington Art Gallery and Stephanie started off the evening by giving Stephen a huge surprise and singing to him!

0134  MG 6893 Stephen and Stephanie

0136 IMG 0150 Stephen and Stephanie

0139 IMG 1292 Stephen and Stephanie

0140 IMG 1301 Stephen and Stephanie

0141 IMG 0168 Stephen and Stephanie

Receptions and speeches also are a mix of emotions from the big laughs to the tears in a matter of moments.

0142 IMG 0270 Stephen and Stephanie

0145 IMG 0310 Stephen and Stephanie

Stephen and Stephanie – thank you for an amazing day and trust you are having an unbelievable time in the Maldives!

Celebrating life and love,


October 11, 2011 Tamara’s Smiling Eyes

One of my favourite things to photograph are Smiling Eyes sessions. These sessions are a free gift for anyone journeying through cancer. Obviously, I wish there were no Smiling Eyes sessions at all… I hate cancer as much as the next person… but until the day we can say “good riddance” to it, I love to be able to offer these as a very small gift from me for those who fight the big “C” word.

At first, I thought about not telling you Tamara is battling cancer right now. This session could pass as an engagement session the way these two laugh and beam at each other… but at the same time we need to be aware that cancer comes in all forms. Even to healthy, young, beautiful women like Tamara. And she is so beautiful. With her twinkling eyes and easy laugh. It was so great to meet her and her husband Casey when they came out to my house last weekend for their session.

TCblog0001 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0002 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0003 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0017 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0016 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0013 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0012 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0011 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0014 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0015 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0008 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0005 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0006 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0009 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0007 2 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0019 1 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

TCblog0018 Tamaras Smiling Eyes

Tamara and Casey it was so great to meet you both! And your dog – who could be a model!

Celebrating life and love,


October 11, 2011 Liam’s Family

Many moons ago I went to school with Joanna – through Facebook we were able to reconnect. I was thrilled to meet her husband, Al and son, Liam last week to do their family photos on one of our many gorgeous Fall days recently!

I mean… let’s just pause for a second and look at how absolutely adorable Liam is!!

0008 IMG 9736 Liams Family

0015 IMG 9788 Liams Family

I love how Liam and Joanna are both just beaming here!

0019 IMG 9802 Liams Family

0014 IMG 9783 Liams Family

0002 IMG 9691 Liams Family

0028 IMG 9920 Liams Family

0024 IMG 9861 Liams Family

0029 IMG 9930 Liams Family

0042 IMG 9997 Liams Family

0039 IMG 9987 Liams Family

0046 IMG 0005 2 Liams Family

0052 IMG 0087 1 Liams Family

0054 IMG 0095 1 Liams Family

0051 IMG 0073 1 Liams Family

0067 IMG 0229 2 Liams Family

0064 IMG 0201 2 Liams Family

0066 IMG 0213 2 Liams Family

0063 IMG 0196 2 Liams Family

Getting an 18month old to look at the camera can be tricky – but this friend hopped up and offered to sit on the end of my lens so Liam would look!

0056 IMG 0102 Liams Family

It worked!

0060 IMG 0147 Liams Family

0080 IMG 0313 2 Liams Family

0082 IMG 0316 2 Liams Family

0077 IMG 0294 2 Liams Family

0075 IMG 0275 2 Liams Family

Joanna and Al just look so happy!

0101 IMG 0464 2 Liams Family

0104 IMG 0472 2 Liams Family

And then down to Lake Ontario!

0090 IMG 0392 2 Liams Family

0091 IMG 0404 2 Liams Family

0092 IMG 0422 2 Liams Family

0088 IMG 0361 2 Liams Family

It was an honour to meet and document your beautiful family, Joanna!

Celebrating life and love,


October 4, 2011 Noah & Keira

I have been really looking forward to tonight’s photo session.. and nervous. Nervous because it was for Madison’s teacher and his family… but excited because I knew they’re a really fun family. I mean check this video out of her teacher at the Spirit Rally last week. So fun.

They came out to our place and it was a perfect evening to explore around and have some fun. ENjoy the pictures of sweet little Noah and Keira and their parents.

IMG 9292 Noah & Keira

IMG 9325 Noah & Keira

IMG 9497 Noah & Keira

IMG 9504 Noah & Keira

IMG 9513 Noah & Keira

IMG 9420 Noah & KeiraIMG 9365 Noah & Keira

I love when kids are still little enough they have to reach up to hold your hand. So sweet.

IMG 9442 Noah & Keira

IMG 9454 Noah & Keira

IMG 9491 Noah & Keira

IMG 9663 Noah & Keira

IMG 9617 Noah & Keira

IMG 9577 Noah & Keira

IMG 9611 1 Noah & Keira

IMG 8909 Noah & Keira

IMG 9316 Noah & Keira

IMG 9570 Noah & Keira

Love the typical brother reaction to getting kisses from your sister.

IMG 9390 Noah & Keira

IMG 9387 Noah & Keira

IMG 9409 Noah & Keira

IMG 9396 1 Noah & Keira

I’ll sign off with one of my fave photos…

IMG 9538 Noah & Keira

Celebrating life and love,


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