September 28, 2011 Tree Climbing Goats

Last week I saw on Twitter Ellen Page (girl from Juno – love her) made the following tweet:

Tree-climbing goats!? Yes please! LINK

Goats1 182904 Tree Climbing Goats

I thought it would be great if Juliette learned how to do this too… but didn’t put any more thought into it. Tonight as we came home, Eden yelled “Juliette!!!” as we pulled up to our house. I was confused as I couldn’t see her anywhere. And then I saw it. My very own tree climbing goat!

IMG 1071 Tree Climbing Goats

Eden was quick to join in the fun….

IMG 1063 Tree Climbing Goats

IMG 1085 Tree Climbing Goats

And Olivia (our dog) tries to do everything that Juliette (our goat) does. Olivia now eats leaves off of bushes and today she tried to push Juliette away from her bottle and drink from it herself… and now she too wants to climb trees.

IMG 1109 Tree Climbing Goats

It’s official. Welcome to the Funny Farm.

Click here to see a little clip of our crazy goat.. enjoy!

Celebrating life and love,


spec Tree Climbing Goats

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