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September 17, 2011 Facing Fears

I love to travel. Probably every single day at some point I’m dreaming up a vacation I’d love to do someday. But – I’m a nervous flyer. Makes no sense, but I am. So when my dad built his plane I said right from the start “That’s great, I’m proud of you, but my family is never going in it.”

Well, in this house of young girls – we listen to a lot of Justin Bieber. And in his words… “never say never”.

Yep, tonight we each took a turn in dad’s plane… and yes, I was nervous. But I did it! And it was great. Our family rates everything on a thumb scale – and each of us as we landed gave two thumbs up! It was great to fly over our own home and neighbourhood! I didn’t take too many pictures as we flew – hard to get a good picture with plexiglass windows. I did open the window at one point – but just as quickly closed it! Not THAT brave!

When we got to the airport Eden RAN to the plane and jumped in. Guess she wanted to be first to go!

0002 IMG 9155 Facing Fears

With firm instructions from me not to scream of touch anything… my baby was off!

0004 IMG 9167 Facing Fears

See that up there? That’s my heart. Sigh. She came back to me safely though!

0005 IMG 9175 Facing Fears

Two thumbs up!

0007 IMG 9192 Facing Fears

Madi is like me – much more nervous. She got the low down form Eden before she jumped in.

0008 IMG 9196 Facing Fears

Looking confident.

0009 IMG 9199 Facing Fears

Then she got a little nervous – ha ha.

0010 IMG 9202 Facing Fears

0011 IMG 9208 Facing Fears

Two thumbs up!

0014 IMG 9224 Facing Fears

Mark was next. Mark had never flown before we started dating. His first flight EVER was in a little Cessna plane my brother was flying… and my brother, Dave, thought it would be neat to cut the engine and put the plane into a nose dive spin. Surprised Mark ever got in a plane again! Actually I asked him if was nervous to which he replied “I’ve lived a full and happy life, I’m fine whatever happens.” Love him.

0018 IMG 9241 Facing Fears

Another happy flyer!

0019 IMG 9242 Facing Fears

Eden kept trying to sneak in for another turn… such a daredevil.

0016 IMG 9238 Facing Fears

ANd then it was the moment of truth. I asked Dad to show me what to do in case something happened. “Just open the door” he answered. I kept saying “No, I mean if ‘something’ happened.” Finally he caught on… “You mean like I die up there?” Um, yeah. So he gave me a crash course on steering and throttle and… well, I would have had no clue how o land the plane but felt better. icon smile Facing Fears

0021 IMG 9248 Facing Fears

I was nervous taking off (on the grass runway!) and nervous when we turned that I’d fall out the door (again – no logic). But then it was so beautiful seeing homes I recognized and flying over our home, and seeing the beautiful Grand River and…. it was great.

0022 IMG 9253 Facing Fears

0023 IMG 9259 Facing Fears

And survey says…. two thumbs up!

0024 IMG 9260 Facing Fears

Please tell me this is not foreshadowing things to come!

0025 IMG 9265 Facing Fears

Thanks Dad for a fun night and making me get in and face my fears!

Celebrating life and love,


September 12, 2011 Glen and Dorothy

Ever since I have met Glen and Dorothy I’ve been excited for this wedding. Dorothy has a head full of ideas and I couldn’t wait to see all her planning come together. They are such a fun, quirky couple… I knew the day would be a lot of fun. As a wedding gift they were granted the only nice day of the entire week – it was a beautiful day!

The first thing I saw was the amazing boutonnieres that Dorothy made – they turned out great!

IMG 9914 Glen and Dorothy

But Glen is crafty too – he made the programs for the wedding and kept with the “rustic chic” theme of the day.

IMG 9916 3 Glen and Dorothy

Raw00062 Glen and Dorothy

My lovely assistant (and very pregnant cousin!) Kathryn stayed over at the guy’s place while I went on to see Dorothy and the girls. She got these great captures below!

Raw00029 Glen and Dorothy

Glen’s initials…

Raw00036 Glen and Dorothy

Raw00142 Glen and Dorothy

Raw00122 Glen and Dorothy

Meanwhile… over at Dorothy’s I found more gorgeous details (and girls – but first the details!)

Dorothy made this awesome brooch bouquet! It includes a brooch from her mother-in-law and one that her bridesmaid Caren had custom made for her (with her initial “D”).

IMG 9927 3 Glen and Dorothy

Did I mention these two are quirky? Look at this garland with the gun holster and gun that makes a real noise when you pull the trigger. ha ha!

IMG 9932 3 Glen and Dorothy

And the beautiful dress!

IMG 9948 3 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9957 3 Glen and Dorothy

The bridesmaid dresses were made by Dorothy’s mom and the bridesmaid’s each had a custom designed purse that were all slightly different.

IMG 9484 Glen and Dorothy

FInally time to get ready!

IMG 0011 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9036 Glen and Dorothy

Glen gave Dorothy a beautiful necklace – from the gift shop of the Art Gallery of Hamilton (where their reception was)

IMG 0039 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0042 Glen and Dorothy

And the moment you have all been waiting for… the stunning bride. In Glen’s words as she walked up the aisle “Wow.”

IMG 9066 Glen and Dorothy

And the big reveal to dad!

IMG 0061 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0071 Glen and Dorothy

Time to climb in her Godfather’s vintage Camaro and head to the church!

IMG 0094 Glen and Dorothy

Dorothy and her dad were so cute as they climbed the steps to the church

Raw00218 Glen and Dorothy

The ringbearer Harrison was beyond cute!

IMG 9169 Glen and Dorothy

And as he ran to mom’s arms – he took time to give Glen “props”. Adorable!

IMG 0142 Glen and Dorothy

Glen was just beaming as Dorothy came up the aisle!

IMG 9189 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9191 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 4491 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 4480 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0172 Glen and Dorothy


Raw00168 Glen and Dorothy

This moment seems so symbolic to me as they step out of the door of the church for the first time as husband and wife… entering into their new life ahead!

IMG 0211 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0270 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0308 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9341 Glen and Dorothy

We then went on to a Stables nearby that was just gorgeous… and the horses were more than friendly (and like the taste of the bridesmaid’s dresses)

IMG 0412 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0457 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0450 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0426 Glen and Dorothy

Dorothy packed a little picnic for the two of them – girl after my own heart… cupcakes and Coke!

IMG 0500 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0481 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9396 Glen and Dorothy

Glen and Dorothy are both internet, technology, gadget freaks… so it made perfect sense to get a photo of them playing on their iPhones. Perhaps changing their Facebook statuses?

IMG 0523 Glen and Dorothy

And then we wandered the fields a bit… again, with those friendly horses!

IMG 9559 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9589 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9611 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9650 Glen and Dorothy

And the light in the barn was so beautiful!

IMG 0575 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9730 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0585 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0602 Glen and Dorothy

And then, back at the Art Gallery we slipped across the street for a few more photos in and around the Gallery downtown Hamilton.

IMG 0696 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0819 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0796 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9779 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9775 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9762 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0880 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 4828 Glen and Dorothy

And on to the cocktail hour!

IMG 4802 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 4798 Glen and Dorothy

I loved their fingerprint tree for a guest book!

IMG 4772 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 4781 Glen and Dorothy

And on to the reception!

IMG 0655 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0621 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0624 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0927 Glen and Dorothy

The large custom decal behind the head table was a brilliant touch!

IMG 0922 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0919 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0933 Glen and Dorothy

Glen’s mom made all the jam! ANd their “kissing game” was a version of MadLibs (fill in the blanks) that was a lot of fun!

IMG 0935 Glen and Dorothy

The main couple arrives!

IMG 9853 Glen and Dorothy

The reception has some of Dorothy’s Polish traditions incorporated… they were presented by the parents with salt and bread. The bread represents the parents are hoping that their children will never be hungry or in need. And the salt, they are reminding the couple that their life may be difficult at times, and they must learn to cope with life’s struggles. They are also given a choice of two glasses – one will get vodka, the other water. Whoever gets the vodka will have all the fun and the other… will get to watch. icon smile Glen and Dorothy I’ll let you guess who got the vodka.

IMG 9885 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9906 Glen and Dorothy

And another tradition is someone steals the bride’s shoe… and the groom has to buy it back with… vodka.

IMG 9952 2 Glen and Dorothy

It was a fun reception!

IMG 4844 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0954 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0971 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 9917 2 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 0966 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 4981 Glen and Dorothy

IMG 5005 Glen and Dorothy

Celebrating life and love,


September 8, 2011 Jared & Martha

A couple week’s ago I shared some of my favourite moments from Jared & Martha’s wedding… but I need to share more. These two are so in love they just beam. They are so adoring and sweet with each other. Gorgeous to watch and inspiring to be with!

We started our day at Martha’s parent’s beautiful home in London.

IMG 5167 Jared & Martha

Thought the tattoo on the makeup artist’s neck was fitting!

IMG 5154 Jared & Martha

IMG 5148 Jared & Martha

One thing Martha repeatedly told me was how very important family is to her and Jared. Her identical twin sister Monica and her mom were on hand to help her get ready.. and her dad’s reaction to her as a bride is so touching.

IMG 5321 Jared & Martha

IMG 3104 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3099 1 Jared & Martha

Beautiful bride!

IMG 3658 Jared & Martha

IMG 5433 Jared & Martha

IMG 5357 Jared & Martha

Meanwhile, over at Jared’s the guys were getting ready. Remember how I said Martha said how important family is? Jared and herself bought a house about a two minute drive from her parents! (Handy for photos of both of them getting ready too!)

IMG 5201 Jared & Martha

“Getting ready” for guys can mean a lot of different things… like playing poker.

IMG 5234 Jared & Martha

IMG 3072 1 Jared & Martha

And then it was time for the ceremony! When I asked Martha what she was most looking forward to on her wedding she told me “Besides marrying Jared, I’m excited about the mass.” First time I had heard that! But Martha wanted everyone to know and feel God’s love – and I think they did!

IMG 3719 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3723 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3295 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3727 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3737 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3427 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 5518 Jared & Martha

Husband and wife!

IMG 3468 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3481 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3762 1 Jared & Martha

I just love these two together! They just naturally love – no direction needed!

IMG 5913 2 Jared & Martha

IMG 3700 2 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3690 2 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3572 2 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3522 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3732 2 1 Jared & Martha

IMG 3870 Jared & Martha

Love these two moments Carolynn caught!

IMG 3874 Jared & Martha

IMG 5815 Jared & Martha

IMG 5860 Jared & Martha

IMG 5852 Jared & Martha

IMG 5875 Jared & Martha

IMG 5871 Jared & Martha

Had to catch a few of Martha and Monica together too – identical twins!

IMG 5939 2 Jared & Martha

And then inside to get ready for the reception!

IMG 5917 Jared & Martha

IMG 5935 Jared & Martha

IMG 5941 Jared & Martha

I’ll leave you with this one of them and their great cake – mmmmm…..

IMG 5900 Jared & Martha

Celebrating life and love,


September 6, 2011 Happy New Year

Today always feels like a New Year to me. Full of hopes, anticipation and wonder of what lies ahead. I love the first day of school. Not because my kids are back at school – I love having them home – but because of a year ahead of question marks waiting to be answered. What will they learn? Who will they hang out with this year? How will they change? What routines do we want to put in place? And so on…. it really does feel like standing on a threshold of change. And I love it. As much as I hate to see my babies grow up, it also excites me to see them develop into the people they are meant to be. And to have a hand in guiding them, is a task that is overwhelmingly huge and a joy at the same time.

My girls love going to school – Madi woke up and yelled out “I’m so happy!!” They could not be more excited to go today. I love seeing them stretch themselves to step out of their comfort zone (especially my shy Madi) and make new friends, enter new situations and embrace life on their own.

So, I send them off to school today with a heart full… and look forward to when they come home and we can hear all about day one in grades two and four!

Madison, going into grade four. She was up a lot last night with jitters – mostly worried that today wasn’t in fact the first day of school and we had gotten the date wrong. She has definitely got her own style now, and knew exactly what she wanted to wear and how she wanted her hair.

0001 IMG 8164 Happy New Year

0014 IMG 8207 Happy New Year

And Eden is going into grade two. Eden is so excited as she loves spending time with her friends and learning! She thinks she looks part cheetah, part panther in this outfit.

0003 IMG 8169 Happy New Year

0004 IMG 8170 Happy New Year

My four girls.

0011 IMG 8196 Happy New Year

We weren’t totally sure what time the bus would come so I let them feed Juliette as we waited.

0009 IMG 8182 Happy New Year

And they’re off!

0021 IMG 8228 Happy New Year

Celebrating life and love,


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