September 27, 2011 Josh & Trish’s Wedding

I met Josh and Trish about a year ago when they booked me to document their day – they shared their vision of a big wedding and lots of guests… a couple months later I got a call and they wanted to chat about changes. The planning was becoming stressful and not fun… they just wanted to be married! So they changed to a simple wedding – just 25 people present – and they just wanted to be married outside by a tree. It was beautiful. I loved that they followed their hearts – not only to each other, but also to their perfect day! All week it called for rain on Saturday – even when I went to bed on Friday it was calling for rain. Woke up to a perfect day – what a gift!

Josh and Trish have been good friends since grade 4 (my daughter’s age – hmmm….) and so they are completely comfortable around each other and have a great relaxed chemistry. They are so fun to be with – Trish’s crazy, quirky, laughing personality and Josh’s calm and serene presence.

You may remember from Josh and Trish’s engagement session – their love for books! So I tried to incorporate books throughout the day’s images.

0002 IMG 0438 Josh & Trishs Wedding

You can’t really tell – but I know – I put the rings on the page in Pride & Prejudice where Darcy proposes to Elizabeth (the first time). This quote is there “…allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

0005 IMG 5337 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Trish and her girls went to the Farmer’s Market the day of the wedding, bought flowers and then arranged them by themselves – they did an amazing job!

0014 IMG 5388 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Trish had her good friends come from Georgia – and they gave them this great wedding gift! A wreath made of pages from one of Trish’s favourite books (The Historian). What a beautiful gift!

0007 IMG 5363 Josh & Trishs Wedding

The beautiful dress. Loved the simplicity of it and how you could change the look with it so easily!

0009 IMG 0475 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0018 IMG 0514 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Trish had not planned to wear a veil – but her mom repeatedly asked her to. Whenever she would go for a dress fitting her mom would sneak one on her. Trish knew it was important to her mom, and so she surprised her by wearing a small one she ordered from etsy. Her mom was thrilled!

0021 IMG 5412 Josh & Trishs Wedding

The beautiful bride!

0023 IMG 0548 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0028 IMG 5415 Josh & Trishs Wedding

The girls are READY!

0009 IMG 5444 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Trish’s dad was so sweet when he saw her for the first time!

0032 IMG 5455 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0010 IMG 5469 Josh & Trishs Wedding

And time for the ceremony! They got married at Osler House in Dundas which was beautiful!

0034 IMG 5499 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0036 IMG 5524 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0038 IMG 0588 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0011 IMG 6364 2 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0012 IMG 6373 2 Josh & Trishs Wedding

We got to the part in the ceremony when they were having a “hand fasting” ceremony… and Trish realized she forgot the rope she had made! In the relaxed feel of the day she yelled out – “I need a tie! Someone give me their tie!” Ricardo was quick to offer his tie and it made for a laugh during the ceremony!

0042 IMG 5587 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0014 IMG 5605 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Husband and wife!

0043 IMG 5654 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0015 IMG 5661 Josh & Trishs Wedding

This is one happy bride!

0047 IMG 5978 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Trish had asked for some photos of her and Papa as he is very special to her and his memory is starting to go. It was a good day for him on the wedding and he knew exactly who the beautiful bride was. This is the traditional portrait of him and her….

0055 IMG 6150 Josh & Trishs Wedding

But to me – this moment where he is congratulating his granddaughter, is much more special (and what I would have loved with my own Grandpa).

0016 IMG 5702 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0017 IMG 5706 Josh & Trishs Wedding

The grounds were beautiful at Osler House, and we had lots of fun with the wedding party taking photos.

0018 IMG 0627 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0019 IMG 6048 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0022 IMG 6095 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0027 IMG 0675 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0029 IMG 0699 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0030 IMG 0706 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0058 IMG 6295 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0026 IMG 6224 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0023 IMG 6504 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0024 IMG 6208 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Oh Trish – I just love you!

0025 IMG 6216 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0054 IMG 0667 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0052 IMG 0656 Josh & Trishs Wedding

And then some time with just Josh and Trish….

0064 IMG 6360 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0002 IMG 6342 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0072 IMG 6435 Josh & Trishs Wedding

High fives – they’re married!

0061 IMG 6331 Josh & Trishs Wedding

And then we went inside the house – so beautiful!

0075 IMG 0748 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0076 IMG 0763 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0081 IMG 0794 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0079 IMG 0790 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Josh and Trish – congratulations! Thank you for letting me be a part of your Big Day!

Celebrating life and love,


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    What a lovely portrait of your day! I have known Trish since she was a little girl…quite poignant to see her grown and enjoying her wedding day…she has always been full of spirit….lovely!

  3. ROM FRIENDS says:

    You are both blessed – a beautiful day , a beautiful couple, family and friends – a perfect start to a wonderful life together….

  4. Wow. What a wonderful wedding beautifully captured! The love they share flows right out of the photographs! Well done Krista!!

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