September 25, 2011 Fall Beauty

I’ve been on a bit of a personal project lately to document some of my neighbourhood and community that I adore so much. In the Fall, I sometimes feel like I’m going to burst with looking at so much beauty. It’s like eye candy overload! Not complaining – I just simply LOVE Fall. I’ll be sharing some of these images periodically here on the blog.

On Saturday, I was heading to a wedding and so I had all my gear in my trunk… and I passed the Monthly “Horse and Hound Hunt” that happens on the road I live on. The red coats against the Fall colours was just gorgeous! I drove 5minutes before I realized I had my camera with me ready to go! I quickly turned around and grabbed just a of images. I’d love to document them more sometime, but I had a wedding to get to!

0001 IMG 5307 Fall Beauty

0003 IMG 5309 Fall Beauty

0001 IMG 5304 Fall Beauty

Celebrating life and love,


spec Fall Beauty

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