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September 29, 2011 Chris, Arlene & Girls

I have had the pleasure of photographing Chris and Arlene’s wedding… and then their first daughter as a baby and toddler… and now I got to meet their newest addition! Little Rowena (called “Rowen”) is so sweet! What I enjoy about photo shoots with this family – and even their wedding! – is that they are not interested in posed photos, but in capturing life and the important aspects they want to remember. Favourite activities and places – every day life. I met up with them at their home again and wandered the neighbourhood. So fun!

The girls are so sweet – Evelyn is full of life and spunk and can’t wait for little Rowen to join in the fun! The girls are the very same age difference as my girls (22months) – so it was fun to relive the early days!

0002 IMG 0017 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0007 IMG 0040 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0006 IMG 0034 Chris, Arlene & Girls

All eyes on Rowen – but how can you not when she’s that cute!

0010 IMG 0069 Chris, Arlene & Girls

We then headed off to the park… Evelyn is such a charmer!

0014 IMG 0082 Chris, Arlene & Girls

These are probably my favourite images… “life” moments to be remembered.

0017 IMG 0092 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0023 IMG 0116 Chris, Arlene & Girls

The family that plays together – stays together. icon smile Chris, Arlene & Girls

0025 IMG 5057 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0027 IMG 5060 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0033 IMG 0165 Chris, Arlene & Girls

Chris was so sweet helping Evelyn learn the names of the different trees and to identify them.

0059 IMG 5271 Chris, Arlene & Girls

I think Arlene is still smitten…

0043 IMG 5180 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0044 IMG 5182 Chris, Arlene & Girls

These next three (in order) crack me up. It goes from thinking about mischief, to acting out the mischief… to reaction from Rowen.

0046 IMG 5194 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0047 IMG 5196 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0048 IMG 5197 Chris, Arlene & Girls

These girls are so sweet!

0021 IMG 0106 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0051 IMG 5236 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0054 IMG 5258 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0038 IMG 5137 Chris, Arlene & Girls

This one of Chris & Evelyn cracks me up. Dads are meant to be goofy.

0061 IMG 5287 Chris, Arlene & Girls

We then headed back to their house – Rowen wanted to show me a few things.

She got a “Rowan tree” from her grandparents – so cool! I wonder if there’s a “Krista tree”?

0088 IMG 0348 Chris, Arlene & Girls

Then she wanted to show me her crib and room – and her picture above her bed about sisters!

0072 IMG 0236 Chris, Arlene & Girls

She really does draw a crowd…

0068 IMG 0211 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0069 IMG 0213 Chris, Arlene & Girls

Something so tender about this one…

0073 IMG 0238 Chris, Arlene & Girls

And I love how Evelyn wanted to comfort her sister when she started to cry…

0075 IMG 0245 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0076 IMG 0247 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0071 IMG 0230 Chris, Arlene & Girls

Evelyn needed (yes “need” – got to love girls!) to put on her costume and read some books. Reminds me of my girls!

0084 IMG 0289 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0078 IMG 0256 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0081 IMG 0281 Chris, Arlene & Girls

Finally it’s time to end the day.. bath time!

0097 IMG 0413 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0095 IMG 0400 Chris, Arlene & Girls

0096 IMG 0409 Chris, Arlene & Girls

It was great meeting you, Rowen!

0100 IMG 0432 Chris, Arlene & Girls

Celebrating life and love,


spec Chris, Arlene & Girls

September 29, 2011 Beauty

I shared this image on Facebook last week, but wanted to share it here also. I was driving home from a photo session, and passed the most gorgeous sunset off to the side of the highway. Since I had all my gear with me, I turned around and went back to capture this image. This is just a small taste of how beautiful it really was.

This is a reminder to me that there really is beauty everywhere – even on the side of the highway… just I’m usually going too fast, with a large to-do list looming to notice it. The lesson I’m continually learning is to stop and savour life.

sky Beauty

Celebrating life and love,


spec Beauty

September 28, 2011 Tree Climbing Goats

Last week I saw on Twitter Ellen Page (girl from Juno – love her) made the following tweet:

Tree-climbing goats!? Yes please! LINK

Goats1 182904 Tree Climbing Goats

I thought it would be great if Juliette learned how to do this too… but didn’t put any more thought into it. Tonight as we came home, Eden yelled “Juliette!!!” as we pulled up to our house. I was confused as I couldn’t see her anywhere. And then I saw it. My very own tree climbing goat!

IMG 1071 Tree Climbing Goats

Eden was quick to join in the fun….

IMG 1063 Tree Climbing Goats

IMG 1085 Tree Climbing Goats

And Olivia (our dog) tries to do everything that Juliette (our goat) does. Olivia now eats leaves off of bushes and today she tried to push Juliette away from her bottle and drink from it herself… and now she too wants to climb trees.

IMG 1109 Tree Climbing Goats

It’s official. Welcome to the Funny Farm.

Click here to see a little clip of our crazy goat.. enjoy!

Celebrating life and love,


spec Tree Climbing Goats

This was a very special session for me… my cousin Kathryn and her husband Aaron have become so close to us over the last few years they’ve been living in Southern Ontario near us. Many years ago I babysat Kathryn and her siblings for a couple summers… and it’s been so fun to move from older cousin, to friend over the last few years. And Aaron, is an absolute gift to our whole extended family. Love this guy.

So for these two to now be expecting a baby is beyond exciting for us all! When we started chatting about their maternity photos we kicked around different ideas – but we wanted to keep an outdoorsy look as these two love camping and being outside. Hope you enjoy what we came up with!

0021 IMG 6551 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0008 IMG 6515 2 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0011 IMG 6522 2 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0023 IMG 6572 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0066 IMG 0957 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0041 IMG 6630 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0048 IMG 0905 2 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0061 IMG 0929 2 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0029 IMG 6596 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0035 IMG 6614 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0055 IMG 6668 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0045 IMG 0894 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0070 IMG 0972 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0059 IMG 0918 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

And then it was on to a campfire and s’mores and hot chocolate! Mmmmmm…..

0074 IMG 0993 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0071 IMG 0985 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0078 IMG 1007 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

0081 IMG 1029 1 Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

Celebrating life and love,


spec Aaron, Kathryn + Baby to be

September 27, 2011 Josh & Trish’s Wedding

I met Josh and Trish about a year ago when they booked me to document their day – they shared their vision of a big wedding and lots of guests… a couple months later I got a call and they wanted to chat about changes. The planning was becoming stressful and not fun… they just wanted to be married! So they changed to a simple wedding – just 25 people present – and they just wanted to be married outside by a tree. It was beautiful. I loved that they followed their hearts – not only to each other, but also to their perfect day! All week it called for rain on Saturday – even when I went to bed on Friday it was calling for rain. Woke up to a perfect day – what a gift!

Josh and Trish have been good friends since grade 4 (my daughter’s age – hmmm….) and so they are completely comfortable around each other and have a great relaxed chemistry. They are so fun to be with – Trish’s crazy, quirky, laughing personality and Josh’s calm and serene presence.

You may remember from Josh and Trish’s engagement session – their love for books! So I tried to incorporate books throughout the day’s images.

0002 IMG 0438 Josh & Trishs Wedding

You can’t really tell – but I know – I put the rings on the page in Pride & Prejudice where Darcy proposes to Elizabeth (the first time). This quote is there “…allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

0005 IMG 5337 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Trish and her girls went to the Farmer’s Market the day of the wedding, bought flowers and then arranged them by themselves – they did an amazing job!

0014 IMG 5388 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Trish had her good friends come from Georgia – and they gave them this great wedding gift! A wreath made of pages from one of Trish’s favourite books (The Historian). What a beautiful gift!

0007 IMG 5363 Josh & Trishs Wedding

The beautiful dress. Loved the simplicity of it and how you could change the look with it so easily!

0009 IMG 0475 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0018 IMG 0514 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Trish had not planned to wear a veil – but her mom repeatedly asked her to. Whenever she would go for a dress fitting her mom would sneak one on her. Trish knew it was important to her mom, and so she surprised her by wearing a small one she ordered from etsy. Her mom was thrilled!

0021 IMG 5412 Josh & Trishs Wedding

The beautiful bride!

0023 IMG 0548 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0028 IMG 5415 Josh & Trishs Wedding

The girls are READY!

0009 IMG 5444 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Trish’s dad was so sweet when he saw her for the first time!

0032 IMG 5455 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0010 IMG 5469 Josh & Trishs Wedding

And time for the ceremony! They got married at Osler House in Dundas which was beautiful!

0034 IMG 5499 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0036 IMG 5524 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0038 IMG 0588 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0011 IMG 6364 2 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0012 IMG 6373 2 Josh & Trishs Wedding

We got to the part in the ceremony when they were having a “hand fasting” ceremony… and Trish realized she forgot the rope she had made! In the relaxed feel of the day she yelled out – “I need a tie! Someone give me their tie!” Ricardo was quick to offer his tie and it made for a laugh during the ceremony!

0042 IMG 5587 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0014 IMG 5605 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Husband and wife!

0043 IMG 5654 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0015 IMG 5661 Josh & Trishs Wedding

This is one happy bride!

0047 IMG 5978 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Trish had asked for some photos of her and Papa as he is very special to her and his memory is starting to go. It was a good day for him on the wedding and he knew exactly who the beautiful bride was. This is the traditional portrait of him and her….

0055 IMG 6150 Josh & Trishs Wedding

But to me – this moment where he is congratulating his granddaughter, is much more special (and what I would have loved with my own Grandpa).

0016 IMG 5702 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0017 IMG 5706 Josh & Trishs Wedding

The grounds were beautiful at Osler House, and we had lots of fun with the wedding party taking photos.

0018 IMG 0627 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0019 IMG 6048 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0022 IMG 6095 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0027 IMG 0675 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0029 IMG 0699 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0030 IMG 0706 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0058 IMG 6295 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0026 IMG 6224 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0023 IMG 6504 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0024 IMG 6208 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Oh Trish – I just love you!

0025 IMG 6216 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0054 IMG 0667 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0052 IMG 0656 Josh & Trishs Wedding

And then some time with just Josh and Trish….

0064 IMG 6360 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0002 IMG 6342 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0072 IMG 6435 Josh & Trishs Wedding

High fives – they’re married!

0061 IMG 6331 Josh & Trishs Wedding

And then we went inside the house – so beautiful!

0075 IMG 0748 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0076 IMG 0763 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0081 IMG 0794 Josh & Trishs Wedding

0079 IMG 0790 Josh & Trishs Wedding

Josh and Trish – congratulations! Thank you for letting me be a part of your Big Day!

Celebrating life and love,


spec Josh & Trishs Wedding

September 25, 2011 Fall Beauty

I’ve been on a bit of a personal project lately to document some of my neighbourhood and community that I adore so much. In the Fall, I sometimes feel like I’m going to burst with looking at so much beauty. It’s like eye candy overload! Not complaining – I just simply LOVE Fall. I’ll be sharing some of these images periodically here on the blog.

On Saturday, I was heading to a wedding and so I had all my gear in my trunk… and I passed the Monthly “Horse and Hound Hunt” that happens on the road I live on. The red coats against the Fall colours was just gorgeous! I drove 5minutes before I realized I had my camera with me ready to go! I quickly turned around and grabbed just a of images. I’d love to document them more sometime, but I had a wedding to get to!

0001 IMG 5307 Fall Beauty

0003 IMG 5309 Fall Beauty

0001 IMG 5304 Fall Beauty

Celebrating life and love,


spec Fall Beauty

September 23, 2011 Jamison & Megan

Megan and I have been emailing for months… so it was great to finally meet her and Jamison last weekend! And to find out Megan is also from Thunder Bay and shares a love of persians (not the cats). Mmmmmmm…..

We met in Toronto around the corner from their condo. It was such a gorgeous day – and fun to wander around and explore!

The middle high rise in the background is their condo… for another week! Fun to document this stage of their lives.

0001 IMG 9339 Jamison & Megan

0013 IMG 9427 Jamison & Megan

0009 IMG 9392 Jamison & Megan

0003 IMG 9361 Jamison & Megan

0014 IMG 9430 Jamison & Megan

0018 IMG 9470 Jamison & Megan

0023 IMG 9496 Jamison & Megan

0029 IMG 9531 Jamison & Megan

0026 IMG 9517 Jamison & Megan

0035 IMG 9578 Jamison & Megan

0038 IMG 9612 Jamison & Megan

0031 IMG 9540 Jamison & Megan

0060 IMG 9745 Jamison & Megan

0043 IMG 9648 Jamison & Megan

0042 IMG 9642 Jamison & Megan

0066 IMG 9798 Jamison & Megan

0065 IMG 9786 Jamison & Megan

0071 IMG 9840 Jamison & Megan

0078 IMG 9903 Jamison & Megan

0016 IMG 9449 Jamison & Megan

0027 IMG 9520 Jamison & Megan

0007 IMG 9367 Jamison & Megan

And Jamison and Megan are both huge Phoenix Coyote fans… so we had to do a few in their jerseys!

0055 IMG 9708 Jamison & Megan

0056 IMG 9729 Jamison & Megan

0051 IMG 9682 Jamison & Megan

Celebrating life and love,


spec Jamison & Megan

September 22, 2011 Thank You!!

I am SO thankful to you for nominating edison photography in the Reader’s Choice awards in the Hamilton Spectator! Over the last 5 years, we have been astonished to not only be nominated but to win awards each year. Wow. Such a HUGE honour – to be chosen and awarded by you! Thank you so much!!

If you feel we deserve your vote again – I’d love to have you vote for us. We are nominated for best Photography Studio under “Business Services” and best Photographer under “People”. You can vote here.

RCVote 950X420 Thank You!!

Again – THANK YOU!!!

September 21, 2011 Happy 9th!

9 years ago today, I became a mother. We named our little gaffer “Madison” as it means “Gift from God” and my goodness she is just that! This girl has taught me so much about caring, kindness, generosity, laughing, dancing, Justin Bieber, horse facts, and how to love people 150%. She is at an amazing stage in life I’m really enjoying. We can sit and have a good chat and with her quick wit, we always enjoy a laugh. The next minute, she’ll crawl up in my lap or hold my hand. She will put music on and dance with her friends – looking more like a teenager than a 9 year old… and then turn around and play Barbies. I’m loving this mix of grown up Madi who is maturing before my eyes, and little girl Madi who is disappearing before my eyes.

Tonight, I picked Madison up from school. We went through Tim Horton’s drive thru and she got a Smoothie. “You’re the best mom ever!” Then we went to the pet store and she got to pick out a Beta fish as her gift from Eden. “This is the most amazing birthday ever!” And then we picked up KFC for supper (she begs for it all the time and it’s always NO so we promised for her birthday) “I am so happy!!” This kid is so easy to please!!

Then when we got home, in the driveway (in the pouring rain) was my family. Not a huge crowd – just a few of Madi’s family… and she was so shocked and excited. SHe said “What the crap?!” And then jumped out and hugged them all. All night Madi said “This is the best birthday ever… I’m so happy…”

0002 IMG 9946 Happy 9th!

0003 IMG 9947 Happy 9th!

0004 IMG 9950 Happy 9th!

To Madi, it’s about people. She could be thrilled if we had stopped there without gifts. Her “love language” is the gift of time. She just wants to be with the people she loves. She was just beaming. It was such a fun night!

One new tradition Madi started at Eden’s birthday, was everyone writes down something we love about the birthday girl. Then they’re read aloud and she guesses who wrote them. It was such a great idea that we’re doing it at all our birthdays now! Such a great way to honour the birthday person! Hannah (her cousin) read them all aloud… and Eden did the drum roll before each one.

(Eden took a LONG time writing hers out – she said “I love everything about her.” and then filled the entire page with “X”‘s and “O”‘s. Hope she always feels this way!)

0010 IMG 9969 Happy 9th!

0012 IMG 9973 Happy 9th!

0014 IMG 9978 Happy 9th!

Happy Birthday Madison! I love you dearly and am so honoured God chose me to be your mom!

0005 IMG 9953 Happy 9th!

Celebrating life, love and Madison,


September 19, 2011 Fall Baking

On Facebook and Twitter everyone has been talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes, bundling up cozy with sweaters, baking, etc. and it put me in the mood for Fall! So, today while I was out grocery shopping I decided to grab the ingredients to make the girls some pumpkin cookies. (Disclaimer- by “ingredients” I mean a pillsbury package where all I do is pop them in the oven. And by “pumpkin cookies” I mean the ones with pumpkin faces on them). I imagined the girls coming home to the house smelling of baking and enjoying a warm cookie on a cold, wet day. Some dreams never come true I’m learning. Me being Martha is one of them.

0003 IMG 9936 Fall Baking

Can you see the cute pumpkin designs on them? No, me neither. Too much black! ha ha

0004 IMG 9938 Fall Baking


Hope your Fall preparation is going better than mine. Happy Monday!

Celebrating life and love,


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