August 24, 2011 Summertime Blues

Sometimes my girls will ask if they can draw on themselves with washable markers. “It comes off, no harm done, go for it.” is my thought. Today Eden took it to a whole new level… I should have known when I heard her announce “I’m an avatar!”

IMG 7266 Summertime Blues

I’m sad to look at the calendar and see it’s almost time for the girls to go back to school. It’s been a great summer of “nothing-ness”. We have always tried to teach the kids to be happy with little, so they can always be entertained. This summer they have spent hours colouring, making clothes for Barbies with material scraps and tape, riding bikes, collecting caterpillars, making homes for their toys in the tree roots, making doll houses out of empty boxes… and just being kids. The perfect summer full of nothing. And everything.

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Love that kid and her wonderful imagination!

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