August 25, 2011 Phil and Sharon

Phil and Sharon’s daughter purchased for them a “Just Because” session as a gift. When Sharon emailed to redeem her gift certificate, she joked that it was 3and a half years too soon as it’s not their 50th anniversary yet. I explained the idea behind the “Just Because” sessions is to simply celebrate marriage – at every single stage. Well Phil and Sharon are a walking celebration… I loved watching them laugh and interact together. There is such an ease and comfortable familiarity between people who have been through decades of the ups and downs of life. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Phil and Sharon and by the looks of it they had fun too!

1 7161 Phil and Sharon

1 6520 Phil and Sharon

1 7183 Phil and Sharon

1 7188 Phil and Sharon

1 6462 Phil and Sharon

1 6476 Phil and Sharon

Phil and Sharon are both retired and brought something to represent their hobbies… Sharon does gorgeous painting, and Phil loves to golf!

Untitled 1 7 Phil and Sharon

1 7150 Phil and Sharon

1 6437 Phil and Sharon

1 6383 Phil and Sharon

1 7117 Phil and Sharon

1 7212 Phil and Sharon

1 6533 Phil and Sharon

1 7240 Phil and Sharon

1 7225 Phil and Sharon

Celebrating life and love,


4 Responses to “Phil and Sharon”

  1. Mark says:

    Its a rarity to view a series of images that show so much love, impact and put a smile on the viewers face. You truly captured a moment and created images that will be cherished by all family members. Its a segment of photography that we don’t capture enough of. Excellent job!!

  2. Krista Fox says:

    awwwwwww. they are too adorable for words. great photos Krista!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Wow!! Fabulous pictures. It has been many, many, many years since I have seen Sharon and Phil! Great pictures!!

  4. Nathan and Dawn says:

    Those are fantastic! We can hear Aunt Sharon laughing through the photos. Great job!

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