August 27, 2011 Jacob’s Smiling Eyes

One of my favourite parts of being a photographer, is being able to offer a gift to people who’ve had a bumpy journey and need to pause… and celebrate their love and live today. I was thrilled to meet with little Jacob and his family this week. Jacob is only three but has already gone through so much. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor around a year and a half (and hearing their story I give a huge shout out to his mom for being so observant and noticing the signs and asking questions!). It turns out that my good friend Cherie (who I have mentioned as riding bike across Canada for cancer) was one of Jacob’s nurses at Sick Kids – small world!

Here is Jacob, big brother Tristan and his family’s smiling eyes! Enjoy!

Jacob and those big brown eyes melts your heart!

1 6542 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6593 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6572 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6584 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6656 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6627 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6675 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 7363 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6680 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 7338 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 6724 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 7299 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 7307 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

Mike and Julie – you were awesome to meet! Enjoyed connecting!

1 7385 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

1 7389 Jacobs Smiling Eyes

Celebrating life and love,


4 Responses to “Jacob’s Smiling Eyes”

  1. Allo Julie et Michel,

    Tres belle photo. On est très fier de voir que Jacob continu a bien allé. Merci d’avoir envoyer les photos. Passe une belle journée. Bon retour a lécole


  2. Stephanie C says:


  3. Keely says:

    These pictures thrill me to pieces. I am so happy to see Jacob and Tristan and the entire family looking so well. I am friends with Aunt Sylvie and was cheering for you all during those tougher days. I am so happy to have a peek into happier ones too. Thanks for sharing Aunt Sylvie!

  4. Beautiful job Krista! What a lovely family! :)

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