July 4, 2011 Just Because

Tonight’s post is a bit of a personal note….

It seems like every single week I hear of another marriage that has ended. It breaks my heart each and every time. No word of a lie, as I sat down to write this post I checked my email and had yet another email with the devastating news of a breakup.

I’ve seen enough of my friend’s marriages break up to realize it is often not the big things – but all the small, pesty things building up over time. Life gets busy. Slowly the one we couldn’t live without takes the back seat to work, bills, kids, friends, home…. life. I wrote about my own journey with this HERE.

Earlier this year I mentioned “Just Because” sessions. I am not naive enough to believe a photo session can save a marriage. BUT… I do know that marriage is worth celebrating. And at Edison our motto is “Celebrating life and love!” Taking time out to treat each other like you were on an engagement session. Spending time to get yourself ready for your spouse, having fun cuddling and being together. No kids. No housework. No work. Just the two of you.

I have heard from couples who I have photographed “Just Because” sessions for, say things like “this was great for our marriage!”

My “Just Because” sessions from April got postponed to July because of my Haiti trip… and we still have a few openings this month. I encourage you to take time to celebrate your love this month! I do not have any more weekend openings – but with the long summer days (hallelujah!) we can shoot well into the evenings if your schedules do not allow for daytime sessions. Contact me at info@edisonphotography.com with the subject “Just Because” if interested!

And because I’m so passionate about seeing marriages last…. if you have been married 30+ years we’ll include an 8x10print with your session.

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Celebrating life and love,


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