May 9, 2011 Robertson family

I have known the Robertsons for a long time… I had a few of the kids in youth group when I lead it, and they lived right around the corner from us growing up. Andy, like my dad, loves to work on cars and miscellaneous projects… so if I couldn’t reach my dad for car help I could always try Andy! It’s been a few years since I’ve seen the whole family – I couldn’t believe how much everyone had changed! It was so fun to connect again with this great family.

IMG 6127 Robertson family

IMG 6279 Robertson family

One thing I always wonder about is how my kids will get along as adults. Will they be friends, joke around, hang out… or have no time for each other? So it’s fun for me to watch adult siblings and how they interact. These 4 – well I should really say 5 kids as Andy is the biggest kid of all! – are always joking around, laughing and having their arms around each other. Loved it!

IMG 6236 Robertson family

IMG 6239 Robertson family

ContactSheet 001a 14 Robertson family

IMG 6167 Robertson family

IMG 6171 Robertson family

IMG 6184 Robertson family

IMG 6189 Robertson family

Kids will be kids.

IMG 6194 Robertson family

IMG 6201 Robertson family

Oh Amber. I just love you and your laugh.

IMG 6202 Robertson family

Thank you again Robertsons for a fun evening!

IMG 6303 Robertson family

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. BBG says:

    Wow. I like this family. I think Andy is one of the two best brothers I have.

    Great photos. Great family. Great brother!

    I remain as my nephew Trevor calls me,


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