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April 15, 2011 Hello from Haiti

Internet in Haiti is VERY slow and hit and miss so this post is going to be short. I am currently here in Haiti volunteering at an orphanage. As we landed the view out the window showed beautiful mountains, palm trees, ocean… gorgeous. As soon as we exited the plane we entered reality. Destruction. Rubble. Ruins. A whole new world.

IMG 2720 2 Hello from Haiti

We arrived at the orphanage after a crazy hour ride up the mountains on what could loosely be called roads. As soon as we dropped off our luggage and were each assigned three children to love and care for. We spend from 8-5 with the children giving them one-on-one time and lots of cuddles. Let me introduce you to my three amazing darlings….

Miss D

IMG 3072 Hello from Haiti

Mr. C

IMG 3471 Hello from Haiti

and Miss F

IMG 3251 Hello from Haiti

Will write more about them soon!

Celebrating life and love,


April 15, 2011 Moments: Emotion

(While I am away in Haiti April 11-19… I thought I would share some of my favourite images and moments and explain why they’re favourites…. enjoy!)

On the wedding day emotions are all over the place… joy, love, fear, more joy… and I love to document this. To capture that moment of emotion through my lens, will bring you right back to that moment and what you were feeling.

chrisarlene 7368 Moments: Emotion

IMG 9661 Moments: Emotion

IMG 9376 Moments: Emotion

IMG 5019 Moments: Emotion

IMG 3254 2 1 Moments: Emotion

IMG 0243 1 Moments: Emotion

IMG 9807 Moments: Emotion

Celebrating life, love and emotions!


April 14, 2011 Moments: Laughter

(While I am away in Haiti April 11-19… I thought I would share some of my favourite images and moments and explain why they’re favourites…. enjoy!)

I love to laugh and find the humour in life. Things that make me chuckle – even when no one is around. I love to see people laugh and have faces full of joy. This is what I love to capture… real emotions and moments! Here are some of the laughs and the goofy things I enjoy…

IMG 0798 Moments: Laughter

IMG 2471 Moments: Laughter

IMG 3252 Moments: Laughter

IMG 8757 Moments: Laughter

IMG 6124 Moments: Laughter

IMG 9011 Moments: Laughter

IMG 6924 Moments: Laughter

Untitled 1 Moments: Laughter

IMG 0044 4 Moments: Laughter

IMG 0318 Moments: Laughter

262 2 1 Moments: Laughter

IMG 3871 Moments: Laughter

IMG 9206 Moments: Laughter

ray zarate 1124 2 Moments: Laughter

jasoncynthia 5408 1 Moments: Laughter

jasoncynthia 4231 Moments: Laughter

Celebrating life, love and laughter,


April 13, 2011 Moments: Kids

(While I am away in Haiti April 11-19… I thought I would share some of my favourite images and moments and explain why they’re favourites…. enjoy!)

The reason I got into photography was kids. I was always taking photos of my own children and my friend’s kids. I decided to take a couple of workshops to improve my skills… and one thing lead to another… and now here we are many years later! So, it is no surprise that I’m still drawn to kids with my camera. I love watching kids at a wedding in particular – their faces show exactly what they are feeling… joy, boredom, concern, etc. If they don’t want to be a tuxedo… you’ll know it. If they are in awe of the beautiful bride… you’ll know it. A child’s face is an open book to their thoughts and heart.

IMG 8992 Moments: Kids

IMG 0199 Moments: Kids

IMG 2255 Moments: Kids

IMG 3134 Moments: Kids

IMG 3221 2 Moments: Kids

IMG 4040 Edit Moments: Kids

johnkate 4640 Moments: Kids

IMG 5099 Moments: Kids

IMG 7849 Moments: Kids

IMG 8438 Moments: Kids

IMG 8954 Moments: Kids

jasoncynthia 5501 Moments: Kids

ContactSheet 001 2 1 Moments: Kids

byronerica 3253 Moments: Kids

If you are around children today… take a moment and watch their faces to see what they’re really thinking and feeling!

Celebrating life, love and kids,


(While I am away in Haiti April 11-19… I thought I would share some of my favourite images and moments and explain why they;re favourites…. enjoy!)

On a wedding day, there will be photos where the bride and groom are given some direction… such as “look over here”. And although these are beautiful images, the ones that tug at my heart are the candid moments where the camera is forgotten and the groom sneaks a peek at his gorgeous bride during the vows and you can see the awe on his face. “I get to marry her! I am so lucky!” Or during the speeches, the bride glances over at her husband and joy breaks out on her face. These are the moments.

IMG 0471 Moments: Stolen Glances

IMG 1175 Moments: Stolen Glances

IMG 2238 Moments: Stolen Glances

IMG 8624 Moments: Stolen Glances

IMG 9800 Moments: Stolen Glances

1IMG 6411 Moments: Stolen Glances

IMG 6064 Moments: Stolen Glances

May you enjoy stealing glances at your loved ones today!

Celebrating life, love and stolen glances,


April 11, 2011 Haiti Bound

This afternoon I’m catching a flight to Florida with my sister. From there we will meet p with my friend Jodi from WInnipeg and her mom. And then tomorrow…. the real adventure begins. At 6:20am (yawn) we catch a flight to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. From there, we head to an orphanage where we will be volunteering for the next week. We each have a large suitcase filled just with donations from so many generous friends and family. We don’t know exactly what we will be doing… just whatever it is they need. We do know that we will walk away changed and inspired.

Can’t wait to return next Tuesday and start to share about our experiences!

Celebrating life and love,


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