(While I am away in Haiti April 11-19… I thought I would share some of my favourite images and moments and explain why they;re favourites…. enjoy!)

On a wedding day, there will be photos where the bride and groom are given some direction… such as “look over here”. And although these are beautiful images, the ones that tug at my heart are the candid moments where the camera is forgotten and the groom sneaks a peek at his gorgeous bride during the vows and you can see the awe on his face. “I get to marry her! I am so lucky!” Or during the speeches, the bride glances over at her husband and joy breaks out on her face. These are the moments.

IMG 0471 Moments: Stolen Glances

IMG 1175 Moments: Stolen Glances

IMG 2238 Moments: Stolen Glances

IMG 8624 Moments: Stolen Glances

IMG 9800 Moments: Stolen Glances

1IMG 6411 Moments: Stolen Glances

IMG 6064 Moments: Stolen Glances

May you enjoy stealing glances at your loved ones today!

Celebrating life, love and stolen glances,


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