April 13, 2011 Moments: Kids

(While I am away in Haiti April 11-19… I thought I would share some of my favourite images and moments and explain why they’re favourites…. enjoy!)

The reason I got into photography was kids. I was always taking photos of my own children and my friend’s kids. I decided to take a couple of workshops to improve my skills… and one thing lead to another… and now here we are many years later! So, it is no surprise that I’m still drawn to kids with my camera. I love watching kids at a wedding in particular – their faces show exactly what they are feeling… joy, boredom, concern, etc. If they don’t want to be a tuxedo… you’ll know it. If they are in awe of the beautiful bride… you’ll know it. A child’s face is an open book to their thoughts and heart.

IMG 8992 Moments: Kids

IMG 0199 Moments: Kids

IMG 2255 Moments: Kids

IMG 3134 Moments: Kids

IMG 3221 2 Moments: Kids

IMG 4040 Edit Moments: Kids

johnkate 4640 Moments: Kids

IMG 5099 Moments: Kids

IMG 7849 Moments: Kids

IMG 8438 Moments: Kids

IMG 8954 Moments: Kids

jasoncynthia 5501 Moments: Kids

ContactSheet 001 2 1 Moments: Kids

byronerica 3253 Moments: Kids

If you are around children today… take a moment and watch their faces to see what they’re really thinking and feeling!

Celebrating life, love and kids,


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