April 15, 2011 Hello from Haiti

Internet in Haiti is VERY slow and hit and miss so this post is going to be short. I am currently here in Haiti volunteering at an orphanage. As we landed the view out the window showed beautiful mountains, palm trees, ocean… gorgeous. As soon as we exited the plane we entered reality. Destruction. Rubble. Ruins. A whole new world.

IMG 2720 2 Hello from Haiti

We arrived at the orphanage after a crazy hour ride up the mountains on what could loosely be called roads. As soon as we dropped off our luggage and were each assigned three children to love and care for. We spend from 8-5 with the children giving them one-on-one time and lots of cuddles. Let me introduce you to my three amazing darlings….

Miss D

IMG 3072 Hello from Haiti

Mr. C

IMG 3471 Hello from Haiti

and Miss F

IMG 3251 Hello from Haiti

Will write more about them soon!

Celebrating life and love,


6 Responses to “Hello from Haiti”

  1. Suzin says:

    Oh my word… how will you leave without them. Simply beautiful and wonderful and reminds me of all of my fears as to why I am not near as brave as you. I want to go… I.so.want.to.go! I am afraid-really fearstruck that my heart won’t be able to take it….
    Yeah for you…….

  2. ummm i might need to buy a copy of that first pic. i love it. give out as much love and hugs as you can manage xo

  3. Nataschia says:

    i’ve been thinking of you a lot this week… keep on lovin’ on those beautiful children-hugs!

  4. Tarasview says:

    oh those are some incredibly gorgeous babies. I am glad you are there to love on them this week.

  5. Donna Hall says:

    beautiful kids!! Love the eyes!! I am sure this is areal eye-opening experience for you and Marcie.
    Love yu, Mom

  6. Sandra says:

    Lovely images of beautiful babes! Can’t wait to read and see more when you return to the world of high speed internet! Safe travels my friend!!

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