April 18, 2011 Moments: Story

(While I am away in Haiti April 11-19… I thought I would share some of my favourite images and moments and explain why they’re favourites…. enjoy!)

I love stories! Swapping stories, listening to stories, reading stories… I love it! Likewise, I love to document the stories on a wedding day. A portrait is gorgeous and needed, but the stories are what sets your day apart from every other bride and groom and makes it your own.

I don’t like to add a lot of props in my photos “just because” – unless they tell part of the story and have meaning… Mark and Kate are both avid tri-athletes and had been given a bike trip in France as a wedding gift. To include bikes in their wedding was a natural fit for two people who adore biking in their everyday lives.

IMG 2243 Moments: Story

Kent is an RCMP officer, so to have RCMP at his wedding made sense. Kent and Chantelle as people of faith, took a moment to pray before the ceremony. As I rounded the corner I saw the group with their heads bowed – RCMPs in full uniform, minister, bride, bridesmaids… and I loved the moment.

IMG 0160 Moments: Story

Mike had been learning to play piano without Vanessa’s knowing throughout their engagement. He surprised her – and everyone! – by playing “their song to her at their ceremony. She didn’t even know he could play!

ray zarate 0552 Moments: Story

Today listen for stories… enjoy the stories of those around you and actively participate in your own story!

Celebrating life, love, and stories,


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