March 11, 2011 Baby Isabella

A month ago, I had the fun of photographing Kris and Sarah as they waited for their first child’s arrival. They were so excited…. but that excitement was nothing compared to what they feel now as they hold in their arms little Isabella born one week ago.

IMG 1465 2 1 Baby Isabella

I have a feeling they probably do a lot of this – just sit and admire their little munchkin. And wouldn’t you if you had a baby this cute?

IMG 1524 1 Baby Isabella

ContactSheet 001 19 Baby Isabella

But I think the feeling is mutual… Bella looks pretty happy!

IMG 1540 1 Baby Isabella

I love watching these two as parents… such joy is filling this home!

IMG 1469 2 1 Baby Isabella

ContactSheet 001a 9 Baby Isabella

IMG 1470 1 Baby Isabella

IMG 1723 2 Baby Isabella

“Awwwww mom! Stop it!”

IMG 1611 2 Baby Isabella

IMG 1614 2 Baby Isabella

I love what a team these two are – even while Sarah is burping Izzy, Kris is holding Izzy’s hand….

IMG 1602 1 Baby Isabella

IMG 1707 1 Baby Isabella

IMG 1712 1 Baby Isabella

I think Isabella has Kris wrapped around her finger already.

IMG 1588 1 Baby Isabella

ContactSheet 002a 1 Baby Isabella

ContactSheet 003a Baby Isabella

Bella wanted to make sure we all noticed how cute she is….

IMG 1662 2 Baby Isabella

I love how these two don’t hide their emotions – they are just bursting at the seams that they are parents! AT one point Sarah said to me “Being a mom is great, isn’t it?” Yes – it sure is. And it just gets better!

ContactSheet 004a Baby Isabella

Congratulations to the family!

IMG 1731 2 Baby Isabella

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Kris Stone says:

    fantastic! Thank you so much!

  2. Donna Hall says:

    Adorable pictures! The love in this little family just shines through!!

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