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March 31, 2011 Sarah's Kids

My good friend Sarah contacted me before Christmas to do some portraits of her four gorgeous kids to surprise her husband and parents with for Christmas. I love these kids and was glad to photograph them! Now that the surprise is long gone… I think I shoudl share these beautiful kids (although hard to call Caitlin a kid these days!) with you.

We met late afternoon and had a short time before the sun went down… meaning it was that magical hour of gorgeous light!

Meet Caitlin….

IMG 8011 2 Sarah's Kids


IMG 7970 2 Sarah's Kids


IMG 8001 2 Sarah's Kids

And little Killian…

IMG 7979 2 Sarah's Kids

Love these siblings…

IMG 7973 Sarah's Kids

IMG 8045 Sarah's Kids

IMG 8004 Sarah's Kids

IMG 8035 Sarah's Kids

IMG 8016 Sarah's Kids

IMG 8037 Sarah's Kids

IMG 7991 Sarah's Kids

IMG 7987 Sarah's Kids

IMG 2150 1 Sarah's Kids

IMG 7978 Sarah's Kids

Celebrating life and love,


March 29, 2011 Jen and Jamie

It was so great to finally meet Jen and Jamie this past weekend for their engagement photos. We had no idea what the weather would be like as we had moved from warm, Spring days to snow storm the week leading up to it. As it turned out – we had a bit of both at our shoot – and it was great!

We met at the beach in Hamilton – I’ve always loved this long grass along there!

IMG 2444 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2566 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2414 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2604 Jen and Jamie

I love when a couple laughs so easily! They’re so smitten.

IMG 2533 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2403 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2545 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2574 Jen and Jamie

Jamie is such a great guy – he went and got the ring shined up well Jen got her makeup done that day. It sure does sparkle!

IMG 2621 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2465 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2690 Jen and Jamie

They’re so fun!

IMG 2666 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2671 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2677 1 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2720 1 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2715 1 Jen and Jamie

The storm that week had made some amazing ice! SO gorgeous!

ContactSheet 001a 10 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2766 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2523 2 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2732 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2755 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2761 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2763 Jen and Jamie

And back to blue skies and SImpson style clouds!

IMG 2792 Jen and Jamie

IMG 2546 2 Jen and Jamie

So looking forward to your wedding this May!

Celebrating life and love,


March 24, 2011 Making a difference

Yesterday the photography industry was in an uproar… a fairly well-known photographer in the wedding industry made the absurd statement that he was offering a one day one-to-one mentoring session with him for $16,500 (regularly $20,000). And no, that is not a typo. Those zeros are all suppose to be there. Well – in his mind there suppose to be there.

I try to stay positive and out of photography gossip but this time I want to speak up.

I felt disappointed in the photography industry as I fell asleep last night. Are people just in this for money? Fame? Glory?

For me, photography is a way to celebrate life. Celebrate love. To make a woman feel beautiful when she has only ever seen failure in the mirror. To make a couple remember why they fell in love as they enjoy a portrait session together. To pause moments of love. To offer gifts of memories when life takes people from us too soon. This is why I shoot.

SO this morning I challenged myself… find photographers who are shooting for reasons other than the bank. Find photographers who are making a difference. Remind myself why it is I pick up my camera. And  had to share what I found.

Photographers quickly stepping up to the plate to help Japan.

Photographers fighting against Ovarian Cancer.

Helping Charities and Non-Profits get noticed. ANd here too.

All the photographers who allow women to feel beautiful – no matter their size – and with their clothes on.

Giving parents who have experienced the loss of a baby the gift of portraiture.

One I’m involved with – photos for families going through the journey of cancer.

For families with children with life threatening illnesses.

For military families when they are reunited.

Celebrating adoption.

And I’m happy to say I could go on and on. (ANd please leave in the comment section any others I may have missed!)

Today I look at my camera – not as a tool to get rich – but as a tool to enrich the lives of those I’m honoured to come in contact with.

And so I ask all those photographers who may read this – how will you use the gifts you have been given?

Celebrating life and love,


March 23, 2011 What a difference…

Last week on March Break the girls were running around in Spring coats… or no coats at all at some points! It was a week ago Madi was in a tank top and jeans singing and dancing outside my kitchen window to Justin Bieber tunes.

Today…. a snow day? Craziness. But I’ll take it if as it means I got the girls home from school all day today! YAY!

What a difference a few days makes!

ContactSheet 004 7 What a difference...

IMG 2487 What a difference...

ContactSheet 002a 2 What a difference...

IMG 2463 What a difference...

IMG 2452 What a difference...

IMG 2496 What a difference...

Celebrating life and love,


I am so excited that I will be heading to Haiti to work at God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage for a week. I have been so blessed and am ecstatic to give back in this way. I am going with my sister, Marcie and my good friend and fellow photographer Jodi and her mom. We booked our flights last night and will be there 3 weeks from now!

Just because you may not be able to take time and go… you can still be involved and help in practical ways! If you are interested in donating items… you can find a list of what is needed at the orphange HERE. Please contact me first to make sure I still have room in my suitcases! They also mentioned they could use plastic Easter eggs, icing for cakes and Easter egg dye. And the shoes mentioned in the list can be new or gently used.

Please pop me a line ( if you would like to contribute something! A great way to get your kids involved also – by having them pick out items! Just like the Samartian’s Purse Shoeboxes at Christmas – a tangible way for them to give back, and to start conversations with them.

Celebrating life and love,


March 22, 2011 Aboriginal Day

Last week I got to photograph an Elders Conference at McMaster University put on by the Indigenous Studies department called “Knowing Our Traditions”. As I photographed, I also got to sit in and listen in on the speakers – and I found it fascinating to learn more about this incredible culture right next door to me that I realized I know so little about! It was a beautiful day…. thought I’d share a few photos from the morning session where Tribal Vision taught a group of high school students traditional aboriginal dance and song. So cool to watch and listen to!

ContactSheet 001 21 Aboriginal Day

IMG 2150 Aboriginal Day

IMG 2147 Aboriginal Day

IMG 2147 2 Aboriginal Day

Celebrating life and love,


March 15, 2011 Just Breathe.

I turn on the news and I’m reduced to tears. Japan. Loss. Destruction. Pain. Chaos.

I find myself awake at night worrying and praying.

And then I awoke this morning to Someone at my door. Someone reminding me He is in control even when I’m not. Reminding me to breathe. Just breathe.

IMG 2099 Just Breathe.

ContactSheet 001 20 Just Breathe.

IMG 2108 Just Breathe.

IMG 2106 Just Breathe.

IMG 2109 Just Breathe.

ContactSheet 0011 Just Breathe.

Celebrating LIFE and love,


March 11, 2011 Baby Isabella

A month ago, I had the fun of photographing Kris and Sarah as they waited for their first child’s arrival. They were so excited…. but that excitement was nothing compared to what they feel now as they hold in their arms little Isabella born one week ago.

IMG 1465 2 1 Baby Isabella

I have a feeling they probably do a lot of this – just sit and admire their little munchkin. And wouldn’t you if you had a baby this cute?

IMG 1524 1 Baby Isabella

ContactSheet 001 19 Baby Isabella

But I think the feeling is mutual… Bella looks pretty happy!

IMG 1540 1 Baby Isabella

I love watching these two as parents… such joy is filling this home!

IMG 1469 2 1 Baby Isabella

ContactSheet 001a 9 Baby Isabella

IMG 1470 1 Baby Isabella

IMG 1723 2 Baby Isabella

“Awwwww mom! Stop it!”

IMG 1611 2 Baby Isabella

IMG 1614 2 Baby Isabella

I love what a team these two are – even while Sarah is burping Izzy, Kris is holding Izzy’s hand….

IMG 1602 1 Baby Isabella

IMG 1707 1 Baby Isabella

IMG 1712 1 Baby Isabella

I think Isabella has Kris wrapped around her finger already.

IMG 1588 1 Baby Isabella

ContactSheet 002a 1 Baby Isabella

ContactSheet 003a Baby Isabella

Bella wanted to make sure we all noticed how cute she is….

IMG 1662 2 Baby Isabella

I love how these two don’t hide their emotions – they are just bursting at the seams that they are parents! AT one point Sarah said to me “Being a mom is great, isn’t it?” Yes – it sure is. And it just gets better!

ContactSheet 004a Baby Isabella

Congratulations to the family!

IMG 1731 2 Baby Isabella

Celebrating life and love,