Being Valentine’s Facebook is flooded with profile pictures of people with their loved ones today. So… I went hunting for a photo of Mark and myself. Which brings me to teh question…

Where are all the pictures?

We have family photos done each year… but where are the photos of Mark and myself alone? I can’t function without this man – yet somehow I have managed to not have my photo taken with just him. We have snapshots here and there… but no professional photos that capture “us”. What I feel when I see him. How he makes my heart race. How we like to laugh and tease each other. How much I adore him.

So… this year I’m doing it. This coming December is our 15th wedding anniversary. After 15 years of marriage it’s about time I hire a professional to document this crazy boy I adventure through life with. You can all hold me accountable. I’m thinking in the warmer months… so let’s say by September if I haven’t posted images of a photo shoot of us two you can all call me out on it. Deal?

Likewise… I got thinking I can’t be alone. There has to be others asking “Where are all the pictures?” Maybe you’re dating, married for a year, married for 50 years, or newly in love…. I want to encourage you all to take time to document your love. How you feel. Not only is it great to have the images to cherish – but the experience alone…. Well, when I have photographed couples “just because: they often say “this is so good for our marriage!”. Because we all fall into that routine where the mundane of life eats away at the magic of love… so I’m encouraging you to join in the challenge and find the pictures of you and your loved one this year! If you let me know – I’ll hold you accountable also. icon smile Where are all the pictures? Deal?

*Note – there are no photos with this post because there are none. Boo *

Celebrating life and love,


7 Responses to “Where are all the pictures?”

  1. Chris says:

    We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in about 2 1/2 months and we don’t have any recent ones of just the two of us. Maybe we’ll get one taken at our niece’s wedding Easter weekend.

  2. Jodi Klassen says:

    agreed. beautiful post. Dave and I had some done this fall and LOVE them. So happy we could do that together.

  3. Mom says:

    Thanks to our photographer daughter dad and I got some great “aviator” photographs together this year!!! Not bad after 44 years together.

  4. Hayley says:

    So true!
    I am a photographer and I also do part-time marketing at the Little Inn in Bayfield. This year it was up to me to decide what to include in the Valentine’s weekend packages. We didn’t want the cliche champagne, chocolates and roses, so knowing what I know about being sad when my husband and I go away and have no photos to show for it at the end, I set up another local photographer to come and do a photo booth when the guests were dressed up fancy for their dinner! Definitely more of a keepsake than an out-of season strawberry hastily dipped in chocolate and shoved on a plate :)

  5. Christa says:

    Now the question is: where does a fantastic photographer go to get their pictures done? (or is this where the tripod and timer come in?)

  6. nataschia says:

    love it! you’re on. and mike and i need to do this too! so you can keep me accountable. : ) happy valentine’s!

  7. Sandra says:

    Great post! We were the same way on our 15th Anniversary. I loved the photos that Erin Samuell captured for us. So glad we made the effort to hire someone! Hope you do the same!

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