February 28, 2011 Vacation!!!

Just a quick note to let you know the family and I are on vacation this week – enjoying sunshine and making memories! I will be checking email very periodically… but next week I’m baaaaaaaackkkkkk……..

A couple pictures from our first day or two of sunshine. After such a cold, bitter winter with ridiculous amounts of snow… the sun is a welcome sight!

ContactSheet 002 14 Vacation!!!

IMG 9891 1 Vacation!!!

Celebrating life and love,


2 Responses to “Vacation!!!”

  1. Love those girls! Look at the energy in there eyes!!! I hope you returned much rested!

  2. Stephanie C says:

    A-HA! I wondered why I hadn’t heard back from you…

    Now it allllll makes sense.

    Have a great vacation! Enjoy the warmth!

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