February 22, 2011 Jeff & Christina

After such a fun engagement shoot, I was really looking forward to Jeff and Christina’s Big day. Jeff and Christina have known each other since kindergarten… but it took them many years to figure out that they had something more than friendship. To see them together interacting is great. It takes just the right guy to appreciate a tom boy of a girl like Christina. She’s amazing and so glad Jeff knows and appreciates this.

When Christina asked me to come photograph their wedding I was so excited! Since I was going to be up in Northwestern Ontario, I asked my good friend and fellow photographer Jodi if she would like to second shoot with me. This was such a treat to work with her again and a lot of fun! While Jodi was with the guys in the morning, I was at the house with the girls. What a relaxed group! Such a fun morning! I had time to play with some of the details to start the day….

bContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 003 13 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 002 12 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 005 6 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0837 1 Jeff & Christina

cContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

After a note like this… I’d probably have even said “yes” to Jeff.

IMG 0773 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0686 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0866 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0873 Jeff & Christina

A wedding up North means dressing for it! Christina wore thick socks, boots and pants under her wedding dress during the outdoor photos.

IMG 0888 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0886 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 004 5 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0700 1 Jeff & Christina

Jeff and Christina did a “first look” where they saw each other before the ceremony. The family and wedding party all came along and watched as Jeff anxiously awaited his bride’s arrival.

IMG 0705 2 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0707 2 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0721 2 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0725 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0728 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0730 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0735 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0743 1 Jeff & Christina

One thing I love about first looks, is a chance for the couple to connect before the ceremony. After Jeff and Christina saw each other, I said “go for a walk!” They looked a bit confused at first – but I explained “this is one of your only chances today to be by yourself – go enjoy it!”

ContactSheet 001 17 Jeff & Christina

aContactSheet 002 Jeff & Christina

The whole gang who came out for the first look – brave souls in the cold!

IMG 0755 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0748 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0903 1 Jeff & Christina

gContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0906 1 Jeff & Christina

Everyone was trying to stay warm! Running to cars in between photos or cuddling and bundling up!

IMG 0783 1 Jeff & Christina

A few of the happy couple….

IMG 1019 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1005 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0990a 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0949 Jeff & Christina

aContactSheet 005 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1085 1 Jeff & Christina

fContactSheet 001 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1030a 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 5498 Jeff & Christina

At one point we lost the car Christina was in. She was suppose to be following us as we were stopping along the road here and there as inspiration struck. We waited but she didn’t show up… so we had to go back and find her. (there is no cell phone service there so couldn’t text). She had spotted someone on an Arctic Cat in her wedding colours… and “had” to have a photo with it. So fitting for her!

IMG 1051 Jeff & Christina

Then we got to the hall and I fell in love with this beautiful window light in the back room….

IMG 1072 1 Jeff & Christina

Should also mention it was SO cold that the flowers would have died if we had them outside – so that is why they are only in the indoor photos.

ContactSheet 006 1 Jeff & Christina

Now you may have seen the photo of Jeff and Christina’s outdoor footwear I posted earlier…

IMG 1035 1 Jeff & Christina

Christina rest assured also had indoor shoes. But she couldn’t find shoes in the colour she wanted. So she did what any resourceful girl would do. Spray painted them. On the day of her wedding. Love her.

IMG 1083 Jeff & Christina

Now, when getting married in the big metropolitan of Emo, Ontario- venue choices are slim picking. Jeff and Christina though took an empty community centre… and transformed it in to a gorgeous, winter wedding venue! An excellent example of imagination and creativity! Jeff and his dad own a logging company so having trees was a natural choice. He brought in birch trees and they lit them up with individual lights. Then Christina had a mixture of white candles on each table, along with cedar she had spray painted silver. It was beautiful. White lights and candles – gorgeous.

IMG 0681 Jeff & Christina

jContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

hContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0696 Jeff & Christina

bContactSheet 002 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 008 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 007 Jeff & Christina

Their guest book pages were on the tables with questions to fill out. Then when you went to the photo booth you took your pages with you, and your photos were attached to the page. The photo booth was such a big hit – the line up was massive! And they had the photos being taken showing up on the big screen in the reception for everyone to enjoy. Such a fun idea!

kjContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

When I had taken the ring shots earlier in the day Christina told me that she wasn’t going to have a wedding band. But… what she didn’t know was that Jeff had bought her a beautiful diamond band as a surprise. So she had taken off her engagement ring for the ceremony, but when Jeff put it on her finger – there was a gorgeous band also. Christina reacted with a big surprise – then grabbed Jeff and kissed him!

IMG 1243 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1242 Jeff & Christina

I loved the excitement of these two! When they were announced man and wife the ran… cheering… all over the hall!

IMG 1280 Jeff & Christina

Not only was the venue gorgeous – the food was scrumptious including a smoked pig and a potato bar….

IMG 1390 1 Jeff & Christina

The favours were s’mores (as shown earlier in the post here) and they had bonfires going outside to enjoy making them over. Jeff had carved a bunch of sticks for roasting marshmallows. Such a great idea!

IMG 1423 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1426 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1436 1 Jeff & Christina

Jeff and Christina – congratulations! I am so excited for you both and this new adventure of marriage!

Celebrating life and love,


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  1. Grandma Ron says:

    What amazing pictures and what great ideas they had for their wedding. They are a fun couple and will have a fun life together.

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  3. Nikki says:

    What a gorgeous and creative wedding and the photography was amazing. Definately caught the spirit of it and of them. I feel like I was there.

  4. Jodi Klassen says:

    love Krista. Great job. Had so much fun with you!

  5. Sandra says:

    GORGEOUS is an understatement! Beautifully captured Krista! Love the details… his socks… her shoes… the note he wrote her. Sigh… almost feel like I was there!!

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