February 17, 2011 Brent and Laura

When I received an email from Laura about her upcoming wedding I was intrigued.

Brent and Laura met four years ago to the day of their wedding at Tiffany Falls while ice climbing – only fitting to get married there too! They had 12 guests total, about a ten minute ceremony, no dresses, no suits… just them. She wanted just candid photos documenting their celebration. I loved how unique their wedding was – focusing on the marriage instead of the wedding. Instead of a big budget wedding, they had this small ceremony, a brunch and then they are going to the Adirondacks where they rented a house over the family day weekend and invited friends for a ski/ice climbing weekend to celebrate.

Laura said when she went to visit the Falls recently to check the location, the ice had melted and it was water where she wanted to stand for the ceremony. Fortunately the temperature dropped and there was ice enough to support us all!

IMG 0019 1 Brent and Laura

ContactSheet 002k Brent and Laura

ContactSheet 001lkhg Brent and Laura

IMG 0313 Brent and Laura

IMG 0032 Brent and Laura

IMG 0071 Brent and Laura

Laura is British and it was so nice to have her parents, brother and uncle all came from the UK to join them. Brent’s sister, parents, Grandma and aunt all joined them as well.

IMG 0294 Brent and Laura

IMG 0327 Brent and Laura

Everyone made the trek out to the Falls – slowly and carefully – and it was time for the ceremony! The minister was a past teacher of Brent’s and father of one of his friends.

IMG 0162 Brent and Laura

IMG 0038 1 Brent and Laura

IMG 0040 1 Brent and Laura

IMG 0035 Brent and Laura

IMG 0170 Brent and Laura

IMG 0185 Brent and Laura

IMG 0190 Brent and Laura

ContactSheet 001m 1 Brent and Laura

Laura’s mom was so cute how she threw the rose petals…

IMG 0210 Brent and Laura

IMG 0212 Brent and Laura

The newly married couple!

IMG 0273 1 Brent and Laura

IMG 0269 Brent and Laura

ContactSheet 003 10 Brent and Laura

aContactSheet 001 3 Brent and Laura

Brent made their rings himself!

ContactSheet 001as Brent and Laura

The whole gang…..

IMG 0044 Brent and Laura

As soon as the ceremony was over Laura’s mom was so excited to announce to Brent “I’m your mother-in-law!”

IMG 0216 Brent and Laura

Lots of hugs and congratulations!

IMG 0238 Brent and Laura

IMG 0220f Brent and Laura

lContactSheet 001l Brent and Laura

IMG 0254 Brent and Laura

IMG 0296 Brent and Laura

Laura’s uncle who is very special to Laura – they climbed to Mount Everest’s base camp together when she was 18!

IMG 0173 Brent and Laura

And starting the trek back… congratulations!

IMG 0317 Brent and Laura

IMG 0065 Brent and Laura

Celebrating life and love,


7 Responses to “Brent and Laura”

  1. Liz and Graham says:

    It looks like our sort of wedding. Very individual. Lots of love and laughter. The place looks amazing – tho chilly!! We know you’ll be very happy and have a wonderful life ahead of you. Lots of love and hugs.xx

  2. Valerie and Gordon says:

    Photos are fab – we were thinking of you on your special day. Love to you both.

  3. Chris Smith says:

    Wonderful pics. You did it your way!
    Love to both

  4. congratulations to you both how wonderful . you all look so happy.
    we were thinking of you on your special day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. David Moore says:

    Congratulations to you both! The pictures look amazing and you both look so happpy together. Have a fantastic life together.

    Love you both

    David Faye Dexter

  6. Karla says:

    What a great idea!! Wonderful pictures as always Krista!

  7. Jen K says:

    amazing!! how very fun.

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