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February 28, 2011 Vacation!!!

Just a quick note to let you know the family and I are on vacation this week – enjoying sunshine and making memories! I will be checking email very periodically… but next week I’m baaaaaaaackkkkkk……..

A couple pictures from our first day or two of sunshine. After such a cold, bitter winter with ridiculous amounts of snow… the sun is a welcome sight!

ContactSheet 002 14 Vacation!!!

IMG 9891 1 Vacation!!!

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February 24, 2011 Just Because

Last week on Valentine’s I blogged about “Where are all the Pictures?” I talked about how Mark and I have had professional family photos done – but none of the two of us. We’ve been married for 14 years and don’t have any professional photos??

People responded that they too were in the same boat. Either they haven’t been photographed together since their wedding, or they’re still dating but would love couple photos or…. there were a lot of reasons but the fact was people seem to be lacking in the photo department of themselves as a couple.

When I have photographed couples “just because” – I hear the comment “this is good for our marriage!” Or “can we do this more often?” I don’t know about you – but it is rare that we take time out as a couple. As a mom, a friend, a volunteer, a career person.. but it’s easy to forget to take time for the one closest to me. When I think about life with Mark now compared to when I was 20 years old and walking down the aisle, we have grown and changed. We have faced heartbreak and joy. We have become completely different people than who we were all those years ago. And it’s this stage I want to document.

So… all this to say… I’m going to offer two days of “just because” shoots for couples. Normally a session might take an hour and half or two hours… these will be limited to 45minutes and all will be shot at my home property. This will be for couples only – hire a babysitter, come spend some time together – and why not make a day of it. Get your hair and makeup done. Go for lunch. I can recommend great little spots in my neck of the woods to visit and explore. Spend a day with the person you’ve committed to spend your life with.

Each day is limited to 8 couples only – so book early! Drop me a line at with the subject line “just because”.

webjustbecause 1 Just Because

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February 22, 2011 Jeff & Christina

After such a fun engagement shoot, I was really looking forward to Jeff and Christina’s Big day. Jeff and Christina have known each other since kindergarten… but it took them many years to figure out that they had something more than friendship. To see them together interacting is great. It takes just the right guy to appreciate a tom boy of a girl like Christina. She’s amazing and so glad Jeff knows and appreciates this.

When Christina asked me to come photograph their wedding I was so excited! Since I was going to be up in Northwestern Ontario, I asked my good friend and fellow photographer Jodi if she would like to second shoot with me. This was such a treat to work with her again and a lot of fun! While Jodi was with the guys in the morning, I was at the house with the girls. What a relaxed group! Such a fun morning! I had time to play with some of the details to start the day….

bContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 003 13 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 002 12 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 005 6 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0837 1 Jeff & Christina

cContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

After a note like this… I’d probably have even said “yes” to Jeff.

IMG 0773 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0686 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0866 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0873 Jeff & Christina

A wedding up North means dressing for it! Christina wore thick socks, boots and pants under her wedding dress during the outdoor photos.

IMG 0888 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0886 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 004 5 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0700 1 Jeff & Christina

Jeff and Christina did a “first look” where they saw each other before the ceremony. The family and wedding party all came along and watched as Jeff anxiously awaited his bride’s arrival.

IMG 0705 2 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0707 2 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0721 2 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0725 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0728 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0730 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0735 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0743 1 Jeff & Christina

One thing I love about first looks, is a chance for the couple to connect before the ceremony. After Jeff and Christina saw each other, I said “go for a walk!” They looked a bit confused at first – but I explained “this is one of your only chances today to be by yourself – go enjoy it!”

ContactSheet 001 17 Jeff & Christina

aContactSheet 002 Jeff & Christina

The whole gang who came out for the first look – brave souls in the cold!

IMG 0755 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0748 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0903 1 Jeff & Christina

gContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0906 1 Jeff & Christina

Everyone was trying to stay warm! Running to cars in between photos or cuddling and bundling up!

IMG 0783 1 Jeff & Christina

A few of the happy couple….

IMG 1019 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1005 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0990a 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0949 Jeff & Christina

aContactSheet 005 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1085 1 Jeff & Christina

fContactSheet 001 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1030a 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 5498 Jeff & Christina

At one point we lost the car Christina was in. She was suppose to be following us as we were stopping along the road here and there as inspiration struck. We waited but she didn’t show up… so we had to go back and find her. (there is no cell phone service there so couldn’t text). She had spotted someone on an Arctic Cat in her wedding colours… and “had” to have a photo with it. So fitting for her!

IMG 1051 Jeff & Christina

Then we got to the hall and I fell in love with this beautiful window light in the back room….

IMG 1072 1 Jeff & Christina

Should also mention it was SO cold that the flowers would have died if we had them outside – so that is why they are only in the indoor photos.

ContactSheet 006 1 Jeff & Christina

Now you may have seen the photo of Jeff and Christina’s outdoor footwear I posted earlier…

IMG 1035 1 Jeff & Christina

Christina rest assured also had indoor shoes. But she couldn’t find shoes in the colour she wanted. So she did what any resourceful girl would do. Spray painted them. On the day of her wedding. Love her.

IMG 1083 Jeff & Christina

Now, when getting married in the big metropolitan of Emo, Ontario- venue choices are slim picking. Jeff and Christina though took an empty community centre… and transformed it in to a gorgeous, winter wedding venue! An excellent example of imagination and creativity! Jeff and his dad own a logging company so having trees was a natural choice. He brought in birch trees and they lit them up with individual lights. Then Christina had a mixture of white candles on each table, along with cedar she had spray painted silver. It was beautiful. White lights and candles – gorgeous.

IMG 0681 Jeff & Christina

jContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

hContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

IMG 0696 Jeff & Christina

bContactSheet 002 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 008 Jeff & Christina

ContactSheet 007 Jeff & Christina

Their guest book pages were on the tables with questions to fill out. Then when you went to the photo booth you took your pages with you, and your photos were attached to the page. The photo booth was such a big hit – the line up was massive! And they had the photos being taken showing up on the big screen in the reception for everyone to enjoy. Such a fun idea!

kjContactSheet 001 Jeff & Christina

When I had taken the ring shots earlier in the day Christina told me that she wasn’t going to have a wedding band. But… what she didn’t know was that Jeff had bought her a beautiful diamond band as a surprise. So she had taken off her engagement ring for the ceremony, but when Jeff put it on her finger – there was a gorgeous band also. Christina reacted with a big surprise – then grabbed Jeff and kissed him!

IMG 1243 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1242 Jeff & Christina

I loved the excitement of these two! When they were announced man and wife the ran… cheering… all over the hall!

IMG 1280 Jeff & Christina

Not only was the venue gorgeous – the food was scrumptious including a smoked pig and a potato bar….

IMG 1390 1 Jeff & Christina

The favours were s’mores (as shown earlier in the post here) and they had bonfires going outside to enjoy making them over. Jeff had carved a bunch of sticks for roasting marshmallows. Such a great idea!

IMG 1423 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1426 1 Jeff & Christina

IMG 1436 1 Jeff & Christina

Jeff and Christina – congratulations! I am so excited for you both and this new adventure of marriage!

Celebrating life and love,


It’s been such a great day today celebrating with Jeff and Christina! I can’t wait to blog all about it – for now I leave you with this… remember I’m in the cold North…

IMG 1036a Jeff and Christina's Wedding

Celebrating life and love,


February 19, 2011 Jeff and Christina

Christina is my younger cousin… I spent some great summers living with her family babysitting her and her siblings when I was younger. Christina’s dad sells Arctic Cats at his shop – and as long as I can remember, Christina and her siblings have been capable of running any sort of vehicle. I remember Christina at a young, young age riding snowmobile herself – while I crashed mine. It was no surprise to see her bedroom plastered with pictures of snowmobiles growing up and for her to get in to racing them.

So, when it came time to do Jeff and Christina’s engagement portraits – I knew exactly what we had to do. I like to photograph images that tell a bit about the client’s story… and this is very “them”. It has been years since I have been on a snowmobile, but Christina lent me some skipants and a helmet… and I climbed on the back of hers and off we went! Emo – the big town they live in (about 4 hours from Winnipeg in NorthWestern Ontario) has lots of great trails – but as soon as we would step off the trails we’d be knee to waist deep in snow!

ContactSheet 004 4 Jeff and Christina

Meet Jeff…

IMG 0428 Jeff and Christina

And Christina…

IMG 0410 Jeff and Christina

They say it’s healthy for a couple to have hobbies and interests they can enjoy together… I think these two will be very healthy.

IMG 0453 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0412 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0352 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0081 Jeff and Christina

ContactSheet 001a 8 Jeff and Christina

Jeff being such a gentleman helping Christina when she got stuck….

IMG 0430 Jeff and Christina

I love this one as he pushes her out….

IMG 0434 Jeff and Christina

Don’t worry – they didn’t wear their helmets the whole time.

ContactSheet 002 11 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0383 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0090 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0088 1 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0097 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0547 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0546 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0534 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0518 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0099 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0576 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0563 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0562 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0111 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0594 Jeff and Christina

ContactSheet 003 12 Jeff and Christina

These two met in kindergarten and have been good friends for so long – we are all so thrilled they fell in love. They’re so smitten and adorable together.

IMG 0121 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0131 Jeff and Christina

Could Christina look any more happy? She’s so thrilled this boy she grew up with chose her…. I think the feeling is mutual.

IMG 0132 Jeff and Christina

After snowmobiling we went down to the river at Christina’s parents and built a bonfire for s’mores. Mmmmmm……

IMG 0140 1 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0164 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0171 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0188 Jeff and Christina

IMG 0629 Jeff and Christina

ContactSheet 001 16 Jeff and Christina

I am so excited for their wedding this weekend!

Celebrating life and love,


February 17, 2011 Brent and Laura

When I received an email from Laura about her upcoming wedding I was intrigued.

Brent and Laura met four years ago to the day of their wedding at Tiffany Falls while ice climbing – only fitting to get married there too! They had 12 guests total, about a ten minute ceremony, no dresses, no suits… just them. She wanted just candid photos documenting their celebration. I loved how unique their wedding was – focusing on the marriage instead of the wedding. Instead of a big budget wedding, they had this small ceremony, a brunch and then they are going to the Adirondacks where they rented a house over the family day weekend and invited friends for a ski/ice climbing weekend to celebrate.

Laura said when she went to visit the Falls recently to check the location, the ice had melted and it was water where she wanted to stand for the ceremony. Fortunately the temperature dropped and there was ice enough to support us all!

IMG 0019 1 Brent and Laura

ContactSheet 002k Brent and Laura

ContactSheet 001lkhg Brent and Laura

IMG 0313 Brent and Laura

IMG 0032 Brent and Laura

IMG 0071 Brent and Laura

Laura is British and it was so nice to have her parents, brother and uncle all came from the UK to join them. Brent’s sister, parents, Grandma and aunt all joined them as well.

IMG 0294 Brent and Laura

IMG 0327 Brent and Laura

Everyone made the trek out to the Falls – slowly and carefully – and it was time for the ceremony! The minister was a past teacher of Brent’s and father of one of his friends.

IMG 0162 Brent and Laura

IMG 0038 1 Brent and Laura

IMG 0040 1 Brent and Laura

IMG 0035 Brent and Laura

IMG 0170 Brent and Laura

IMG 0185 Brent and Laura

IMG 0190 Brent and Laura

ContactSheet 001m 1 Brent and Laura

Laura’s mom was so cute how she threw the rose petals…

IMG 0210 Brent and Laura

IMG 0212 Brent and Laura

The newly married couple!

IMG 0273 1 Brent and Laura

IMG 0269 Brent and Laura

ContactSheet 003 10 Brent and Laura

aContactSheet 001 3 Brent and Laura

Brent made their rings himself!

ContactSheet 001as Brent and Laura

The whole gang…..

IMG 0044 Brent and Laura

As soon as the ceremony was over Laura’s mom was so excited to announce to Brent “I’m your mother-in-law!”

IMG 0216 Brent and Laura

Lots of hugs and congratulations!

IMG 0238 Brent and Laura

IMG 0220f Brent and Laura

lContactSheet 001l Brent and Laura

IMG 0254 Brent and Laura

IMG 0296 Brent and Laura

Laura’s uncle who is very special to Laura – they climbed to Mount Everest’s base camp together when she was 18!

IMG 0173 Brent and Laura

And starting the trek back… congratulations!

IMG 0317 Brent and Laura

IMG 0065 Brent and Laura

Celebrating life and love,


Being Valentine’s Facebook is flooded with profile pictures of people with their loved ones today. So… I went hunting for a photo of Mark and myself. Which brings me to teh question…

Where are all the pictures?

We have family photos done each year… but where are the photos of Mark and myself alone? I can’t function without this man – yet somehow I have managed to not have my photo taken with just him. We have snapshots here and there… but no professional photos that capture “us”. What I feel when I see him. How he makes my heart race. How we like to laugh and tease each other. How much I adore him.

So… this year I’m doing it. This coming December is our 15th wedding anniversary. After 15 years of marriage it’s about time I hire a professional to document this crazy boy I adventure through life with. You can all hold me accountable. I’m thinking in the warmer months… so let’s say by September if I haven’t posted images of a photo shoot of us two you can all call me out on it. Deal?

Likewise… I got thinking I can’t be alone. There has to be others asking “Where are all the pictures?” Maybe you’re dating, married for a year, married for 50 years, or newly in love…. I want to encourage you all to take time to document your love. How you feel. Not only is it great to have the images to cherish – but the experience alone…. Well, when I have photographed couples “just because: they often say “this is so good for our marriage!”. Because we all fall into that routine where the mundane of life eats away at the magic of love… so I’m encouraging you to join in the challenge and find the pictures of you and your loved one this year! If you let me know – I’ll hold you accountable also. icon smile Where are all the pictures? Deal?

*Note – there are no photos with this post because there are none. Boo *

Celebrating life and love,


February 14, 2011 Happy Love to you all!

I love Valentine’s – and not just because of unicorns, rainbows and babies shooting heart shaped arrows… it is a day for me to stop and consciously celebrate love. I hope I take time each day to celebrate love in my life – but sometimes I need a reminder. And I think it is so much more than the romantic side of Valentine’s – it’s the love of good friends, of family, of Faith…. of Love.

Today may you celebrate those you love and feel loved yourself!

MadiFRONT Happy Love to you all!

edenfront1 Happy Love to you all!

Celebrating life and love,


When Kris and Sarah emailed me to ask if I would do their maternity photos I may have squealed with delight. I just love these two, and it has been so exciting to celebrate their pregnancy as they have waited a long time to get here with bumps along the way. I don’t think two people could be more excited to be parents. These two are so sweet, and completely smitten with each other. They seriously just beam at each other all the time. I love when I get to sit behind them in church and see them cuddle in.

When we started to talk about where to do the photos I knew exactly where I wanted to go. To their house. I love photos with a bit of a story to them… so you can look back in 20 years and remember how the house looked then, or where you use to live, your dog, the baby’s room…. Memories.

First of all, I have to introduce you to one of their current babies… Buckley. Who for some reason I kept calling “Barkley”. Don’t you just want to pick him up and take him home? So cute!

ContactSheet 001c 1 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

People always think their homes aren’t “photo shoot material”. SO wrong. This great shot was taken on the floor of their washroom… I loved the low diamond shaped window!

IMG 9849 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

Kris and Sarah painted and started to prepare the room in faith that a little one would join their family even when it didn’t seem likely. 4 more weeks to go now until the baby arrives!!!

IMG 9865 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

ContactSheet 001b 2 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

Kris is very musical – in their house Sarah has her scrapbooking room and Kris has his music room. We had to incorporate Kris’ love of music!

IMG 9877 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 9883 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

Then it was outside – such a gorgeous day! Loads of snow and mild enough to be outside without a coat!

ContactSheet 005 2 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 9907 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 9912 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 9919 1 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 9923 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

I just love how these two connect!

IMG 9942 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 9943 1 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 9937 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

ContactSheet 006 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 9953 1 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

ContactSheet 001a 7 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 0005 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 0022 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

ContactSheet 001 14 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

ContactSheet 003 9 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 0084 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

IMG 0063 Kris, Sarah and Baby to be

Celebrating life and love,