December 2, 2010 Chase and Reese

I have enjoyed doing Chase and Reese’s photos each year – and have come to think of their family as friends. I love this! I went over to their house to do photos for their Christmas cards – I went into the shoot with one idea (in front of the tree – Christmas lights…) but funny how the kids and their personalities dictate how the shoot will go. I just love Chase and Reese’s big personalities – and laughs!

IMG 8213 Chase and Reese

IMG 8220 Chase and Reese

IMG 8237 Chase and Reese

ContactSheet 001a 2 Chase and Reese

I took lots more – but thought I’d keep with the black and white crisp images for the blog post today.

I love how these two siblings laugh, love and interact with each other!

celebrating life and love,


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  1. Lorri says:

    awesome pix…they are getting so big! krista, you are amazing!

  2. mary says:


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