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The girls interpretation of the Christmas story…. enjoy!

Celebrating life and love,


December 23, 2010 Merry Christmas!!

It’s that time. I will be “off” until the New Year now… but wanted to leave you with a Christmas wish!

Each Christmas our family has a little fun coming up with a Christmas card. The real goofiness started in 2007. I was so frustrated trying to get a nice family picture – that I scrapped it and worked with what I did get instead.

This was 2007….

frontcard2 Merry Christmas!!

The next year the kids were no more cooperative for a pretty picture. So we brainstormed as a family. They decided they wanted us all to be Barbies. Okay… we’ll go with it. So we all had our own Barbie box… on the back of each Barbie box was a description of us and what we had done that year.

n612767628 2198436 2721 Merry Christmas!!

Last year we had left the city and moved to the country. So we wanted to play up on our new status as country bumpkins.

FRONT Merry Christmas!!

This year…. well… we had fun.

As I age I realize “masks” we hide behind are pretty useless.. Don’t benefit anyone. So instead we wanted to show our true selves. The front of the card shows us as the perfect Norman Rockwell type family. (aka… the mask is on…) This is the card showing front and the back cover.

front2010 Merry Christmas!!

Then you open it up and you see the real us… bye bye mask!

back2010 Merry Christmas!!

(Huge thank you to Nataschia for putting up with my very specific vision I wanted for these photos!. She did such an awesome job we now have these enlarged and hanging in our kitchen!)

Wishing you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas!


December 23, 2010 Baby Gavin

Melissa and I have been e-mailing for awhile – so I was s excited to finally meet her. But not just her… and Charles… but also handsome little 12 day old Gavin. What a sweetheart! And not only cute – but so good!! What a great Christmas gift – not only the first child fro Charles and Melissa… but the first grandchild for both sides of the family!

IMG 9959 Baby Gavin

IMG 9948 2 Baby Gavin

IMG 9981 2 Baby Gavin

IMG 9987 2 Baby Gavin

IMG 9941 2 Baby Gavin

IMG 9996 2 Baby Gavin

IMG 9972 Baby Gavin

IMG 9993 2 Baby Gavin

IMG 9952 2 Baby Gavin

IMG 9941 3 Baby Gavin

IMG 9856 Baby Gavin

IMG 9858 Baby Gavin

IMG 9872 Baby Gavin

IMG 9890 Baby Gavin

IMG 0047 Baby Gavin

IMG 0023 Baby Gavin

IMG 0040 Baby Gavin

IMG 0025 Baby Gavin

IMG 9936 Baby Gavin

Celebrating life and love,


December 10, 2010 Baby Charlotte

I love little babies – so sweet and soft and cuddly…. it’s fun to go and visit them, cuddle them – and then go home. icon smile Baby Charlotte

I enjoyed seeing Nicole, Jason, and Nathan again…. and to meet baby Charlotte. What a sweetheart! Charlotte was born at home on this very couch she is being photographed on!

IMG 8401 Baby Charlotte

IMG 8405 Baby Charlotte

IMG 8484 Baby Charlotte

Nicole had brought out a quilt her Grandmother had made (Charlotte’s great-Grandma) – so sweet!

ContactSheet 001 6 Baby Charlotte

Got to love when people have a glass coffee table!

IMG 8444 Baby Charlotte

IMG 8443copy Baby Charlotte

Big brother Nate loves reading!

IMG 8468 Baby Charlotte

IMG 8509 Baby Charlotte

I love hands.

IMG 2310 Baby Charlotte

IMG 8535 2 Baby Charlotte

As much as they all love Charlotte – I think the feel is mutual.

IMG 8540 Baby Charlotte

Celebrating life and love,


December 6, 2010 True Love

As I mentioned already – today is our anniversary. And I got a really special gift.

I got to photograph true love.

Esther and Jack have been married 40+ years and are the best cuddlers I’ve ever met. The way he cuddles in to Esther, tells her she’s beautiful and sings to her…. beats any Hollywood attempt at romance. It is always such an honour to do a photo shoot like this one where I can go and capture memories while they’re still being created. Esther’s family is hoping and praying she’ll be with them for one more Christmas. Her family – wow. I have never seen anything like them. Everyone holding hands, arms wrapped around each other, loving…. and then when we were leaving I said it looked like they really enjoyed each other. They answered they sure do – and love to sing together to. “Sing??” I asked… that’s all it took. Spontaneously they burst into song, holding hands, harmonies… Esther beaming in the middle of it all. It was an amazing moment.

Jack and Esther – thank you for the gift on my anniversary of an example of true love.

IMG 9128 2 True Love

IMG 9114 True Love

Celebrating life and love,


December 6, 2010 7 year itchy rug

Today’s blog post comes to you in a burst of vulnerable honesty. Debated posting it but… if someone can learn from our errors – why not be a bit vulnerable? Just putting that disclaimer out there to start with.

Seven years ago I was joking with people about the “seven year itch” coming up as Mark and I drew close to our seventh anniversary. I laughed about it, whenever we were apart and someone would say “Where’s Mark?” I’d make some wisecrack about the fact he got the seven year itch…

Sometimes I’m an idiot.

You see… I hadn’t noticed we had a rug problem. Nothing major – no big crazy fights. Just small things, swept under the rug for another day. Another couple of crumbs swept under the rug, oh and then a few more crumbs and then…

One day the rug got pulled out from under me and all those things we had collectively swept there, came flying out and knocked the wind out of me. You see – it’s often not the big crisis that rips a marriage apart. It’s the little things we ignore.

We split. I was suddenly alone with a baby. Darkest few days of my life. Oh – and right during that time came Madi’s first birthday party we had planned and had to both attend with fake smiles on as only a very, very few people knew the story of the rug.

So decisions had to be made. Do we walk away, and let the rug win? Or do we sweep out under the rug, clean house and move on?

Well… I’m guessing you know the answer. Because today we celebrate our second round of seven years. Yep… today we have been married 14 years! We spent some of our savings on counseling, we made changes, and we talked. Most importantly we made a decision to love.

Why do I share this? I go to a lot of weddings obviously… but that is just the beginning of these couple’s journeys. Each day is a choice to love, to forgive, to change, and then love some more. Marriage isn’t always easy – but it is so worth the fight! I just want to encourage you to take time to clean out under your rugs. To make sure the small things don’t grow to become big things. To make a choice to love – even when you don’t want to.

Today I am so thankful for my boy. That cute guy I met at the bus stop 17 years ago. I’m so thankful he chose to ask me to marry him. I’m so thankful he didn’t give up. I’m so thankful he puts up with me daily. I love this guy more today than ever!

Celebrating life, love and my Mark,


December 4, 2010 Baby Ethan

A little while ago I got to document Josh and Meghan’s waiting period…. now I got to go in and meet the newest arrival. Baby Ethan was so sweet! He was so sweet! And soft… I could have held him and just rubbed his soft baby skin and fuzzy hair all day long.

Doesn’t he look so sweet?

IMG 7556 Baby Ethan

Even when he pulls out that bottom lip – he’s adorable.

ContactSheet 003 3 Baby Ethan

Meghan looks so beautiful – I think she’s in love with a new boy. icon smile Baby Ethan

IMG 1873 Baby Ethan

IMG 7399 Baby Ethan

IMG 1862 Baby Ethan

Josh is also absolutely doting on his boy – this little guy is going to get lots of love!

ContactSheet 001 5 Baby Ethan

I love this next series of four images…

IMG 7532 Baby Ethan

IMG 7538 Baby Ethan

IMG 7530 Baby Ethan

IMG 7524 Baby Ethan

Josh likes to do triathalons – and even did the Iron Man last year! HE wanted a few pictures of his boy in his helmet….

IMG 7636 Baby Ethan

IMG 7640 Baby Ethan

Congratulations again!

Celebrating life and love,


December 3, 2010 Holly Jolly Season

I love December. A month of anticipation… our anniversary, Christmas, my birthday… and countless holiday festivities and get togethers. Love it!

I haven’t posted much on the blog here lately (bad Krista) but between working my butt off to fill Christmas orders – I’ve been celebrating the season with family. I love traditions – so I thought I would share a few we’ve enjoyed so far…. just so you know I’m not completely slacking. icon smile Holly Jolly Season

Tradition # 1 – This past weekend was our “kick-off”. We always decorate and watch Elf to start the Christmas season after the Santa Clause parade. Seems like a good time to start! This time we added a new tradition though… Last Thursday, our one little town (we’re between a few towns) had their Christmas light up night. We had never been so we thought we would go and they would flip a switch to turn on the lights and we’d be done. Wrong. It was an amazing night of community and memories. Definitely adding this to our annual traditions!

It started at the Old Mill – I think everyone in town was there! There was caroling and fun before it started… everyone counted down and then…. ta da! The old mill (and the trees and island beside it) were lit up with choreographed lights set to music. It was great and we all loved it! Throughout the holidays it’s still lit up and choreographed – but you tune into your radio to enjoy the tunes.

IMG 7646 1 Holly Jolly Season

IMG 7661 1 Holly Jolly Season

After the light show, everyone walked into the old part of town – across the bridge they closed off to traffic. An old train lead the way – but as usual we’re pokey and at the back of the line so no photos of the train!

IMG 7667 1 Holly Jolly Season

Stores had free hot chocolate for us as we passed… mmmmmm

IMG 7671 1 Holly Jolly Season

At the old Town Hall they announced Rudolph was in the jail (there’s an old jail in the basement!) for running over Grandma with Santa’s sleigh. You could go down and Rudolph was singing songs on her ukele – the kids loved the singalong! They had crafts and snacks and a carol sing upstairs as well.

ContactSheet 001a 3 Holly Jolly Season

IMG 7676 1 Holly Jolly Season

We then went across to the old arena where every single person in town was that night. Including old Saint Nick. Madi refused to go near him – but Eden and Madi’s best friend Jackie were quick to go up for a chat.

IMG 7695 1 Holly Jolly Season

A fun night!

Tradition # 2 – Friday night we watched Elf. Love that movie. Only movie besides Pride and Prejudice I can watch over and over. And a great movie we all enjoy. And we set up our Christmas trees also. (FInished decor photos to follow – this was still in beginning phases).

ContactSheet 005 1 Holly Jolly Season

ContactSheet 004 1 Holly Jolly Season

IMG 8612 Holly Jolly Season

Tradition # 3- the girls take turns putting the star on the top. This year it was Madi’s turn!

IMG 7705 1 Holly Jolly Season

This year we have decided with our family of 4 to only make gifts (although Santa may still bring the girls one small one each and fill a stocking). So this has us all in the crafting mood! We added a new item to our decor and traditions (tradition # 4). I made a little advent garland. Each day we open one of the pouches at supper and discuss the questions. Last night some of the questions included “What do you remember most from last Christmas?” and “What’s one of the best things that has happened to you since last Christmas?” Madi’s response to what she remembered most about last Christmas was “time with family”. Love my sentimental girl. Tonight we had to list 10 things we were thankful for… I had to laugh at Eden’s creative answers including “World War One” (interesting way to word it instead of saying a “free country”). So fun to hear the kids responses! Also – Mark has some Jewish heritage in his background, so during this season of Hannukah, at supper we light a candle on the menorah, recite a blessing and then open the advent calendar. A little Christmakah at dinner…. ha ha.

IMG 7771 1 Holly Jolly Season

Last Saturday on a cold, cold, cold morning we enjoyed the parade. I love small town parades – you always know a bunch of people in it and it is such a strong sense of community! Tradition #5 is the annual parade watching!

IMG 1881 2 Holly Jolly Season

IMG 1915 1 Holly Jolly Season

IMG 1930 1 Holly Jolly Season

IMG 1950 1 Holly Jolly Season

And then that evening was a special tradition (#6)… when the girls are 6, Mark takes them on a special daddy date to see the Nutcracker. Eden could not be more excited to finally be able to go!

ContactSheet 002 2 Holly Jolly Season

ContactSheet 001 3 Holly Jolly Season

ContactSheet 003 2 Holly Jolly Season

Each year we try to find ways to give back. This year it was fun to go to volunteer with my dad at Samartian’s Purse!

ContactSheet 001 4 Holly Jolly Season

IMG 8384 Holly Jolly Season

I love Christmas. I love traditions. Some traditions stick… many are neglected in the rush of the season. And that’s fine.. as long as we make time to celebrate life and love!


P.S. I’d love to hear some of your traditions as well as I’m always looking for new ones!

December 2, 2010 Chase and Reese

I have enjoyed doing Chase and Reese’s photos each year – and have come to think of their family as friends. I love this! I went over to their house to do photos for their Christmas cards – I went into the shoot with one idea (in front of the tree – Christmas lights…) but funny how the kids and their personalities dictate how the shoot will go. I just love Chase and Reese’s big personalities – and laughs!

IMG 8213 Chase and Reese

IMG 8220 Chase and Reese

IMG 8237 Chase and Reese

ContactSheet 001a 2 Chase and Reese

I took lots more – but thought I’d keep with the black and white crisp images for the blog post today.

I love how these two siblings laugh, love and interact with each other!

celebrating life and love,