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November 3, 2010 Monica's family

When I moved from Thunder Bay to Stoney Creek the summer before grade nine… Monica was one of the first people my age I met. Even at the awkward grade nine age – she had this maturity about her – a source of encouragement, grace and joy to every single person she came in contact with. She was so intentional in conversations and her choices in life. She completely inspired me to live life on purpose.

That was 21 years ago… and Monica is still the same. One of my dearest friends ever. We have never lived in the same city together (well – except for a summer in the Yukon) and don’t see each other often – but when we do there is never any guilt about lack of phone calls or visits – we just pick up where we left off. She pours herself into my life and I leave re-charged.

Last week, Monica and I met for lunch since I was in London for a photo session and she’s only an hour from there. Her wonderful hubby Tim took their girls on a daddy date while Monica and I stole an hour to have a heart-to-heart. But before Tim and the girls left – we did a two minute photo session. In the parking lot of Jack Astor’s with a mall and busy road behind them. Yep.

Let me introduce you to my beloved Monica and her gorgeous family – Tim, Maia and Eliana.

IMG 9536 Monica's family

IMG 9549 2 Monica's family

ContactSheet 001 61 Monica's family

Maia laughing. Eli crying. love these girls.

IMG 9557 Monica's family

Tim to the rescue!

IMG 9562 1 Monica's family

Miss Maia loved me this time! Lots of cuddles and laughs. Last time I made her cry within 5minutes of seeing her and don’t think she ever warmed up to me that visit. Whoops!

IMG 9564 Monica's family

Love you Mon!

Celebrating life and love,


November 1, 2010 When I grow up…

The other day the girls and I were chatting about the big question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And they turned the question around to me – “when you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up, mom?”

We laughed about some of my silly aspirations – a ballerina and a Regal Catalogue salesperson (I thought you sold the catalogues)… and some of my more serious ones – a teacher and an author… but then I told them I had always wanted to be a photographer. But I didn’t think I could. Back then (pre-digital camera days) it seemed so unattainable. My view was that only a very select few people could ever be a photographer. So I never tried. My girlfriends and I would do photo shoots for fun. And I always loved snapping… but it was too much of a risk to attempt to go in to that field.

Fast forward 12 years out of high school, a degree, a husband, two kids, a mortgage… and after a series of events I thought I’d try starting a photography business. Just seeing what wold happen.

That was 5 years ago… and I’ve loved this whole crazy journey. I have met so many people I adore, gone to many beautiful places, experienced so many of life’s big moments thru the lens. This job is a dream come true.

In my first year of business I made a goal. Within 5 years of being a business I wanted to be nominated for a Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice Award. To be nominated was my goal.

This week – I received word I have received not only a nomination, but a Reader’s Choice Award for the 4th year in a row.

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of this little girl’s dreamer heart – to know that dreams do come true.

IMG 0003 When I grow up...

celebrating life and love,


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