November 3, 2010 Jared and Martha

A few years ago I photographed Jeremy & Becky’s wedding and Martha was a bridesmaid in it. Fast forward a few years – and now it’s Martha’s turn! I just love Jared and Martha together – she kept referring to him as her miracle. They are so smitten!

Jared and Martha weren’t sure what look they wanted for their engagement photos – so I had suggested they look through my website for ideas. They decided they would like kind of an “urban” feel – fun coloured walls, alleys, etc. So off we went exploring London’s alleyways.

We met at the Grand Theatre in London – spot of one of their first dates – and the first place they held hands. Martha thought this photo with the person on the scooter was so fitting as both Jared and Martha are Occupational Therapists.

IMG 9648 2 Jared and Martha

We then strolled around… these two just beam at each other. Love them together!

IMG 9588 Jared and Martha

IMG 9584 Jared and Martha

I think I heard Martha squeal when we found this phone booth. I love her enthusiasm! Such a great place for a cuddle….

IMG 9670 2 Jared and Martha

IMG 9656 2 Jared and Martha

This tree appears to almost be growing out of their hands in the image on the left…. seems so symbolic of their new life together.

ContactSheet 002 35 Jared and Martha

ContactSheet 003 26 Jared and Martha

IMG 9632 1 Jared and Martha

ContactSheet 005 13 Jared and Martha

IMG 9641 2 Jared and Martha

IMG 9646 Jared and Martha

IMG 9656 Jared and Martha

IMG 9706 1 Jared and Martha

ContactSheet 001 60 Jared and Martha

We then went t Moxie’s – where they had their first date. A blind date only one year ago! When I mentioned how much can change in a year Martha got all choked up… I love people who are sentimental. Nice to not cry alone at moments like these.

ContactSheet 006 8 Jared and Martha

IMG 9759 Jared and Martha

IMG 9748 1 Jared and Martha

A quick change of clothes – and we are back exploring London’s streets!

IMG 9769 Jared and Martha

Martha said this is how Jared and her had their first kiss… he had picked her up and swung her around and on her way down he kissed her. Hello Hollywood movie. Sigh.

IMG 9777 Jared and Martha

They said they liked fun walls… doesn’t get more fun than this!

IMG 9835 Jared and Martha

IMG 9803 Jared and Martha

IMG 9814 2 Jared and Martha

IMG 9675 1 Jared and Martha

They had noticed a fun blue wall and a wall with “1 Corinthians 13″ on it in my portfolio.. Guess what we stumbled across?

IMG 9881 Jared and Martha

IMG 9872 Jared and Martha

IMG 9914 Jared and Martha

IMG 9885 Jared and Martha

IMG 9891 1 Jared and Martha

IMG 9902 2 Jared and Martha

We then wandered over to another favourite hangout – a poutine restaurant. Mmmmmm…..

ContactSheet 008 1 Jared and Martha

And you know what they say – the couple that laughs together – stays together. Love quirky people (and hats)!

IMG 9944 Jared and Martha

IMG 9951 1 Jared and Martha

Celebrating life and love,


4 Responses to “Jared and Martha”

  1. Tammara says:

    This is one of my favourite photoshoots that you’ve done, Thew versatility and just everything is so cool. I enjoy looking at your work and especially loved looking at this stuff, makes me want to learn photography :)

  2. Sandra says:

    Love this shoot! Love seeing downtown London through your eyes! You always inspire me to look at things in a different way…. even if it’s a hunt for circles in an airport! Thanks for that!

  3. Katie Huff says:

    You two are such a beautiful couple! Fabulous photos to start off, what is going to be, a fabulous wedding and marriage!

  4. DorotKa says:

    Martha & Jarred, you look beautifull!
    Best wishes!

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