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Yep. Hands down the worst month for many wives. It’s Movember.

If you haven’t heard of Movember yet – be thankful.

In all honesty…. I would take Movember 12 months of the year over cancer. Which is why I’m proud of Mark and all the other Movember boys. Prostate cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer – if detected early. My dad is a case of just this – early detection. Whew! Anywho – they are raising awareness and funds by using their faces.

Here’s a note from my computer-shy hubby.

This Movember, the month formerly known as November I’ve decided to donate my face to raising awareness about prostate cancer. My donation and commitment is the growth of a moustache for the entire month of Movember, which I know will generate conversation (if you don’t believe me, check out Krista’s facebook page), controversy (if you don’t believe me, check out Krista’s facebook page) and laughter (if you don’t believe me, check out Krista’s facebook page :-)).

I’m doing this because 4,400 men die of prostate cancer in Canada each year and one in six men will be diagnosed during his lifetime.

This is a cause that I feel passionately about and I’m asking you to support my efforts by making a donation to Prostate Cancer Canada.

To help, you can either:

· Click this link and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account

· Write a cheque payable to ‘Prostate Cancer Canada’, referencing my name or Registration Number 353870 and mailing it to: Prostate Cancer Canada, Suite 306 145 Front Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1E3, Canada.

All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

For more details on how the funds raised from previous campaigns have been used and the impact Movember is having please visit:

Thank you in advance for helping me to support men’s health.


Mark is not only computer shy – he’s camera shy. I did manage to dig up a photo of him from last Movemeber in full country get-up for our goofy Christmas cards last year.

13764 213994487036 570997036 4713335 2749183 n It's the worst month of the year...

Celebrating life and love,


November 16, 2010 Alex and Roz

Roz and I share a mutual friend Leanne – so even though I don’t really know Roz… I’ve known about her for years. When Leanne shared that Roz had put together her wedding in only 8 days so that her mother who is quite ill could be there to celebrate with them – well, I wanted to do what I could. I just loved their story. So, one week after their wedding… we got together and they put their wedding clothes back on and we went and took some portraits that they didn’t have time to do on their wedding day. When I got to their house, I found some of their wedding details. In 8 days Roz was able to pull off a gorgeous vintage cocktail wedding. Her mom made the cake – making it extra special!

ContactSheet 0001 Alex and Roz

And I loved these boutonnieres Leanne made – so cute!

IMG 1785 Alex and Roz

And Roz’s jewelry choices were perfect too.

IMG 1787 Alex and Roz

These two are just gorgeous!

IMG 1816 Alex and Roz

And so happy and in love!

IMG 1877 Alex and Roz

IMG 1830 Alex and Roz

IMG 1798 Alex and Roz

IMG 1792 Alex and Roz

IMG 1802 Alex and Roz

IMG 1797 Alex and Roz

eContactSheet 003 Alex and Roz

IMG 1902 Alex and Roz Roz has the most amazing skin… IMG 1918 Alex and Roz

ContactSheet 001 1 Alex and Roz

Mr. Alex looking all dapper….

IMG 1867 Alex and Roz

his lovely wife…

IMG 1834 Alex and Roz

They were game for anything… so in the cool of mid-November we went down to the water.

IMG 1890 Alex and Roz

IMG 1821 Alex and Roz

IMG 1797 2 Alex and Roz

IMG 1783 2 Alex and Roz

IMG 1766 Alex and Roz

IMG 1773 Alex and Roz

fContactSheet 001 Alex and Roz

IMG 1838 2 Alex and Roz

IMG 1844 Alex and Roz

IMG 1846 Alex and Roz

And this is the adorable couple when I congratulated them on making it to one week….

aContactSheet 001 Alex and Roz

Alex and Roz – wishing you many, many years of happiness! Celebrating life and love, Krista

November 16, 2010 Noah and Courtney

I always love winter weddings – probably because I was married in the winter myself. So I’m really looking forward to Noah and Courtney’s this January! We met down at the Beaches in Toronto last week and explored…. You’d never know it’s mid-November!

IMG 1580 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1583 1 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1587 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1590 1 Noah and Courtney

These two are so cute together!

IMG 1564 1 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1559 1 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1560 1 Noah and Courtney

Funny story.

Courtney brought Uggs to wear for walking – and then would slip into heels for photos. They had just put their bag and Uggs down and we set out to take a picture.. .and this random chocolate lab came up and stole one of her Uggs. At first it was funny. After a good half an hour of us, the owner, the owner’s daughter, other pet owners trying to get the boot… we finally got it. Moral of the story – don’t put your shoes down even for a second!

IMG 1594 Noah and Courtney

Once we rescued the boot from random dog… we laughed it off, and went right back to them cuddling. Such good sports!

ContactSheet 001 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1612 1 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1597 1 Noah and Courtney

ContactSheet 002 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1614 1 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1621 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1643 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1634 Noah and Courtney

ContactSheet 001b Noah and Courtney

ContactSheet 002a Noah and Courtney

ContactSheet 003 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1630 1 2 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1623 1 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1693 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1709 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1631 1 Noah and Courtney

Then we walked down to Queen Street and explored a bit.

IMG 1654 1 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1708 1 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1689 1 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1672 1 Noah and Courtney

IMG 1671 1 Noah and Courtney

ContactSheet 001a Noah and Courtney

Noah and Courtney thanks for a great morning! Can’t wait for your winter wedding!

Celebrating life and love,


November 16, 2010 Mom and Dad

Growing up, I loved dad’s bedtime stories. If he wasn’t reciting poetry from heart, he was telling us stories of growing up on the farm or his crazy flying tales. I loved hearing stories of dad transporting a Beluga whale from the arctic in his plane, waterbombing my mom’s laundry or car, and even the stories of crash landings and emergencies. My dad has been flying 50 years this year since he took his first flying lesson. It was a few years later he met my mom – a daughter of a pilot, and tehy took flying lessons together both getting their pilot’s license. I can’t imagine mom flying a plane now – and I cant imagine dad not flying.

So when dad retired from the airline a couple years ago – he did what any crazy pilot in love with flying would do… he started to build his own airplane.

After three years… it’s nearly done! So…. let me introduce my crazy parents and my dad’s newest baby….

IMG 1489 1 Mom and Dad

IMG 1495 Mom and Dad

IMG 1498 Mom and Dad

ContactSheet 001 64 Mom and Dad

IMG 1444 Mom and Dad

IMG 1442 Mom and Dad

IMG 1471 Mom and Dad

IMG 1438 3 Mom and Dad
IMG 1439 2 Mom and Dad

IMG 1452 1 Mom and Dad

Now I should give a disclaimer… I try to stay with true colours in my images… but these really needed a vintage feel to them so I played a bit….

After 43 years… still loving…

IMG 1428 Mom and Dad

IMG 1476 Mom and Dad

Then Dad pulled out one of his other stories…. the old car he bought for $50 as a 15 year old….

IMG 1515 Mom and Dad

IMG 1518 Mom and Dad

IMG 1524 Mom and Dad

Celebrating life and love,


November 14, 2010 James, Christy and Jasper

When I photograph weddings and engagements, I often hear “We have no nice photos of ourselves – this will be great to have some good ones of the two of us.”

Then at weddings, I will often pull the parents and grandparents of the couple aside for a nice photo of them as a couple. Again I hear “”We have no nice photos of ourselves since our wedding – this will be great to have some good ones of the two of us.”

Another comment I often hear is how a couple regrets not hiring a professional photographer at their wedding. “I wish I had known about you when we got married” is a common comment.

Enter James and Christy.

They have been married five years – and did a photo session “just because”. I love this! Such a great idea!

We started with their brand new puppy Jasper. A 9 week old dalmation puppy who is so adorable with his two different colour eyes and lack of balance. Always running – always falling. Jasper has only been with them for a week – so this was his first outing into the big, wide world and fun to see him explore.

Jasper felt quite big and strong being out in the world.

IMG 1024 James, Christy and Jasper

He was running, running, running….

IMG 1022 James, Christy and Jasper

Getting tangled….

IMG 1032 James, Christy and Jasper

And finding new things to eat…

IMG 1048 James, Christy and Jasper

Jasper is just so sweet!

IMG 0177 1 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1100 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1151 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1169 James, Christy and Jasper

And he loves his new family!

IMG 1262 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1087 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 0297 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 0301 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 0281 James, Christy and Jasper

I love how Jasper looks away disgusted that his parents are kissing in public. Again.

IMG 0289 James, Christy and Jasper

Jasper took his parents down to the water….

IMG 0368 2 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1258 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1238 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1207 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1202 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 0343 James, Christy and Jasper

Again – disgusted at the amount of kissing.

IMG 0345 James, Christy and Jasper

Then, Jasper went for a nap while James and Christy did some photos of themselves.

IMG 0376 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1296 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1293 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1278 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1270 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1320 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1310 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1337 James, Christy and Jasper

IMG 1346 James, Christy and Jasper

I love that after 5 years they’ve still got it! Christy said at one point “This is good for a marriage -we get to come and make out!”

IMG 1385 James, Christy and Jasper

It was great to meet you three!

Celebrating life and love,


November 11, 2010 Canada Rocks

Just before I took my moment of silence in honour of Remembrance Day I was doing some straightening up. My girls LOVE to draw…. and draw and draw and draw. I find drawings everywhere. I keep some that are extra special to me – like this one. Thought it was so fitting to find today.

Madi has atrocious spelling… so let me translate what she wrote….

“in my brain Canada is the best country”
“I’m thankful I live in a free country”
“Canada rocks”
“I ? my country”

Scan2a Canada Rocks

Celebrating life and love,


November 11, 2010 Remembering

This week in Sparks and Brownies, my girls learned about Remembrance Day. On the way home we talked about what it meant. Having done our family’s cross-Canada trip this year and watched the Olympics on Canadian soil last winter – my girls have become fiercely patriotic. We talked about how much we loved Canada and how thankful we are to live here. In freedom.

Over this year I’ve read a few books that really impacted me – Half the Sky, Three Cups of Tea and We are all the Same. In reading about the state of children in other countries – and specifically girls – I have discussed this with our girls. They need to know that they are fortunate to live in a country where as females they still have a right to education, healthcare, religion, and choices. The biggest thing that can hinder them from reaching their dreams is themselves. We will sit around the dinner table and talk about how fortunate we are to be Canadian women.

And in doing so – we are thankful. We are thankful for those who served and gave so we can live in freedom. My goal for myself and my daughters is that we will live in a way that these men and women will not have served in vain. We will celebrate our freedom.

Today I am overwhelmed as I reflect on Remembrance Day. Sa by the lives lost – but mostly a heart overflowing with gratitude.

Thank you.


My mom emailed me this story about her uncle this week. Thought I’d share….

If you happen to watch the new film of “Storming Juno”, think of Uncle Clarence who was there. The story he told is that they landed in the rain and were very wet for several days. He and his mate had dug a foxhole and were still very wet. They saw a hay stack nearby and decided to toss a coin and the first one to flip tails had to get out and fetch some hay to help them dry off. Clarence said he lost and was sure his life was on the line. Trying to be a good soldier, he ran to the haystack and gathered some hay. His arms were full of hay and he turned only to see all his mates blown up by a German grenade thrown into the fox hole he had left. That is the only story that he would tell when asked about the war at least in my presence. Our family has veterans who helped save our freedoms.

(I didn’t have photos of Mark’s Poppy and my Grandpa Hall in uniform to scan today. But thinking about them as well!)

Mark’s Grandpa

rem2 Remembering

My Grandpa (with my mom in his arms and my Aunt Pat)

rem1 Remembering

My great Grandpa

rem Remembering

Mark’s brother Andrew

14260 202911972689 517692689 3092372 5714300 n Remembering

Mark’s cousin Bryan

4598 1090283689913 1011092066 30199679 3534116 n Remembering

Celebrating life, love and FREEDOM,


November 10, 2010 Jasper

I fell in love with Jasper tonight. Can’t wait to get at these pictures! Took everything in me not to grab him and make a break for it…. so cute!

IMG 0177 Jasper

Celebrating life and love,


November 8, 2010 Spencer and Caitlin

I was a little worried about Spencer and Caitlin’s wedding this past weekend.

When we first met to see if they wanted to book… I had a flat tire on the way.

When we did their engagement session… we got caught in torrential downpour!

They say things come in threes – so I was waiting for the rain or snow (it is November after all) or flat tire… but never fear it all worked out!

As Carolynn and I were driving to the wedding I was telling her a bit about SPencer and Caitlin. What I kept saying is they are just so sweet and Caitlin has the hugest smile! And she does. She just beams at SPencer… and he is equally as smitten.

At one point we were taking some portraits of just the two of them and I said “Caitlin your smile is so gorgeous!” and I heard SPencer say – “It sure is. It can light up an entire room.”

I loved that moment. Caitlin you could se felt beautiful land loved and radiant. Definitely lighting up the entire day!

template1 1 Spencer and Caitlin

The day started with the boy’s at the hotel. Spencer looked dashing in his tux!

IMG 0145 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0140 Spencer and Caitlin

We then went over to Caitlin’s and was greeted by the most stunning bride.

IMG 0164 1 Spencer and Caitlin

Caitlin’s mom helped her get ready – and now I know where Caitlin gets her beautiful smile from!

IMG 0188 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0239 1 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0227 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0252 1 Spencer and Caitlin

Loved Caitlin’s dad’s reaction when he first saw his little girl….

IMG 7364 1 Spencer and Caitlin

Then it was off to the church!

IMG 0443 Spencer and Caitlin

The flowergirl and ringbearer waving to their friend….

IMG 9797 Spencer and Caitlin

It was a beautiful ceremony – and these two couldn’t look happier to be getting married!

IMG 9828 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 7436 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 9843 Spencer and Caitlin

Mr and Mrs!

IMG 9881 1 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0405 Spencer and Caitlin

I loved this moment – as everyone filtered out… these two stopped to celebrate their new titles of husband and wife!

IMG 7485 Spencer and Caitlin

I like when there’s time to stop and chat with the family and friends.

IMG 9910 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 9906 2 Spencer and Caitlin

And then it was off for some Fall portraits!

IMG 0590 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 9959 Spencer and Caitlin

ContactSheet 003 27 Spencer and Caitlin

Trying to keep warm!

IMG 9991 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 9980 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0002 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0533 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0544 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0507 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0556 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0680 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 9987 1 Spencer and Caitlin

ContactSheet 001 62 Spencer and Caitlin

ContactSheet 002 36 Spencer and Caitlin

Caitlin said that after her mom had seen her engagement photos – she told Caitlin – “do whatever that photographer says. She’s a visionary.” I knew I liked her mom! Not every bride would lay on the cold ground in the leaves….

IMG 0644 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0663 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0635 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0617 Spencer and Caitlin

I just love how these two look at each other!

IMG 0724 Spencer and Caitlin

IMG 0743 Spencer and Caitlin

Well.. maybe not how they ALWAYS look at each other….

IMG 7561 Spencer and Caitlin

Thank you for a wonderful day! Watch for your slideshow to follow with images from your fun reception as well. Have fun in Hawaii!

Celebrating life and love,


November 3, 2010 Jared and Martha

A few years ago I photographed Jeremy & Becky’s wedding and Martha was a bridesmaid in it. Fast forward a few years – and now it’s Martha’s turn! I just love Jared and Martha together – she kept referring to him as her miracle. They are so smitten!

Jared and Martha weren’t sure what look they wanted for their engagement photos – so I had suggested they look through my website for ideas. They decided they would like kind of an “urban” feel – fun coloured walls, alleys, etc. So off we went exploring London’s alleyways.

We met at the Grand Theatre in London – spot of one of their first dates – and the first place they held hands. Martha thought this photo with the person on the scooter was so fitting as both Jared and Martha are Occupational Therapists.

IMG 9648 2 Jared and Martha

We then strolled around… these two just beam at each other. Love them together!

IMG 9588 Jared and Martha

IMG 9584 Jared and Martha

I think I heard Martha squeal when we found this phone booth. I love her enthusiasm! Such a great place for a cuddle….

IMG 9670 2 Jared and Martha

IMG 9656 2 Jared and Martha

This tree appears to almost be growing out of their hands in the image on the left…. seems so symbolic of their new life together.

ContactSheet 002 35 Jared and Martha

ContactSheet 003 26 Jared and Martha

IMG 9632 1 Jared and Martha

ContactSheet 005 13 Jared and Martha

IMG 9641 2 Jared and Martha

IMG 9646 Jared and Martha

IMG 9656 Jared and Martha

IMG 9706 1 Jared and Martha

ContactSheet 001 60 Jared and Martha

We then went t Moxie’s – where they had their first date. A blind date only one year ago! When I mentioned how much can change in a year Martha got all choked up… I love people who are sentimental. Nice to not cry alone at moments like these.

ContactSheet 006 8 Jared and Martha

IMG 9759 Jared and Martha

IMG 9748 1 Jared and Martha

A quick change of clothes – and we are back exploring London’s streets!

IMG 9769 Jared and Martha

Martha said this is how Jared and her had their first kiss… he had picked her up and swung her around and on her way down he kissed her. Hello Hollywood movie. Sigh.

IMG 9777 Jared and Martha

They said they liked fun walls… doesn’t get more fun than this!

IMG 9835 Jared and Martha

IMG 9803 Jared and Martha

IMG 9814 2 Jared and Martha

IMG 9675 1 Jared and Martha

They had noticed a fun blue wall and a wall with “1 Corinthians 13″ on it in my portfolio.. Guess what we stumbled across?

IMG 9881 Jared and Martha

IMG 9872 Jared and Martha

IMG 9914 Jared and Martha

IMG 9885 Jared and Martha

IMG 9891 1 Jared and Martha

IMG 9902 2 Jared and Martha

We then wandered over to another favourite hangout – a poutine restaurant. Mmmmmm…..

ContactSheet 008 1 Jared and Martha

And you know what they say – the couple that laughs together – stays together. Love quirky people (and hats)!

IMG 9944 Jared and Martha

IMG 9951 1 Jared and Martha

Celebrating life and love,


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